Friday, 17 July 2009

Adam 19th July


Am coming to the end of the busiest week ever i think!

Tuesday was my sisters graduation which was pretty cool. Both her and her bf are doctors now, scary! the family came up tho and we had a party in our garden afterwards that was pretty cool. in the evening went to jeals 21st thing in his garden with hannah for a bit which was nice, his mum did a sick hog roast and there was a crazy 10p 20p cash game that saw wins of £200 and losses of £300 for some, loool!

Wednesday we got the new house keys (!) where me owe and jeal are living next year,which obviously meant a busy day. am really pleased with it, its gradually getting how i want it to be too.

Thursday was my graduation! Will post pics on fbook soon, was a really good day. didnt fall over on the stage which was handy, and was nice to see some friends again. again the family came up and we had a chinese in the evening which was good, then i was in bed at 10pm as i was ridic tired.

Today has been manic, got to the bank about 10, they wouldnt help me with my isa (wtf) so im taking all my money out of halifax and putting it in lloyds tsb, who actually are nice to me. then bought a new tv for the house (42" plasma, ship) and had to get back for lunch as the sky man was coming to fit the full works package. got the 360 up and running too which is handy. then spent 2 hours on the phone with sky and bt trying to sort out broadband, has gone from 3-4 days, to 1 week, to 2 weeks, to 21-24 days ffs. writing a big letter to sky as theyve really done us over, i am a bit anal and have a call log of who i spoke to, what they said and when so will hopefully get some compensation for it.

This evening i sat down to play as hadn't played for a couple of days. won about 100 euros in sweden and felt i was playing really good. decided i would play 20 games of 20 euro headsup non turbo, and got off to a flyer winning 9 and losing 1. However, in the next 10 games i lost 7! Was pretty standard, had a few sick coolers and then some hands like me 3 betting QQ pre then letting them stack off with middle pair on flop, followed by them 5 outering me on turn/river. I guess you cant win all your 80:20s! Also ran QQ into KK at 50 100 which sucked.

So after rake finished 40 euros up (but played a 10e comp) so balance on 750euros. Will hopefully rake 400-500-600 euros this month too, the plan is to have the balance at a minimum of 1k at the start of august when rb comes in. 1.1k is better, and 1.2k good, with anything above being awesome.

Played a really decent reg called S@mS@m too who i beat, had to play a different style ofc, but was doing things like CRAI on the turn of a AQ56 board after he limp called a raise pre knowing he was floating the flop with such a wise range and would find it had to call without 2 pair +, somehting im obv not doing vs fishy players!

Anyhoo, i think thats everything....not playing as many mtts as im focussing so much on hu, but really feel my game is improving.

Off to lounge in front of big new telly with beer and pretzels...ahh.

Gl all,


Sunday, 12 July 2009

Owe 13th of june

Holaaaa, been very bad and lazy with updates, been "busy" and basically lazy tbh(great combo i know). Been playing a fair bit online, last month won 4.4k and am happy with that result, have came up with the conclusiont hat i dont play enough AND not enough comps either, probs won about 2k this month , althou 1200 was basically a gift since there was a sick comp with 24 runners, came third for 1.2k SHIP!

Adams been running pretty good, bubbled today in comp, wasa lot of discussion about the play but meh, it is what it is, even thou too of my buddies apparantly railed me and got told of for playing it badly in the comp when i went out etc (sorry Adam) lol, but expalined it wasnt me playing and LOL AT NEITHER OF THEM BELIEVING ME! Its all good thou :)

The heads up has been going so so, up 300ish today, but had few important games that i lost in semi harsh ways.

Saw an interesting prog on tv just now about the absolute/ultimate bet poker scandal, was very interesting and sick sick, basically the guy never got into any serious trouble even thou they knew who it was. Val in shipping millions from pros without getting into trouble haha... Amazes me that ppl still play there....

Goal of this month is 5k shoudl be doable :)

Will be going back to Norwich for Adams Bar Mitzva so will be in Norwich on the 29th fun fun, moving into new house which shud be great fun and setting up my room and grind pad, and make it nice for the ladies haha!

New updates are promised! will be keeping them coming!

Peace Owe

Friday, 3 July 2009

ship. it. holla

Adam here...

1) Scholarship got confirmed today. absolutely over the moon, means no finance problems (well, still on student budget but no debt!) for next 4 years if i want it, insane. Looking forward to giving the phd a good crack, we'll see.

2) In prof this month on b2b, was always in prof from sngs but donked off on cash at start of account so had to start stuck. up 120e now, if i hadn't have donked cash or mtts etc would be 500e. So, that means this month no mtts on b2b! lol.

3) talked to my old sixth forms current yr12 economics class today. went through how i did at alevels and what i had to do to get where i am today etc. they really seemed interested which was nice, in general it was fun and we even talked about how game theory affects heads up play, tangents ftw!

Now watching a couple of films with jeal before we leave for stansted.

gl all