Thursday, 30 April 2009


Cant worry about it can you mate! Just stick to what u know and treeeeeeeeeeeat uraelf like, i know the mujer and i treat them gfooooooooooooood looooooooooooooooooooooooooooool,aments!
Big bugi outaments to Jeal well dont, upa scrapload right niw this mitnh is good!!1
Love uall
and to all mys fans, stay classy Sand Diego!

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

update 3 Owe

So, out on 34th place bubble! FUN!!! haha naaa not to worry, played well and im happy with my moves, lost very important pot with A8o when ive raised get on caller, flop comes 975 he bets out and i reship all in he OBV cry calls with AK0 was not happy when i saw that! then went out with AQspades to AK0 gues it was pretty standard he raised on flats i reship to take down 10k in middle, AK calls KJ9 blank blank gg me!

Down a lil bit today, but have been running like a jew with no greed! bingo bango bish bash bosh!

later might do some HU!


Owe update 2

Still in the comp, was chipleader until 2 sec ago, but still 2nd i think :) hopefully ill go all the way, if i finaltable ill win, :)
about 40 left!
keep getting desconnected cause i run so bad in life, jsut got disc on 732 flop wiv 99 vs fiskkkkkk! FML

anyways keep u posted!


So little update, been trea myself to some games lately, been running so so,... realized that there is soooo much people out there that are sooo bad still...hehe! Some days its hard to find a profit player waiting or around. Not bad thing thou :)

Looking forward to out vegas trip+Summer+sweden+all the things i love!

Thing i like :
MYSELF (love really)
The boys im living with (man love)
Going to my first official "Gig" thursday

things i dislike:
Rigged people
getting outdrawn deep in comps

anyways playing a comp now so need to focus....

see how my day has gone later



So I can reveal all.

On the train to London the other week I had a call from my professor telling me that if I wanted I could attempt to apply for funding for my MSc course, with a view to doing a PhD. I'd done my research around this before, it is from a council called the ESRC and is uber-competitive. I'd have to run like Joe to even stand a chance. Given I was relatively late in applying, I had to compose a thesis by Friday. So, on 3 hours sleep I got cracking on Thursday with a somewhat ironic thesis title of "The Economics of Problem Gambling." I then had a meeting on Fri which resulted in a 5 hour re-edit + a ton of reading over the weekend, in order for it to be completed.

On Monday I then went onto campus as per to do some work / figured I would have to fill out some paperwork and start completing the personal statement, expectations, goals etc boxes that you get on these forms. Sure enough, I had an email saying go to see a lady and get stuff signed. I get ran through what I need to sign etc, and also get told I have a conditional PhD place (provided I perform well in my MSc), handy! I am then instructed to go and see another lady about filling out forms for the ESRC stuff.

Well this is where it gets good. I walk in, she shakes my hand and congratulates me. Confused, I ask her why, and also confused she replies that I am the nominated candidate for the UEA Economics ESRC Studentship! So I wasn't applying to be considered at all, I'd already been shortlisted and picked. Val!

Of course there was a still alot to do, I had to register with the ESRC and re-edit the thesis etc, you would not believe their application system (is more confusing than parts of my degree), but about 2 hours ago I submitted my application into the pool.

This does not mean, however, that I definately have it - the ESRC still have to review my case - but I have been told I have nothing to worry about as the rejection % is low and I'm a very strong candidate anyway.

The studentship itself is a 1+3 award, so I will get full fees and a generous living expenses allowance for the next 4 years. In the immortal words of Jeal, I run too far!

So, thats my news. Had a mini celebration last week with the family + Hannah, when(if!) I get full conformation I will be definately having some sort of night out, will let you know.

Now back to revision :(


Monday, 27 April 2009

Panda on SteamyBenefits!!!!!!!!

After fella's,

There is sooooo much Vallll in a Steamy Panda, he hasnt tried playing 50 sng's everyday for 5 days straight. If you do that and play 4-8 at a time, you are losing 70/30 and 80/20 on the reg. He was playing 4 at a time and was steaming to the max. It was so much fun. I was crying in laughter.

Last night was pretty brutal and i took a hit of around 4 buy in's ($100), which isnt much when you have a bad session but i was getting it in so good all the time. I see adam has mentioned when i had 8's full and other guy hit runner runner seven's on me. That was pretty sick.

Today i have been trying out 8 sng's at a time, four spread across the screen one behind eachother. Today has gone well....the first 8 i played i was running like last night. Had flush over flush in two of them, when blinds were 50/100 so i was never ever going to get away from that. Then i was left with two. I was in for $200 and its $90 to the winner. I ended up winnning both so i only lost $20 (Handy). Next eight i played i won 4 of the 8 and won $160, then i played 8 more and i won 3 and came 2nd in one of them so i won $120. Ive only played 24 today because me and Steambear were up until 7. But im up $260 for the day :-)

Update on the prob bet...just for owe and Joe :-) its a week since we made the bet tomorrow and ive played 310 6 max sitngo's. Got 690 to play in 3 weeks. :-) easy money. After this i plan on making another prop bet if anyone is interested. I am going to try and play 1500 or 2000 in one month if anyone fancies taking me on. We can discuss terms obviously. I am defo doing 1k :-)

I am now hosting a home game tonight. 10p/20p holdem.....if you are ever interested in coming just let me know on here, facebook or txt me. Its open invite. Its me, tidey, tyler, rich, lewi, jason and dave the dip tonight. Will let you know later how that goes.

Good luck tonight. Jeal x

The best blog post in the world

I am not sure if any of you have seen Black Books, but there is an episode where Bernard and Manny write a childrens book. The problem is, it is SO good, that they simply have to destroy it.

That is much the case with my report from last night. I ran SO bad it was unreal, I have never EVER had a session like it. Jeal will testify to my steambear nature. My new spotify account name is even STEAMBEAR, lol.
However, I had so much fun grinding with Lewis that it was also the funnest session I have ever had too. In fear that describing it might result in some sort of Poker world implosion (in that you can lose half roll + have your best session at the same time), I shall simply list a few key moments combined with some of the beats I took.

SNG bubbles, either 18 man or 6 max:

18 man, 6 left, 4 paid: 63 in bb, button limps, i check. We both have 4.5k, blinds 100 200. Board 9 6 3 rainbow, I check, he bets 500 into 500, I decide to overbet shove, he snaps with K9. K turn, gg.

18 man: KK utg 5 handed, so bubble. I have 5k, am in theory short but two people have 6k. Blinds 100 200, i make it 499 utg. BB calls. Board 8 5 3. He bets 400, i make it 999. He flats. Turn 5, he open ships. Am simply not folding here ever. I call, he has K8. 8d river.

2 x Sets vs flopped straights with monkey hands
3 x two pairs vs top pairs counterfeited
Turned flush, get 3/4 of stack in, he rivers 1 outer gutshot straight flush, cheers.

OF COURSE I did win one really funny hand. $9 tournament, 900 runners, FINAL TABLE ONLY paid, so am getting it in all over the shop. I have 6k, a few others do too. Get AKo utg+2. Blinds 125 250. UTG makes it 750, +1 calls...i elect to flat. C/o ships for 5k, bb calls, utg reships, utg +1 calls and its on me. I was going to fold OBV as am crushed here, but Jeal is all play ftw etc and am super steambear so call anyway.

Was up against AA, KK, KQ and 86o. I have Ah Kx, Standard 3 heart flop then the trusty 2h on the turn for them all to be that my 26k pot with 4% equity pre?! Lol.

Other fun stuff:

- Singing to Celine Dion with scented candles on the go at 4am

- Jeal jumping face down into his bed when his 4 outer comes on riv when deep in donkament (AK vs JJ aipf, J 10 x x Q board)

- Jeal saying oh christ, he has quads when he gets reraised on the river of an 8 K Q 7 7 board..Jeal had 88 and cry called like a fish.

- The man on Spotify telling us he was a freezer

- The countless times we got it in 70:30 preflop when 3 handed, lost, and just laughed at how staaaaandard it was.

- Telling a player called BenNDawn his wife was in the pic was foul, then half of the table jumping in with comments

- Jeals sharkscope

- My sharkscope

In general was a pretty funny night. Definately having a session with Joe too soon where we will read souls for fun.

Will, touchwood, be updating this blog tomorrow with some sick news. Fingers crossed.


Thursday, 23 April 2009

End of Day 3

Morning chaps,

Just finshed playing and feel meh! Just played the $20 1r1a $20k gtd on pokerstars. 621 runners, 72 paid $28.6k in the prize pool. You start with 3k in chips and i decided to rebuy straight away and start with 6k. In the first level i didnt get many hands and stay on 6k for the majority. At this time for some reason i was lacking patience, i think it was because i was hungry, so i got some pasta down my beak. In this time when i was lacking patience, i decided to get fruity with 65os in the cutoff. Blinds were 40/80 so i made it 199. Small blind called me and the flop came 7dQd7x, he has 5.5k so i have him covered by 500 chips. He checked and i bet 299 and he called. Turn came a 5 and he led out for 400 so i made it 999 and he called. Reason for my raise on the turn is that i am pretty sure he has 2nd pair like pocket 8's and i wanted to represent strength as i have throughout the hand. Plus raising here means the pot has increased and now on the river he is going to have to call me for his tourament life with 2nd pair and be a hero. I was hoping he would fold but he called. The river came a 4, the pot is now around 3.1k and i have 4.5k behind and he has 4k. He leads out again for 800 and i reraised him all if for his tourament life and he passed, which was handy :-)

At the break im on 8.5k, i pay $20 for a 3k add on and now my stack is 11.5k. Soon after the break i get pocket 8's UTG +1. Blinds are 50/100...UTG makes it 300 so i called, cutoff calls and the button makes it 1k. UTG calls, i call and the cutoff folds. Flops comes 8d 10d 5c.....UTG checks, i check, knowing the button must have Aces or Kings here. Button makes it 2k...UTG makes it 5.5k and go all in for 11.5k. Button only has 2k behind so he calls and so does UTG. Button has got Kings and utg has for Ad4d. SQUEEEZEEE...turn came 2h so now UTG has a gutty aswell. River came the 10h to give me a house. Is that my 28k?

For the rest of the hour i hardly played a hand, was playing a few sitngo's whilist playing the tourney. OMG, was just sitting here, minding my own busy and all over a sudden...THIS IS THE RHYTHM OF THE NIGHT can blasting out of my speakers. Thats scared the S*** out of me. Anyway that was weird. After the 2nd break the blinds were 200/400 and i was taking a few blinds and plodding along nicely. Hardly played a hand for a whole hour. 3rd Break soon came around and i was on 40k.

After the 3rd break the blinds were 600/1200 and my stack was around 40k. I had been on the same table for the last two hours and hardly played a when i picked up 9 10 suited in the hijack, i treated myself to a raise of 2989 and the button called(stack 30k). Flop came Kh 5h 3s. I fired a continuation bet of 3999 into a pot of around 7k and he called. The turn came 6c and now the pot is 15k and he has 23k behind. At this time my thinking was to represent and simular to earlier in the tournment making a play which is putting the other persons tourament on the line. He hadnt shown any strength in the hand at any stage so on the turn i fired another bullet of 10789, so it was either fold or all in for the other guy. In this situation i am trying to make him think i have AK....after a long time of thinking and me squeezing my bum cheeks together, he decided to fold. Good fold :-) That pot puts me on 48k

Next blind level 800/1600 i pick up kings UTG +2, UTG ships for 5k and i flat call hoping that someone finds AK QQ JJ or something someone fancies getting fruity with and making a squeeze play. As it turns out everyone folds and im up against Q9os and the board came K high. See ya. Now on 56k....guy in the cutt off makes it 4k so i raised with A9os to 9999 and he called. Flop came A 9 4.....RACK! He checked and i checked behind. He only has 18k left so im hoping by checking behind he ships any turn, Turn came a 7 and he bet 6k so i made it 33333 and he folded :-)

Few hands later i am UTG+2 and i have 8's with a stack of around 75k. UTG raises to 4k and he has me covered so i call. Button calls and the small blind makes it 14k. UTG folds and i would normally fold but i felt sure he hd AK so i decided to call (LAGGY) and the button folds. The board came down 6c7c7d. He then led for 18k leaving himself 50k behind and i flat called because i felt sure he had AcKc. And you all know me, i like to do my action on the turn. But this left me about 45k behind. STRANGE HAND!!!!! turn came another 7 and he insta checked which i thought was handy and i decided to check behind. The river came a 10 and he checked so i checked behind too. He had AcKc...reading souls as per. Standard Tidey comment! But that hand was weird but it got me up to 130k and i was chipleader at the 4th break.

After the 4th break the blinds were 1.5k/3k. I picked up Loyal 3's in middle position and raise to 7989 and the small blind calls me. I was very suspect of this guys call. I wasnt putting another chip in the pot unless i hit a 3. So there is 20k in the pot and the flop comes 3 3 10! BOOOM!!!!! absolute dream flop! I couldnt believe it and im sure this guy is slow playing a big pair aswell. HE checks to me and i bet 11999. He takes he time....he has got 90k behind. Im praying that i am reading souls again and i right about him slow playing a aces or kings. And he ships HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!! IS THAT ALL GOING TO BE MINE?!?!?!? Insta call and he has got Jacks. Goodbye Son. 3 hands later ive still got 260k and im UTG with AKsuited. i raise to 8999. button calls and BB ships for 50k more....i took my time for alittle while was hoping he was making a squeeze play and that we werent i reshipped and he had Queens and i lost :-(

Back down to 200k and we have a new arrival on the table, he has got chips and he is being a loose cannon. I raised the button with A10 and he reraises from the small blind. Next hand i get AKos and the blinds are 2.5k/5k and i make it 12898 and he insta raises to 36k. I take my time and reship. He snap calls with AQos and i punch the air. Flop comes KdQd5s i shout YES, GET IN. turn comes a 9 and the river comes a queen. see you later lewis......

That pot was for put him on 550k and 4 hands later he was down to 225k. He called two reraises with A3 suited and pocket 2's and lost both. And that me feel Meh!!!!! Standard shat on in the latter part of a tourney for me.

On the plus side....sitngo wise. I have now played 167 in 3 days. I had a fairly standard day at the office....Things are now looking better and im in profit now. I feel like i have tuned my game quite well already. Espically my play in the first 2 level of the sitngo's which is quite vital. Need to tune my game 3 handed thought i think...i duno. Im constantly giving it a thought because i keep getting in spots where i raise the button and a guy ships and im getting 2/1 so i call hoping my cards and live and then end up losing. Need to borrow that book off Boyle. Tomorrow 3 handed im going to be less aggressive and try and not get in such spots as often. Im not sure. If you have any opinion or advice you would like to give about this then that would be nice.

Right, i best head off to bed....ive been wrting this for ages and i havent bothered rereading so enjoy the mistakes. Rivers is picking me up at 8 in the morning and we are going to grind at his for a while. Then around 12 we are meeting up with sandra and april. Valllllll.

adios amigos

Jools x lol x

End of Day 2

Hi guys,

Was meant to post this when i got in last night, but the internet was down and has been down until now. Standard run GOOD! Lucky old Owe!

Yesterday was a more successful day, i played 54 sitngo's and didnt run bad which was nice. Felt like it was a Standard day at the office, rather than constantly getting shat on! I started the day by playing 9 at one time, which was fun and interesting. The first one i played i was out within 5 mins. I thought here we go.......blinds are 10/20, guy utg makes to 80, guy in the cut off on the button with aces. I made it 500 to try and represent AK. The guy utg insta ships for 1500 other guy folds and i call. He had 10's and yes you knowwwww it came 10 high. Happy days!!!

Then i managed to get heads up in 3 of them, 2 of them were against a friend. Martin Futter (frogboy2002) and i was also playing 3 handed in 2 others at the time. Managed to walk queens into Aces 3 handed and i won all the 3 heads up which was handy :-)

Today i am obviously starting late and wont play as much, But i dont mind starting later because at this time of day there is a reg (pokerpro333) who is quite good. He plays 12 at a time but if im playing 9 and he is on all of my tables, then i am losing alot of value. One, he has been playing 12 for ages and has earnt 45k this year from an average stake of $31 and Two ive never played 9 sitngo's in my life so my ROI isnt going to look as healthy, as if i was playing 4 at a time instead. Also the other reg that there is no value in playing is skillivey. Check these two out of Sharkscope. Skillivey stats are better!!!!!! They are ranked 1 and 2 i think in making the most profit in 5-6 handed sitngo's with a buy in between $16-$35.

Anyways, last night was quite fruity. April asked me to go for a couple of drinks with her and Sarah. So i invited Pbear and we went along to the rivergarden. I got a guinness in and Pbear got some gay drink that ive never heard of. We Sit down and Boyle's housemates are sitting behind up. That was strange. They just went for about a 4 mile wonder and ended up there apparently lol. Boyle's housemate is having a dip, with the leeds oldham bet he had with dave! Anyways after a couple there we decide to go to office....6 guinness later im in optic with Chris Brown, Richard, Scott and some others. Scott is going bk to uni 2day so we thought we would go out. Chris goes...Jeal fancy a Jaga? yeh why not, we will have dips. we get it down our beaks. 10 secs later, Chris.....fancy a Jaga? yeh why not! you know where this is going! lol Anyway did 4 of them and i was away with the fairies. I was certainly treating self! Chris is then trying to get with some rough bird who had shorter hair then him!!!!! lol. Left optic and ended up going to Havana for the first time. WHAT A DUMP! i was smashed. Standard lost wallet and ran good because security man found it for me! We were having a boogie with 44 year old women. Vallllllll!!!!! This is the sickest part of then night. Go to get a taxi on prince of wales at about 4...guy says we havent got anything for another 45 up loyal.....sorry mate got nothing for the next half an hour. Ok, cheers mate. Me in my mess of a state, decides to walk home. No value in that! Open the front door at 7 in the morning :-) And currently i feel like absolute S***! So today i am taking it easy and will probably play around 10-20 max!

Enjoy the essay and if you hadnt noticed. I am pants at english, always was more of a maths man myself.

good luck at the tables, Jeal x


After a decent gym session this morning I now have 2 blisters on my palm.

No val in £10 a blister :(

Haven't played since jeals little home game, something which will prob be a continual trend. Am so focussed on getting exams and msc stuff done atm that i haven't got much time for poker.

Having said that, I am now off for a meeting with someone about some sort of deal for Poker Soc next year, so that will be interesting. Then its back to the revision grind!

Having a bbq tomo with family, my gf and sisters bf which should be fun as we just bought a new one and this is going to be a test run. Salmonella ftl. No plans for weekend bar revision and more work, same goes for the next few weeks. Sigh.

Am looking to get Brand New tickets off ebay tho and treat myself to a day in London. Will prob go to the empire after too since that worked out well last time / is cheaper than a hotel!

Gl all,


Tuesday, 21 April 2009

End of Day 1

Evening amigos,

Its been a long and rough day. I didnt get off to the best of starts and never really recovered. Within my first 20 sitngo's i had bubbled by walking into aces 4 times and kings once, when i had 10's, JJ, AK, AQ and 9's 3 handed. The 9's, AK, AQ were all in preflop and with the 10's and Jack's, it was blind on blind and i flopped an over pair to the board twice. BB obviously slow played his aces and the turn came a brick and i was, see you later!.

I wasnt running very well at all, losing alot of 70/30's but when you play that amount of poker in one day you do see it all. Lost every 80/20 i had with aces. I had aces 3 times all pre against 10's twice and jacks once and didnt win one. I did however flat call a raise with jacks twice and it came jack high and both times, they managed to have queens and gave me there muns! Which was handy.

Overall i played 77 sitngo's today which is a big step towards the prop bet, but unfortunately i am down $210, but i am pretty sure i can come back strong tomorrow and hopefully run alittle abit better. I will also try and tune a few leaks in my game whilist i am playing and learning everyday then hopefully i shall be having SHIPMENTS tomorrow :-)

I did notice a comment on my previous post by Panda...Saying he would like to have £10 to £25 like joe, that i wouldnt do it. However, i had played 30 by 3pm and Panda has now deleted that comment, he doesnt know ive read it lol. All these non believers!!!! Soooooo Standard!!!!!

Anywayz, its time for me to hit the sack. Big day tomorrow.

Jeal x

Adam Update


This has been a crazy week. Can't really say much now but atm am doing some stuff thats potentially the best thing since sliced bread (for me.)

As an aside, prop bet update (sorry its late, busybusy)

Have had no alcohol.

Thursday- Nothing
Friday - Ab sesh
Sat - Ab sesh + short run
Sun - 3m run
Mon - Nothing
Tues - Gym session

Am going run tomo and gym thurs, week 2 will be complete. Ez game.

As for poker, havent done anything since the london win. Played 20nl at jeals last night and dropped 2 buyins, running into dave the dips aces, tylers aces, then tyler 3 outering me to spike two pair. fml.

Hopefully have a pretty sick update soon...will keep updating with bet progress tho. (Sidenote: I have been told you can see a difference in my tummy. Ship.)


Day 1

Morning fella's,

Day 1 hasnt got off to the greatest start. Ended up having a home game after going out for a meal with some poker friends last night. We were playing until half 3 and i ended up doing my bollocks in a 10p/20p game. Thought it was going to be a deepstacked game and i was really looking foward to it. But somehow there was someone making it £11 pre when there was £1 in the pot. I saw alot og interesting stuff last night.....i think i got the worst seat in the house. On my right i had dave the dip and tyler...laggy players and always not believers and to my left i had panda(station when out of pos) and rich...who just called me down :-) as it went, i ended up hitting a pair about 3 times all that was fun.

Anywayz i shall post later on with how i got on today. My plan is to over do it in the first week and try and do 40/50 a day so i dont end up having a 48 hours session at the end of the month :-)

gl at the table

jeal x

Monday, 20 April 2009


Jealette has no chance of making the bet we all know, last time he tried he managed to play like 220 games ina month and this was HU, which we all know take less time. However he bascially needs to play 7 h a day to have a chance, and this is without going broke, without one days breaks cause then he needs to have a sick session, and also he needs to be playing 5 games at the same time to have a chance hehe :) taking on this bet is one of the best things ive ever done :) LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

However, about Vegas, was thinking we should hit a roadtrip to California if everyone is down? might get myself a nice honey from the O.C that can be my sugarmama so i can just enjoy myself down there :)

San Diego, San Fran and maybe San B could be real cool taking alike a day there and crash at sum sloppy place for few bux then party hard like we obv do:) Joe u can be my Wingman, and Jeal u can be the dude harrasing the girl when me and Joe come and save her, awesomeness!!! its gonna be Legendaryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy:)


Prop Bet

Me and my friend Owesph were just chatting on Facebook. He was trying to abuse me by saying i have no chance of grinding. I was planning on playing about 600 but now owe says there is no chance i can play 1000 in one month. It will mean me playing everyday around 6/7 hours but ive taken a bet. He has given me 5/2 and im having £50 on. I will keep the market open for any others that fancy a bet. The more money i stake the more determine i will be to have no life. Just txt me or leave a post or abuse me on facebook. Take you pick! 5/2 is the price. You can have as much as you want on....just let me know. Ive got £50 to win £125, so u can have a liability of £25 to win £10 or something. Bet starts tomorrow (21st of April) and ends 21st of May.

Jeal x x x

Serious Grind

Morning fella's,

Im going to be doing some serious grinding for the next 2 months and i plan on 4 tabling $23 + 2, 6 max sit n go's on pokerstars. My target is to get up in the morning around 8/9 and then playign two sets of 4 tables (2hours work). Then go to the gym most days and then have lunch. Come back and put in 3 shifts of 4 tables (3 hours). Have tea then enjoy myself in the evening! I shall definately keep you posted with that section. My username is moonwatch79 so treat youself if your bored at home.

As you all know i am not really the grinding type, hence the ups and downs and the shot taking etc....ive played in alot of games, where i have been sitting on faces and ive also played in alot of games where i have been shat on but we live and we learn. And we finally decide after 3 years of playing then grinding is FTW! Its also taken me 3 years to not STEAM like most ppl do. No val in tilting online = -ROI.

I will be posting most evening after i have finshed my shifts, just to keep myself in check and you guys can see how fun my life is :-) Btw on sharkscope i am currently on $750 before today. So we are starting from there. Anywayz i better start Day 1.

Good luck at the tables. Shall post later tonight with an update of today.

Jeal x x x

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Lil update by Owe

Hola people!

Ive actually been a good boy today, didnt have a hangover, went for a stroll around Madrid and the weather is finally a bit better here so that was lovely.

Went home played few games ended up but not much, was really pleased with my game and had some minor coolers. played a multi table comp, and went out like third hand, 6max tables 8k guar, 20 bux buy in, i raise from button with Q9s flop comes K103 i re raised a dude that bet 40 into 200 pot, guy behind smooth calls (eeek) and so does the other dude, turn falls a beautiful J (bingo?) Nope, guy that msoothcalled behind has AQ we get it all in and "Ya está" (thats it) fiiiiiiiisk i am indeedio!

Then spoke to my personal little connection about the year to come with the poker society, we decided that we are going to meet up during the summer in Stockholm and discuss deals for our pokersoc next year. shud be a great oppurtunity :)

And i will also contact Rob at the pokerclub and sort sum kind of deal out for him too as this guy is one of the best and biggest affiliates in the world hence better deals for everyone.

That is that, super excited about Vegas!

And super proud to come from the best poker university , again, WELL DONE BOYS!!

Now some homework then off for paellaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (fish+seafood)

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Browno's HH for Owe

In response to Owes blog post..

Here is hand courtesy of Browno himself:

"i raised with AQ hearts, one caller

10 10 3 board

both check

J on turn, i check, he small bets

i call, Q on rivre

i raise, he ships, i call, hes got AA

moral of the story, C bet the flop to find out where you are"

UK Student Poker Champions 2009!

We're back from london, 2.5k richer and tbh had such a good time the money was just a bonus.

Full TR here, cliffnotes at the bottom:

4pm: In theory we should all be at station. Joe car has been hit so he's running late, and Dave is somewhere in the underground network so he's running late. Me, Jeal (railing ftw) Wakes and Tidey find a ladbrokes and have a horse dip. I'm chuffed since I've just had a phone call confirming my MSc place for next year!

4.45pm: Everyones here. Team McDonalds (lol) then we walk from Liverpool st in what we think is the place.

5.30pm: Arrive at the loose cannon club 1 hr early, so hunt for a nearby pub. We get a table next to the thames and proceed to play a turbo sng. "making a boat on the thames!"

6.30pm: Go back to LCC. Get greeted by PokerPlayer magazine, apparently they love my "iShip" username. There's a free bar, and I am not drinking, standard. Leeds turn up already hammered, Reading appear in named shirts and LSE are sitting about without a care in the world. We get told to finalise our team orders etc, then about 7 we kick off. It was one table of Leeds vs Reading and one of UEA vs LSE, with 2 matches going at once (then when one match finished another starting). The starting stacks are 4k at 25 50 with 10 minute blind levels, so a bit of a shoot, but not toooo bad.

First up for UEA were Joe and Tidey. Joe gets a guy from LSE who looks alright but after a few hands you could see he was way too nitty for HU. Tidey gets a bit of a spew monkey and has to make a couple of gay laydowns early, but grinds back to even, then gets a chiplead. With blinds at 200 400 or so Tidey gets it in with AQs vs 99 (tidey covers by a fair bit) and binks a Q on the flop to put us 1-0. This means I now start my match against a guy called Alvin. Was a really nice guy, very talkative which was handy and made it very clear when he was weak / bluffing. I check raised a couple of times with air and double barrelled once to keep me in it as i was ridiculously dry. With my blinds getting a bit higher Joe is getting it in on the other table. He had 3:1 chiplead and shipped with A7 from the sb and LSE had A9. Joe of course hits a 7 on flop and another on river for trips, was a standard spot though and there were no complaints from LSE who had let himself go down to 4BBs anyway! 2-0 UEA.
This meant Dave got underway vs a bit of a loony whilst I still struggled on running like crap on the other side of the table. I was at 5k:3k with blinds at 200 400 when I see Dave winning a decent sized pot, and being 5k:3k chip leader on his game. The guy he was playing kept making it 600 to go at 50 100, Dave picked up LOYAL 3's and ended up shipping...of course the other guy had AK. But, as we all know 3's are loyal and they held for 3-0!
Like that the pressure was off me, I got it in at 400:800 as a 40:60 dog twice, once to double up then once for the win and won both to leave us with a 4-0 scoreline. Happy days.

9pm: We broke for dinner elated and with Reading vs Leeds still underway. By this point leeds were smashed and reading should really win, which they ended up doing 4-1.

10pm: We start the final. 8k stacks but at 50 100, so no different really!
Wakes has been moved up our order to 1st so him and Joe start. Wakes opponent is a very emotional player and although it was even for a while Wakes was 10:6k, then 12k 4k, then 13k 3k. At 300 600 the guy limps and Wakes ships with A9. His oppo looks a bit frustrated and moans at wakes for being too aggressive etc (lol) and calls off with J10. A 10 on the flop and running bricks means its now 10k 6k again, and we're at 400 800. at ~12k ~4k Wakes ships with 67 and gets snap called by A10, we don't win our 40:60 for the win and now its even stacks! This really sucked since we wanted to get off to a good start, and we're now 8k:8k at 400 800. Given the amount the guy was folding Wakes decided to ship with 5s 2h on the sb, unfortunately our emotional opponent had AKhh so of course snapped. So another 35:65 for UEA, 3rd time lucky? Flop comes Ks 10s 9h and our goose looks cooked. But we still have 6% equity which is all Wakes needs...6s turn gives us a flush draw and the 2s is our 5 high flush, UEA 1-0. The guy was pretty funny, jumping back and sounding the bad beat alarm, but at the end of the day it was 3 flips where we were once favourite, once 60:40 dog and once 65:35 dog, everyone one of them for the UEA its not exactly beat of the year.

Tidey then starts his game vs a guy who seemed alot like Tidey, but it was clear that we had a decent edge. Was no discredit to the Reading guy, it's just Tidey is a hu sng player predominatly. Joes game is still going on, blinds 500 1k! Eventually Joe gets 44 on the sb with 8.8k:7.2k and ships, Reading have AA and Aces hold. Joe doubles and doubles again to be on 4k, then they get it in Q3dd vs 32hh and its Readings turn to suck out in the 30:70 as a heart flush fills on the river for an 8k pot. 1-1.

So now I'm playing the Reading president as Tidey plays next to me, and seems to be owning souls as per calling with A high on a K 9 9 4 2 board and shipping a 3k pot.
Unfortunately I run into AA about 20 hands in which isn't nice, and am quickly down to 4k. I grind back to 6k after check raising with air, was pretty sick how bad I ran when it came to decent hu hands. Couldn't get a K10+ to save my life! Get 22 on the button at 200 400 andlimp, he checks. Board comes QQQ. He check calls 500, pot 1800. Turn is a K, he leads for 1200. I didn't want to see an A or K turn as I was pretty sure he was just calling the flop with A/K high, but I don't see why he leads ever since he loses all value from lesser hands and he seemed competetent enough to know that. So I make the call, pot now over 4k and I have 4k behind. River is an 8 and he checks, I of course check behind. He has A8 for a river 6 outer and I lose a pot to put me back on starting stack. Cheers then. A few hands later I pick up 77 and make it 1k, he flats. Board comes J 3 2 rainbow, he checks and I get tricky and check behind. Turn the 6c putting out a flush draw, he checks again and I meekily bet 1250 like a bluff. He pretty quickly reships and I think I have to call given how I've played the hand. He has KJ, wp, and I don't hit my 2 outer. 2-1 Reading.

Dave starts vs their supposed worst player, who got 3 points overall in the online qualifiers. Was a really nice guy but you could tell he wasn't exactly superb. One hand the board read Q 9 3 9 two diamonds two hearts. Reading led, Dave raised, Reading 3 bet, Dave 4-bet shoved and he folds, apparently with a flush draw. Given he was getting 3:1 and it was for the whole tournament win I doubted it, but lucky old Dave is up to 11.5k:5.5k and looking good.

Tidey is on 11k:5k at 500 1000 and like a true hero gets it in with 99 vs A2. Of course the A rolls off on the turn, emotional reading guy who is now getting quite happy and explaining where he's going to put the novelty cheque is of course chanting, as Tidey just sits back and takes the beat like a gent. 6k:10k ish.

Back o Daves table, we see Dave open from the sb and Reading call. Board comes 8 7 2 rainbow. Reading lead, and Dave raised to about 1.6k iirc. Reading ship all in, if Dave calls and loses he'll still have 6k or so. Dave announces call. Reading flip A8 for tptk and Dave flips 99 for the overpair, Reading have 5 outs. (I thought Dave had 89 at the time, lol.) Dave holds and we're 2-2 with Tideys match still going! We had discussed a chop but the Reading prez said no, so it was Tidey grinding ftw. He of course pulls back his deficit to be 10k:6k again without showdown, with blinds now at 600 1200.
Reading ship from the SB and Tidey announces call. Reading flip Kh 8h and Tidey has Ah 6d. WIN A 60:40 ONE TIME?!?!?!

Board: 6h (YES!) Qh (sick) 9h (FUCK.) Reading go a bit barmy, but me and wakes (shouting) realise we still have the Ah for the nutflush redraw.

Turn: Kc.

River: 3h. GET IN!!! We all went a bit nuts, standard loyal 3 coming on the riv for the win. Reading were awesome about it too, a tad dejected (as im sure we would be too) but we both agreed it was a pleasure playing each other in the final. Photoshoot for PokerPlayer magazine (I am BRIGHT RED in the photos, normal) and one big novelty cheque for $2.5k. Ship it.

We then all had some drinks and headed to the empire casino at leicester sq, where everyone asked me about my giant cheque. Lorenzo from poker soc was there too, hero. Thank god there was a cloakroom though, I didn't fancy walking around with it all night! We played some 1/2 cash and roulette etc til 5am, and Wakes got smashed. Headed back to liverpool st to get the 6am train back to Norwich. I left with £40 in my wallet and came back with £43 thanks to roulette spin ups!

Was pretty much the sickest 24 hours in recent history.


1. Go to london for the pokerplayer/bet365 student poker finals
2. Beat LSE in HU matches 4-0 and Reading 3-2 including a sick flip at the end to win the whole thing
3. Run good at roullette to pay for all my food, taxis, drinks, £1 £2 dip
4. Have a place on my MSc course next year
5. Have a giant novelty cheque for $2.5k in my living room
6. ??????
7. Profit!

Ty to Jeal for railing and ty to the PokerPlayer magazine team for putting on a sick tournament for students. Was well run, and I think the whole spirit of the thing overrided any taint that the drunken Leeds players may have put on the event.

Now got to think about a PhD Industrial Econ going with something along the lines of:

"The UK Gambling industry, firm signalling and regulation"




Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Off to london...

Me, Joe, Tidey, Wakes and Dave are off to London today (along with Jeal the railbird) to play the final of the Bet365/PokerPlayer magazine student poker championships. There are 4 teams left, us, LSE, Leeds and Reading. We're playing HU vs LSE first, prize pool is as follows:

1st $2500
2nd $1250
3rd $750
4th $500

So either way we get £70ish each and our travel / food is paid for, happy days!

Will update with our progress/some pics tomorrow.

Gl us!

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Bet update

Joe £20 to win £30
Owe ? to win ? x 1.5

9th na ne
10th : na, gym
11th: na, 2m run
12th: na, 2m run
13th: na, ne
14th: na, 2m run + ab session

just a run tomorrow needed and the first week is done, my body already aches and the amount of times i've wanted a beer out with friends is sick. Meh, gg life.

Off to the bet365 student finals on wednesday, hopefully we can win that and thats some more money for vegas.

-Adam x

Monday, 13 April 2009

Great val in Barcelona


eneded up playing a lil bit last night was very stabil, won like 300$ then called it a night and went out wiv sum friends was a good night, then when i got back i saw BrownO from UEA playing the 1k event at stars and making it deepish, i think he scooped 2k or sumthing for the trouble which isnt bad :)

Im not 100% sure i saw how the hand was played out but, BrownO is in early pos, utg+1 i think, flop comes 226 then action turn brings a 10 and here theres some small action i think, not sure though, river brings Q so now we have 22610Q no flush.

Browno bets 19.999 and the other dude insta raises to 41k or so. leaving browno 10k or slightly more, browno reships here with AQh.

Just thought id give my opinion view on this hand:

I wud most likely have given up the hand earlier, river is very harsh yes, pretty hard to get rid off, however, theres not that many fish or mugs playing the 1k buy in, and a lot of satteliters are gona by now, and the reraise on river is by 66 1010 KK AA, AQ maybe KQ Q10 combo of a deauce is very unlikely though, even QQ is more likely. I wud cry fold here im pretty sure, but like i said not 100% sure the action, if it was without action its even easier fold since some ppl flopp 6s full here and just check to induce action.

Wud be cool if anyone cud ge tthe HH-

Anyways, GG to Browno.

Today i played 3 50$ hu and won all 3 ran pretty bad, but fought my way back from 500 chips in 2 of them. been playing my A game lately and im very happy :)

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Wanted update me hopes!

Hello people, hope ur easter has been and is lovely! I have been treating myself good the last month, have had a ton schoolwork and therefore not been playing much at all, but nevertheless i have been winning and school is going well :)

Last month was up almost 4k so that was nice for the old BR, Cant wait for vegas and im pretty excited just hope nothing goes wrong now hehe!

Just got back from Barcelona 2 days ago and i must say that it was a pretty sick city, AMAZING! i really enjoyed it and it involved every kind of value from getting caught by overly aggresive barcelonian police to sick val in me! good food awesome people and some fab sightseeing! highly recomended, will add a video compilation later today at facebook for those who have me there and u will see how sick it was!

will grind a bit today and 2moro too, as i dont have any school then! weather here is shit at the moment dont know why and got a bit of a cold since i was basically drunk non stop for 3 days in barcelona!
Being inspired by Adams propbetting i am now getting on the case, going in for a weigh in ( see how much i weigh, then deciding to lose some weight before a certain time then see if anyone wants some action, will most likely give some good odds since that will really inspire me!

get back to u about that later :)

Now gonna have some breakfast (its 2 here) lol then shower and get ready for the grind, so another update later most likely!

take care amigos!



Saturday, 11 April 2009

Drinking + Exercise Prop Bet


Adam cannot drink alcohol from Thursday 9th April - 9th May.
He must also either go to the gym or run 5 times a week, every week.

Odds laid: 1.5:1


Joe: £20 to win £30

If anyone wants any action leave a comment. For the record I usually run once a week, and drink lots. Is going to be especially hard if its sunny in the next month as i LOVE a beer outside. Eurgh.

So far:

Thurs 9th - No alcohol, no exercise
Friday 10th - 1 1/2hr gym session, NA
Sat 11th - NA, 2m Run

Turned into a 2m sprint in the rain:

Gl me

Friday, 3 April 2009

Adams Update (with running updates!)


I am aware I haven't posted for a while. Well thats mainly due to a tonnnn of work appearing (2 exams, 2 essays, 2 weeks) which rendered me housebound and postless. Have also fit in a fair few hours for partypoker work over the past month so thats been hours away from potential playing time!

Am now on Holiday (well, revision-day) for 4 weeks, but do have some poker plans:

1. Stars SCOOP series

Played the 27,000 runner 6max 5R on stars last night at joes. Came ~3500 i think for $26, was in for $30.50, meh. Joe ended up ~350th for $150. KK vs J10 on 10 high board when half stacks were in, 10 on turn and it was a ridic hard fold against laggy nutter. Felt sick for him, he was gutted.
My schedule: (

1. $5 rebuy - 27000 runners, $26, -$5
10. $16.50 hu
11. $33 mixed holdem 6max
14. $55 6max holdem
17. $22 1R1A holdem
22. $109 2-day main

Then its easter.

15th April - UK Student Poker Online Championships sponsored by pokerplayer magazine and bet365 LIVE final in london. Ship it!

Thats all my poker.

I also plan on getting back into shape. The past 3-4 weeks have been me not running as much and snacking loads and you can really tell. I have a rowing friend who's in Norwich over easter so i'll be running 3x a week and doing erg sessions 3x a week minimum. Hopefully i'll be a bit more toned for the summer!

My plan:

Sunday 5th: 2miles
Tuesday 7th 2 miles + 1st ever erg
Thursday 2 miles + erg
Saturday 4 miles

And repeat, maybe adding some miles along the way and a quick 1.5m run on a wed. I want to comfortably be able to run 6 miles again by Monday 4th May.

I also have 3 eco exams and 1 mandarin written to revise for. Happy days.

On the upside, am finalisiing vegas plans for the summer, looks like 3 weeks from mid aug! :D

Will keep this updated with stars results/fitness schedule.



10. - $16.50 hu - Out 2nd round. Won against 1st guy with a sick cooler in my favour, flopped a set vs his nut flush and 2 overs draw, turn bought me quads and him nut flush. ha! Next guy was complete donkey, -22% roi over lots of hu games. Shame he WOULD NOT MISS mind you. Sick. Didnt play event 11 as out mealing, and cant play the $55 tonight as out drinking, oh well.

Exercise plan:

Am now doing daily ab work and running 4 times a week. Is pretty fun actually, hpoefully i'll notice a differnce both physically and mentally soon. Who knows.

Me and Jeal are giving up alcohol from 9th april - 9th may. Is going to be hard given the weather outside and my lifestyle, but meh. Taking action at evens if anyone wants it, no min, max of £250.