Friday, 30 January 2009

horrible day, and those sklansky dollars sure dont feel real!

Had a massive session today was up about 700$ but ended down about 3k after some shots at 300s and 200s, played some uber fish, he had the fish on sharkscope, and he must have taken me for about 2.5k, was really really sick! he didnt get it in good once, and it was one of thos guys that limp call his whole stack with Q4 suited, i cudnt believe my eyes when i kept losing to him, was so sick, and i kept telling myself that its the correct decision to keep playing him, since i got it in with following, AK vs A2 on AK" flop, 2 turn, AK vs AJ AI pf...QQ vs K9 AI pf, AA vs Q10clubs AK vs Q10 KK vs Ax twice! And bear in mind most of these hands where i have KK or AA or QQ its all in preflop in the first level, i cud just shov it on his minraise pre and he called. was so sick!

Anyhow i didnt win one and its suck balls now! so sick! cashed out most of my roll to start over and play a bit lower for a while try and grind it out on 50s and non turbo 100s.

Guess it was bad dicipline playing 300s but still i have the roll for it and i got it in good.

New day 2mo and then im gonna try and find the win.

Even heroes get wounded boyz!

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

SNG's and popping my blog cherry

Thought i would give the uea blog a go at last.
Got up late today as sleeping patterns are fucked from weeked that was full of poker and drinking and going to bed at 8am.Awoke and decided to play a $11 90 man SNG, was pretty standard ran cold throughtout the first 50hands remember winning one hand
with pocket 10s, then got blinded off to 10bbs pushed with aj in late position and got called by ak and didn't suck out oh well.
Recently have decided to take up the SNG grind. Was previously playing cash on full tilt poker but due to my rakeback not being set up properly and a discussion with Jeal, decided multitabling 25 and 50 nl wasn't really looking that profitable.
My SNG game/strategy wasn't as good as it use to be as haven't played them in a while. Decided to have a session of about 5 hours just playing $5 tables to try and get my feel back for the game and structure. Ran pretty bad with quite a few times losing hands when i was 70%
fav on the bubble e.g. dominated aces etc. Though overall for the session broke about even.
After getting back to the feel for SNG's stepped up to the high stakes of $10 6max SNG's. My bankroll can easily support it and only have to win 1 out of 3 for them to be profitbale. Played 2 so far first one i was pretty tierd do played very tight and it payed off as i won it.
Was actually playing agaisnt some opponents that payed attention to the table and the image i had given off, as later on in the higher blind levels my button raises and steals were getting through without any contention.
Next SNG didn go as well and contained what seemed alot more volatile players doing strange things. Few interesting spots, where i think i made
right decision. First spot was where i had AJ soooted (diamonds) utg. Raised to 3xbb (in the first level). German guy directly to my left minraises
to 5bb. Folded round to the bb who elects to call. So obv getting a tremedous price i decide to call. Flop came As Kh x, checked to pre flop raiser(mr german)
who bets pot. BB folds and is now on me to act. Now puting this guy on a range of hands here was pretty difficult. Due to being early on in the SNG (4th hand to be exact)
and first hand hes played, obv no real read on player. I don't have that much repsect for alot of these players at these limits as many of them haven't got a clue what they are
doing. Though the range of hands i decided to put him on were ak-aq, aa-99, some broadway combinations sometimes these players even do this with raggy aces and any pair.
So if that is the range i have decided i should call right. Well i decided to fold. This is where i think playing the $5 SNG's and my previous SNG history helped me.
The size of the bet on flop ment that i was playing for my whole stack, therfore my tourney life.
So i don't see pushing all in there as much of a plus EV+ play. Most of the time i get called by a better hand and i'm out of the SNG, sometimes i get called by a worse
hand that he can't release and double up. e.g. 10-qq. Sometimes He foldds and i increase my stack by about 25% and other times he calls with a worse hand and i get sucked out
and lose the hand. Overall i think avoiding marginal situations early on like this for your whole stack in a SNG is a better long term strategy.
I carried on playing riased with a suited KQ in middle position folded to bb who elected to 3bet so i had to fold. Few more rounds went and was folded to me on button
with a6 off. I open to 3bbs and bb calls. I have him covered. Flop came A q 5 rainbow. He checked to me. Deiced to check beind as its a line that will extract more value from
a hand that i am beating, also for pot control as i have top pair with no real kicker. Turn was a king of spades putting a flush draw out. BB bets half pot, i smooth called
what is pretty standard due to line i have taken. Obv J10 kq and bigger aces is beating me but i don't think i can ever fold to one bet on the turn. River was another 5, though
it did not complete any flush draws. And the BB instantly bets pot. It is majority of my stack and i will be very short stacked if i lose. The insta pot bet annoys me at these
stakes as it usually either means complete air or the nuts lol. My thinking of his range of hands in this situation was as follows. I can take Ak Aq out of equation as
pretty sure i would of been 3 bet pre. Therfore with the board i am splitting with every other ace apart from a5. And it is high possibility villain would bet ace like
this due to line i decided to take. If he had Kq for two pair then this is now counterfitted with the 5 pairing the river and he might just be trying to buy the pot. Spades
missed, and J10 has me crushed. With all this going through my mind i elected to call. He showed A5 lol, cheers then. The way the hadn was played i think i have to call
but comments woudl be appreciated.
i consider myself a pretty good short stack player so i still had a chip and a chair. Doubled up wit kq vs a8 but was still below 10 bbs. Managed to steal some blinds
when i pushed with some 67 and 78s. i prefer pushing hands like this when short rather than raggy aces etc. as when you get called you are less likely to be dominated and be in
a 40-60 race rather than a 30-70. Picked up A8 on the button and guy to my right limps in. My stack was about half of his so i decided to push figuring i had pretty good fold
equity. Obv not, and he read my soul and snap called with 10s though the 887 flop ment another double up for me. Now i have an average stack at 4handed. Blinds increased
meaning i had around 10bbs again. Though where alot of people tighten up i get more aggressive in this situation. We played another 12 hands and i reckon i was all in about 5
times and never got called. I avoided pushing on the big stack who i knew was a loose caller. But the everytime i was utg the next shortest stack was in the bb so i was pushing nearly
nearly with anytwo and the other times pushed sb vs bb, as Mr german had now started playing alot tighter. Now everthing going to plan i pick up KKs on the button.
Player utg limps (he did this with 10s earlier) and i knew that he was limpin to call my all in. I still pushed with KK as this is what the players were expecting, if i suddenly
made it 2.5bbs it would look strange and i think would't get less action. I push the bb then reriases all in and the utg calls as well! I'm facing Aq and Aj. Great there drawing
basicly to two outs. You know what the flop is; Ace high, im out in fourth place. Oh well i think i played pretty well and writing this has helped me to steam off a bit. Sorry
there was no hand histories as after that i just exited the table so i couldn't retrieve them lol. Will keep posted on how it is going, my aim is to try and double my bankroll
in a week.

NPC Teams tourney / NL30 whilst working.../Life


NPC Teams tournament was on Sunday. Our team was Me Joe Jeal and Chris, so only one leak. Ha! It was a 64 dym shootout format. Tables of 8, top 4 go through to next round. I won my first two tables (1st in chips on both at end), but lost 66 vs 93 aipre, AJ vs A8 vs 77 and finally A3 vs J9o when short to go out 6th on my penultimate table. Jeal got through to the FT, and if i'd have won one of the first two hands mentioned above i'd have won my penultimate table, rendering us team champions and £450 richer. + whatever prize money i got at the FT. Alas, we chopped 2nd place in the teams comp and got a bit of money for bounties, up £60 as a team overall. I also won £65 in cash, ship. Tidey's team (uea members Tidey Wakes Dave and Tyler) tid for £420 + chopped 2nd place with us, so all in all uea rolled up some decent munns.


I decided to let a table of NL30 run as I was doing some bits on my computer, just to see how the game played out when I play super ABC. I managed to get QQ aipf against QJ and 78s for $40 pot and held.

I also played this hand, which I found interesting:

I meant to make it .90 pre. I actually had AK and decided since I wasn't sure how on earth to play a hand like this postflop, I would simply ship it and hope I had 3-6 outs if he called. lol!

Ended up $30 in an hour, we shall take.

Ongame roll: $680.

WP to Owe for taking down the big deal on ongame for $42k, and to Chal for a 3rd in the super series for £500 + change.


Am now looking at all my options for the next couple of years. I think I'm going to apply for ESRC 1+3 (MSc and PhD funding) for experimental eco, with a rough PhD thesis around problem gambling and attitudes to risk. Either that or Behavioural IO with a thesis around game theoretic concepts in mergers.
Chinese is hard. I come out of every lecture thinking its getting easier, then a day later have no idea what half the characters mean. Meh.
Tomo I face the task of finalising plans for the 14th, any suggestions?!

Madrid with Jeal to see Owe in 8 days....siiick!


Full Tilt..

So.. here I am sitting at my computer, thinking about my game, and against what I know to be the best option I decide I will have one last final pop at Full Tilt..

3 games in (10 handed Super Turbo SNG - start on 10 BB, new level every 3 mins)

Win: 0
Lose: 3
Buy IN $3.50 + 0.30... -$11.40

I am sick of people calling with crap, and general fish mistakes that means that making the right move isnt good enough, and luck is the only real thing of importance.. So decide (some may say foolishly) to raise the stakes..

Standard SNG $10 +1 6 handed NLH..

After about 1 hour.. I have won it.. taking $39 for my troubles. which puts me in definate profit this morning..

-11.4 + 28 = $16.6

It's not an astronomical amount, but its good, and I think I may be checking out the $10 SNGs a bit more often. At the moment though, my current bankroll is probably not sufficient for me to be comfortable with playing on the $10s regularly.. will try and build it up to about $200, then will take on this level more frequent.. current BR is $134.88 accross FTP, Stars and PKR..

Anyways.. Here is the winning hand..

Little discussion needed, I was about 90% sure he was on the straight draw, and if either the A or the 10 fall, I am away from it.. Good read ftw..

I had a fair idea of his game, we had been chatting most of the time, and I had been watching him fairly closely, as I noted him as being the strongest player at the table, and we held a chip lead between us for about 70% of the game.. I guess he thought that his A high was good enough with the call on the river.

His key stats were.. (thanks to Poker Office)

See Flop 29.5%
See Turn from Flop 48.5%
Pre Flop Raise 2.7%!!!

Looking back it seems like a very high call rate, with little attempt to raise, that said his "player status" was Tight.. Passive pre, aggressive post (flop).. and regardless of numbers, watching his game gave me a good feel for his style..

I think if he had made straight/ paired the flop he would have raised/ re raised on flop, and the way I figured it, even if he had Jacks or Ks, with my betting he could prob fold them with the belief in a straight..

Right.. I'm off, enough poker for this morning, I must get on with some work.


Tuesday, 27 January 2009

FTP Cash Tables

.5 .10 Cash Tables...

Full Tilt FTL.. LOL.. End of night -$5.30 gg. lol

I just got my free license for PokerOffice stats software, which works really well with Full Tilt, so thought I would sit at a couple of cash tables, first table. -$5 AIPF AKsuit < A10 o/suit

Sat at a deep stack one with table maximum ($20), after about 50 minutes I am down to about $14 after some ups and downs.. and my screen is graced with AA..

Despite best efforts..

Only manage to grab about 0.50..

Then get KQs

Nothing to special about my play.. he obv. didnt have A, his play previously had allways bet out on flops that he hit, and had been slow playing basically all pocket pairs...

So that got me back to about my sit down amount, so finished up for the night just before the next round of blinds.

Full Tilt game is way off, I think maybe I have hit a mental block, and am thinking that I will loose and it comes true. PKR and PokerStars are going fine PKR over the past 4 days. ~ +$25 Poker Stars ~ +$10 and haven't been playing on them that much, basically Stars was just HU games and double or nothing SNGs to get some FPPs for my free copy of Poker Office...

So far 2009 is about even, with everything subsidising Full Tilt Poker.. I think I gonna leave the cash tables alone for a few weeks on there, just play in tourneys and free-rolls..

Rebuild my BR up nicely on PKR, and once I have a nice return, I will find a clear day and have a propper FTP session, SNGs and Cash, plenty of hands, plenty of positive mental attitude.. LOLaments.. :D

More soooon. GL guys!X

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Happy days taking down big comp!

Just playing my regular games of 100 hu and my mate rings me screaming : " ARE YOU HOME!???" i replied yaaaaah, jorgen smorgen horgen bjorn, obv swedish.....noooot, anyhow, he says log in and finnish the comp for me my internet died, "yeah sure ill take it down for ya" And ooooh so i did ;)

Took down a comp not mentioning the name but took down a juicy +40k$ for him, but im awaiting a very nice juicy bonus 2moro :)

Had sick bad luck and was gutted thinking i wud lose it for him in 7th place ot sumthing but noooo, after losing AJs to 33 AI pre to a short stack (was chipleader) and then won some small resteals bluffs good play ftw etc i lost another coinflip with KJhearts to 77 on Q103 TWO hearts on board all in, and then i lost with A9 to QQ vs shortstack and then i got raped for basically the toruney win when 6 left with QQ AI pre vs his 66 we were bigstacks, and he called me after he 3 betted me, LOL he hit 4 card flush u knoooooow, then had 22k left with blinds 6k-12k and find AA and triple, and then stole with A6 and K9, then called another equally stacks all in with A9 and i was back vs his Q10spades, :) NICE!!! he cudnt belive his eyes, i then took it down by gd play, won 99 vs 22 and then won another nice one and was chipleader AGAIN!

when 3 left the other bigstack calls my squeeze with A6 i had AJ and he gets a chop on river so sick QQJ flop K turn K river LOOOOOOOOOOL and i was soooo sure i wud win still and then i owned their pants off and when it was HU i owned the dude soooo much :)

SO pleased with the way i played it, we get it in pre with my AK hearts (beautiful) vs his AQ clubs, was crying to see the QJ2 flopp HOWEVER the 10 on the turn made me smile :D!!!!


Awaiting my bonus 2mo :)

Saturday, 24 January 2009


I put thi guy on set or AK and still push beacause im a legend!

her we go!

My team is outdraw united number 1982½


84140 calls $10,
StigOwe bets $40,
84140 bets $100,
StigOwe calls $60.


[board cards: 8D,KC,3C ]

StigOwe checks,
84140 bets $20,
StigOwe calls $20.

[board cards: 8D,KC,3C,AS ]
StigOwe bets $1,380 and is all-in,
84140 calls $1,340 and is all-in.

RIVER [board cards: 8D,KC,3C,AS,3S ]

SHOWDOWNStigOwe shows [ AD,3D ]

84140 shows [ KH,AC ]StigOwe wins $40,

StigOwe wins $2,960.

i only play boat or less! shkgdfjawlkn ddfvhdgdgghddghdghdgghgh

Friday, 23 January 2009

The fishingboat with StigOwe

What up!

Sitting here watching smallville, which ive grown to like a bit recently, a grinding program hehe. Watched new LOST this morning and it was legendary, cant wait for the new episode to come out!

Yesterday i went to my friend who is a semi highstakes grinder and played with him, theres to reason why its good to play with someone, u can talk about whatever u want and its not as boring, and you can talk poker and the best way of learnign is to talk poker, hands and different approaches to the game.

We both decided to play the 50k guarantee 50$ rebuy, it looked like a very good idea, i tripled my stack first hand and didnt have to rebuy after that, got it in with AKs vs KQ and 55 very handy :) Had a nice stack for the whole rebuy period, wne tup to about 10k, (1500 starting stack) then had a hand when some idiot cudnt fold QQ on board AK3 i had QJ suited and flopped flushdraw with straightdraw, he had a read and check called all they way even my river shov, which was gutting, still had a good stack so it wasnt too bad but wud have been on 18k insted of 5-6ish.

had few small pots won, and none of my pos raises to take down the blinds worked, very annoying had bad people in the blinds, they kept reshoving which was pretty sick they didnt reraise but reshov so odd if they didnt have hands, putting their whole tourney at risk.

Big hand later was when i lost AKs to AJ vs short stack very important pot when about 100 left (top 50 paid) then went down to about 15bb.

found 99 when 67 players left and mid pos makes it 5xBB which is a monster over raise with the blinds given and all... anyhoooo theres a flatccaller from a fish in between, and i see a beautiful spot to steal, even thou i had a hand, im happy takind down the middle cookie crumbles. nevertheless both players have a sick read and decide that i have air and BOTH call. im faced agasint 22 (original over raiser) and KQo (fish obv) flop comes Q84 and im thinking WOW i run good NOOOOOOOOT, and then the 2 falls on the flop just to crush my dreams, he knew he said he knew we werent that strong, Well played and good read ffs.

Oh well the heads up grind was better have now gotten on the leaderboard on Heads up grinders for this year stake 35-100 dollars, pretty cool :)

up about 5k from the game this month and already have a rakeback of 2k waiting for me :)so pretty handy month. I run goooood ;)

Gonna go to my buddy HouseeLover tonight and grind with him as we agreed the Ip adress was rigged in our favor :p lol.
He ended up finaltabling good effort but very annoying when some real fish that kept raising 8xBB wakes up with JJ on button makes it 75k on 4k-8k blinds both have stacks of 240k plus, chipleaders, Emil ships it all in, and the hero thinks til the timer goes all the way down (slowroll FTW) and then calls with JJ we were both sure Emil was good when he waited cause this guy snap called with AJo all ins, flop brings 38K Yaaaaaaaaaaay turn J boooooooooooo and river blankovich! damn!

Thats all for today folks, peace out amigos!

Thursday, 22 January 2009


yesterday was a good day, had many nice plays and nice wins, up about 800 and raked about 580 so thats 300ish back :) nice profit!

Im gonna start on ongame with 5k, play 50 HU only and try and grind it to 20k in 4-5 months including the rakeback. def doable.

Today 3-0 2 out of 3 won, looking good, will start showing graphs and and daily results and try and make my posts more clear.

Some hands of today+thoughts.

Hand number one:

coyotecseb bets $75,
StigOwe calls $60.

[board cards: TC,TD,5D ]

StigOwe checks,
coyotecseb bets $180,
StigOwe bets $450,
coyotecseb calls $270.

[board cards: TC,TD,5D,4H ]
StigOwe bets $540,
coyotecseb bets $1,905 and is all-in,

StigOwe calls $475 and is all-in.

[board cards: TC,TD,5D,4H,AH ]

coyotecseb shows [ QS,QH ]

StigOwe shows [ QD,TS ]
coyotecseb wins $890,
StigOwe wins $3,110.

Ok, think i played it good, reraising flop is almost always better vs a player like this, and been watching some instruction vids of HU play and making that half pot (still decent betsize) on turn makes it look even less like a 10, im very certain im ahead here, if not its just a bit of a MEH.

He pushes, TYVM and he didnt find the 1 outer.

thoughts anyone, how wud u play?

Hand number 2:

PRE-FLOPStigOwe bets $50,
labille974 calls $40.

[board cards: TS,2S,3D ]
labille974 checks,
StigOwe bets $100,
labille974 calls $100.

[board cards: TS,2S,3D,4D ]

labille974 checks,
StigOwe bets $240, l
abille974 calls $240.RIVER

[board cards: TS,2S,3D,4D,KD ]

labille974 bets $1,080 and is all-in,
StigOwe bets $1,120 and is all-in.


StigOwe shows [ 4C,4S ]

labille974 shows [ AH,AS ]

StigOwe wins $40, StigOwe wins $2,960.

Very badly played Aces, draw heavy board, no 3 bet pre, no point slowplaying those Aces, if he repops pre and big bet on flop he wins and we both live happiily ever after, but no he decided to play it like a draw of sum sort, and he then pushes river i cud have anything from K10 to A5 34 etc. awful play, Sure i got lucky and hit my four, but he doesnt win another penny unless i do.

of for lunch then more gaming, planning on playing about 30 games today, might play a multi comp too.

Hej Hopp!

"heroes never die they just reload"


Wednesday, 21 January 2009

SharkFisher McKarlsson

Been playing a lot recently played something like 50 games yesterday, whcih means i get about 300 in rakeback from that :) Was a very swingy session, started of by winning 3 ina row, then lost won lost won, but lost more than won.

Had some real coolers, and was really focusing on not to tilt (was hard) but worked pretty good, read an article bout sklansky dollars, very interesting u shud check it up, and it was actually of great help avoiding the TILT :) basically, playing the right move ur not losing moneys:)

Went on a 2-4 cahs table and destroyed them, well atleast for a bit, ended up a buy in which was handy.

Cudnt catcha break in my game, was losing with AJ to Ax and it was annoying as heeeeell!

However dont know how, but managed to scope 6 in a row and a the comeback was a fact. enede the day stuck 200ish, so it was pretty gd, felt like a massive win cuz of all the coolers.

Today has been interesting to say the least, ive beaten the sharks, but KEEP losing to the really bad fishy players, its always set ups too, its like they humilate me hehe.

Lost flush vs flush, and equal hands, had a nice coolr vs a SUPER fish, the reason i know they are fish is A. They are classified as fish on and they play worse than my mum hehe.

heres one of the coolers, i mean pretty standard for him to call nothing wrong wiv that, but wow did he have my number checking the river, awful play since if im half decent and hav esumthing like Ax or mid pair i will not bet and he loses out on a lot of chips...

PRE-FLOPStigOwe bets $100, KillyRose calls $75.

FLOP [board cards: JH,AH,TS ]

KillyRose checks, StigOwe bets $100,
KillyRose calls $100.

TURN [board cards: JH,AH,TS,6S ]

KillyRose checks,
StigOwe bets $325,
KillyRose calls $325.

RIVER [board cards: JH,AH,TS,6S,4S ]

KillyRose checks,

StigOwe bets $400,

KillyRose bets $800,

StigOwe calls $400.

SHOWDOWNKillyRose shows [ QS,AS ]StigOwe mucks cards
[ KD,QH ]

KillyRose wins $2,700.

haha saved myself some chips on flatcalling, pretty sure he cud have me, he was really passive and wudnt raise with a losing hand i reckon....

playing a lot these days so will keep the updates coming. :)

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Sundays, NL50 and Lolmaha saving the day!

Well I said I was going to have a decent session tonight what with me not having to get up tooo early tomo, so sat down around 3pm to multi table some touranments then if i busted open up a FR NL50 table in its place. Played a $7 rebuy on bet365, 10euro freeze on crypto and $10 freeze on ongame. Quickly busted ongame. Decided to play a £2 rebuy sat to the 6k on crypto, and had 1 table of fr on ongame going. Had also registered for the full tilt uni freeroll and the 7.30pm $10 omaha on ongame that i like.

Made it to break in the 3 tournies and was even on cash, yet failed to cash in either. The DTD crypto account that jeal has staked me on runs so sick, we are 16 left in the 10 euro freeze with 10 paid, 20bbs, get QQ vs AA lp vs lp. GG. Then in the £2 12 left 5 through have 6bbs and ship with K10 on cutoff, bb has AJ and holds.
The $7 rebuy was no good either, KK < AQ aipf just after break, cheers then.

So I decdied to four table NL50 as the tables were soft as usual. Of course 4 tabling KK AA gets no action, and I miss every board with AK AQ etc and face check raises! Getting outplayed there ftl. Have a weird JJ vs KK hand where i was sure i faced an overpair but bet strong on the river when a flush draw hit (my line was pretty much defined as a flush draw from the start fwiww) and he used all his time then cry called, so that was nearly a buyin. Then had 78clubs, flopped middle pair and flush draw, bet full pot both flop and turn. Pot was 40 on turn, he had 20 back, club came on river. Discussed it with joe and we both thought i had to bet river anyway, he had K3 clubs for draw + one overcard. Nice cooler for me/ lol at him calling full pot on turn, doh.

By this time have busted from the full tilt uni freeroll thing, tard kept shipping 3k at 75 150 whenever folded to him, i had 1.5k, call with KQ in the bb, he has J3o, K J 6 flop and a 3 on the river, gg. Am stuck $110 on ongame, 20 on 365 and £20 on crypto, and decide to close my 3 tables as felt a bit tilty. So just the omaha left, am 50/70/109 and not much is happening. Got about 2k which is a bit meh at 50 100, but get it in super good against one guy (80:20 on flop) and hold, so up to 4k. Get to 6k without showdown, then win a flip against a shortstack and am on 8k with 30 left, avg stack is about 6k iirc. Blinds are now 150 300 and guy limps utg. I have 8s 9h 10h 10s in lp and make it 1000 total. (People kept limp folding)Guy who limped calls, pot is 3kish and I just have him covered. Board comes 6s 7h Js, so i have wrap flushdraw and backdoor flush redraw, and he bets 2.2k. I ship and he calls with a set, 8d on the turn and brick river so I win what might be a flip - im not sure who's fav. So am on 16k and now joint cl with 30 left. Get it in pre with AQQJ ds against a guy who was reraising bare jacks pre (lol), he had A 10 8 8 and although it came A 10 x I hit a lovely K on 5th ftw and a 25k stack (I had him well covered)

Nothing really happened til the FT, 10 handed my position was meh but the people who busted left me in quite a good spot, was able to take down pots w/o showdown easily and also had decent ish position on one guy who was outdrawing everyone and generally useless. Down to 4 handed, i have 60k, and this happens with useless guy:

I was like thank goddd i held as although Timkoeh was deffo best on the table i figured with a big chip lead i'd be ok hu. He ended up busting the other guy in third and we were 120k: 45k heads up. Took about 30 hands, got him down to 20k then flopped A6 on a A Q 6 board and he had AQ, nhl, back to the start. Then got it in on a sick hand where we both flopped the nuts - QJ on a 10 9 8 two hearts board, but I had K 2 hearts for nut straight redraw AND flush draw, and it came brick brick! Sick. Ended up getting him back down to 20k with a semi bluff and then KK92 one suit held against 10 10 Q 8 for the win.

- Tourney info.

So, balance went from 340 to 640, and my -200 w/end went to +100, happy days!


Some small sessions by StigOwe

Hi, tried a new site and was horribly outdrawn in every heads up, my stats were sumthin like 2 15 in heads ups, played lowstakes when trying it out so it wasnt too bad hehe, gonna give it another go, playiong 20 and 30$ hu. Mayeb i just ran really awful at the time, but i lost 7 out of 7 all ins wiv higher pocket vs lower and set vs set once and the rest were coinflips with me holding the pairs 90% of the time, and quite frankly the hands they had were not solid calling hands, it was like 66 vs K8 suited etc.

In one of the games i had 2985 chips vs his 15 and i lost, he won something like 15 all ins that heads up, he was ahead once only, so big LOL at that.

Played on the good old StigOwe acount to see what was going down, StigOwe didnt let me down and i ended up 500$ so good old whitebet didnt let me down...

Gonna post sum hands from the session.

StigOwe posts small blind ($10), Lau master posts big blind ($20).

StigOwe bets $50, Lau master bets $200, StigOwe calls $160.

FLOP [board cards: 3D,KH,2H ]
Lau master checks, StigOwe checks.

TURN [board cards: 3D,KH,2H,5H ]

Lau master bets $500, StigOwe bets $1,160 and is all-in, Lau master bets $900 and is all-in.

RIVER [board cards: 3D,KH,2H,5H,2D ]

SHOWDOWNLau master shows [ AS,KC ]StigOwe shows [ 7H,6H ]Lau master wins $240, StigOwe wins $2,760.

Some ppl might say the call is questionable pre but i have plenty of chips if i fold when miss, and he played it bad checking really, i cant call a big sized bet i dont think, if i flop a pair wiv the draw it goes in on flop. maybe turn...not sure, he is pretty aggresive, and def plus EV to play.

This dude Fuxx, is soooo bad, for sum reason he keeps winnign a few games vs me, ive played him a lot, and he plays sooo weird, he plays sort of semi tight for a while doesnt do anything then randomly blows up and open push wiv Q3o or sumthing similar, and EVERY time he has done that he has outdrawn me, i only call wiv sumthing like 77+ but still he one over card is nuts, but still up vs him, he has won 4 games vs me and ive beaten him 7 and 3 of the games he beat me was me getting disconnected (very annoying)

ANTES/BLINDSStigOwe posts small blind ($15), fuxx22 posts big blind ($30).


StigOwe bets $60, fuxx22 calls $45.


[board cards: 8S,6D,3H ]

fuxx22 checks, StigOwe checks.

TURN [board cards: 8S,6D,3H,JC

fuxx22 bets $150, StigOwe calls $150.

RIVER [board cards: 8S,6D,3H,JC,5C ]fuxx22 bets $450, StigOwe calls $450.


fuxx22 shows [ 8D,7D ]StigOwe shows [ QD,JD ]StigOwe wins $1,350.

Pretty standard hand, plays itself, but shows how he doesnt think at all...

Might play some more later today, keep u updated how the other account runs.


Saturday, 17 January 2009

Full House Crazy

3 * $5 HU SNGs on PokerStars...

Lost: 2
Won: 1

Net: -$5

Right.. Nothing to amazing or special about the games, except for a sick Full House vs. Full House beat that I took..

Think I was unlucky to run into it, but lucky to be against someone, who didnt extract more from the nuts.. My little bet on the river was to try and extract a little bit of value, this guy was folding to most bets on the river, so thought maybe $50 may tempt with 2 pair or even High card Ace.. in the end my small bet saved alot of tourney chips.. If I had bet heavey, I may have lost nearly all!

Then this a few hands later.. 9s full of 2s.. standard. .get very little out of it..

Then finally.. My top pair, ends up getting killed by Qs full Ks..

This guy was loose aggresive, caught him bluffing a few hands on the river, and with a huge range of hands had been raising PF, inc. K10o, Q3o, Q6o... So couldn'd forsee the FH.. maybe I should have, or atleast thought about maybe a Q for trips, which would obv. have beaten me anyway.. but nevermind.. on we go..


Finished up the night with a win on the same levels, putting me $5 down over the 3 games, but for the day, I am still up a reasonable amount, which I am content with, probably wont get a chance to play much the next couple of days... University work beckons..


Live Donkament, NL£100 live, and NL$50 online

Last night played at NPC

Played the tournament, £10 double chance. At break had 13k, average stack was 12k. By the end of the 2nd level after the break I had 30k and average was 15k, reading souls ftw.

Hand 1) 8d 4d in BB. Effective stacks 10k (I cover) Blinds 200-400 with a 100 ante iirc. So pot 1600. Drunk button makes it 1k total, and I look at him. He absolutely freezes! It was like wtf is he up to here, bless. I call the 600 (600 into 2600.) Board comes Q 6 Q two diamonds. I check, he bets 1.5k into 3.2k, I flat. I planned on CRAI the turn if < 10. Turn is an 8, and now I am definately good in my mind. I check, and he bets 3k with 4k behind. I look at him and he is definately bluffing, and decide the best line is probably to check call the river and if he hits 4 outs so be it. Probably the wrong line, but meh. So i flat and check the 10h river (eek) and he checks behind and mucks.

Get moved to harder table with one special looking guy and a semi ok lag. Then Joe gets moved to my table but hes on my direct right, which is handy. I have a complete rock to my left, so all in all is a good spot. Dwindle down to 20k (blinds 500 1k, raise with AQ and have to fold to flop shove etc), then play a fucked up hand.
I have A9s in mp, but two rocks to my left so am in effect the cutoff. I make it 3k at 600 1200 200. LAG calls from sb, we're HU. Board comes KK5 two diamonds. (I have clubs) He checks, I bet 5.2k. He thinks for a while, moves his cards like he's going to muck, then covers them again. Then he thinks, and ships on me. Its 8k more, and i have 13k behind. Am like fml. I look at him and he is not strong whatsoever. I figure he just has to be on a move, if im wrong i probably have 6 outs. He doesnt have diamonds. I ask him stuff and he is proper mehhh. Anyhow, it takes me about 3-4 minutes and I eventually fold, and as soon as I did i was like ffs as I thought my read was good. He showed A3, then the dealer decided to run it, the 5 paired so we would have chopped. GG life. Lesson learned i guess, trust your read.
I talked to the guy after the tournament finished and he was like if I knew you were that good a player I wouldn't have moved in, probably just being nice but nice to get a completement anyway.

I ended up with 10k at 1k 2k 200, folded to me on button, i shipped with atc - happened to have 52o - and the rock had AJ, gg.

Had 10% in joe who was playing really good too, we're both thinking really well atm. He played an AQ hand with suchhh a good line against the aggro donk to extract max val, and should have won it. (4 handed, QQ < JJ for 1/2 chips in play, he still had some behind and they ended chopping £320 - £275-275-275, so still a £250 proff.)

Sat online for around half an hour, lost $40 at NL50. KJ spades, raise to 1.50 pre, button flats. Board AA8 one spade, i check he checks. Turn 5s, i bet 2.20, he min raises to 4.40. Am like wut, and call. river 3s, i check and he bets 6. Tidey was like i just flat, but sta shows him having so many other random A combos that i think a raise is prudent, so make it 14. Of course he min raises back, and I cry call the 8 more or w/e and he has A3. Handy river....notttt.

Play for a bit more and look over to the .50p £1 tables that are running, and one is too good for me not to play. I get £40 off joe and we decide to go 50:50 (£20 each).

Hand 1: Stradled hand. 77 in c/o, a few people limp for £2, nick the fish looks at one and ships for 18. I reship for 40, others fold, he ends up having AQ and i win the flip. On 60.
Hand 2: 4 limpers, i limp in c/o with Q10o. Button makes it 4 and gets 3 callers, so i call 3 more. Pot 20. Board comes Jc 9s 2c. Checked to me, i elect to check behind and button checks too. Turn = 8h, happy days. Checked to nick the fish who bets 9, i decide to flat and evaluate river as only have 35ish behind anyway and if i ship its evident i have nuts. To my suprise button flats too. Pots now 50. River is the 8d. Nick bets 18, and here i think is an interesting spot. The button was SUPER spewy at overcalling, and i was pretty sure nick had air and wouldnt call a shove, so i flatted hoping button would do. Alas he folded, but nick had air and i was on 90ish.
Hand 3: Kid in mid position (srsly, looked 12) is sitting with 200 and playing the biggun. He makes it 9 pre (at .50 1, lol) and i look down at black Aces. I make it 25 total, and he flats. I figure he has 77-QQ, AK AQ here as was semi competent but still special. Board comes 764 two diamonds, and he insta checks. He looks strongish, and I know he likes to use terms like fold equity etc, so bet bet 25 and try to look really nervous. He takes like 10 secs and ships (of course i have to have AK right?) and i call, he has QQ with the Qd. 3rd diamond on the turn, and a nice black six on the river. On 180.
Play a couple more standard hands over the session but not much, and ended cashing out 200 total so 160 proff, 80 each.

Good session.

Play some 6max 4 tabling this aft and ended down 60 in some standard hands. Guy makes it 2 pre and gets 2 callers, i have KcKs on button and make it 10. first guy calls, rest fold. Board comes AAQ two diamonds, I check and he checks behind. Turn is a brick, i bet 14 and he ships for 40 total. So that was 30. Lost a flip against a shortie for $10, and then ran generally dry in the rest.

Balance back down to $440, bleh.

Off to noodle place / film later with gf, will prob play a decent session tomorrow night.


Hot Tip!

If Low Stakes HU NLH is of interest check out PokerStars at around midday, early afternoon on Saturdays. I have played 12 $2 and 2 $5 games.. and atm.. $2 ones.. win10 loss 2.... $5 win 2 Loss 0..

thats good value imho.. plenty of fish about!... lol

More tips coming soon.. no real HHs to post they are all fairly similar.. maybe in a bit I will post my last one, KJ.. on flop comes a King.. slow play.. on the river ship all in, get a call with high card Ace.. lol. val. in donks!

Friday, 16 January 2009

God Bless The Donk Bluff

Hi Everyone! I'm down today, FTP not happening.. :( loving some new poker stats/ analysis software I got, and wanted a free license for it, so decided I would play on PokerStars, earn the requisite FPPs, and Thats a $79 license for free.. val..

So I am just looking to get some play in, get used to the old Stars interface (no val. in not having raise pot button.. ) And playing in $2 HU SNGs.. Love this hand:

Val. in KKs against cold bluff.. LOL

and.. then 3rd hand into next SNG...

Felt sick when the AJ came on the flop... then realised there was a 6 there as well! so thats $4 up on Stars, will maybe make up in part for the Catastrophe on FTP.. lesson learned tho.. when table max. is $10, and you have got up to about $20.. its not worth going for a fight with someone sitting on ~$150.. lol... top 2 pairs (Kk &Jj) just didnt hold up..

On we go.. LOL



NL50 / $22 freeze

A couple of quick hands: - Why NL50 is profitable - Hero call, he was pretty spewy, player dependent itlr o/c - Flop was weird, I thought he had a mid pair or AK / AQ or something. I think the turn raise is fine once he leads again, induces spewy calls with AQ / flush draws and also means i can check behind any river cards which i don't like, like the Ah. Fwiw he SNAPPED the river, obv knew middle pair was good :/ hero! - Pokerhand doesn't like ipoker hh sometimes, in this hand you can see i had AQss. I think he calls the turn with random pair and gutshot hands as I had checked behind these flops with AK etc before, and thats definately what i'm repping here. He seemed a relatively thinking player and im pretty sure the river bet passes here enough to be +EV

$22 freeze hands:

Standard on my side, I didn't think he was super strong like he was, most players would ship the turn with his hand imo. I raised the turn to look a bit weaker since he put in a small bet like i had a draw, which in the end worked out well as when no draw comes in on the river I can overbet to look weak and get hero called by random aces etc.

This was pretty norm I cant face a raise on the turn so check behind, and think i have to call the river because of missed draws etc. Having said that, looking back i think the call could be wrong in a tournament since most straight draws get there, and his line is very much a draw or QJ type of hand. Meh.

Still in the tournament with 6k, will update later...

Thursday, 15 January 2009


playing v. low stakes with table minimum, as actually i am just trying to get some stats software to work..

Full Tilt Poker Game #10057958032: Table Moses (6 max) - $0.05/$0.10 - No Limit Hold'em - 15:24:17 ET - 2009/01/15
Seat 1: UEA PokerStar ($1.90)
Seat 2: thundermunky ($10.50)
Seat 3: 5150lucky1 ($4.85)
Seat 4: berthao ($3.50)
Seat 5: leni37 ($3.60)
Seat 6: fakerbibii ($20.30)
UEA PokerStar posts the small blind of $0.05
thundermunky posts the big blind of $0.10
The button is in seat #6
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to UEA PokerStar [As Ad]
5150lucky1 folds
berthao folds
leni37 folds
fakerbibii has 15 seconds left to act
fakerbibii folds
UEA PokerStar calls $0.05
thundermunky raises to $0.30
UEA PokerStar raises to $0.50
thundermunky has 15 seconds left to act
thundermunky raises to $2.60
UEA PokerStar has 15 seconds left to act
UEA PokerStar calls $1.40, and is all in
thundermunky shows [Qd Qh]
UEA PokerStar shows [As Ad]
Uncalled bet of $0.70 returned to thundermunky
*** FLOP *** [5c 2c 9c]
*** TURN *** [5c 2c 9c] [3s]
*** RIVER *** [5c 2c 9c 3s] [Qc]
thundermunky shows three of a kind, Queens
UEA PokerStar shows a pair of Aces

thundermunky wins the pot ($3.45) with three of a kind, Queens
UEA PokerStar is sitting out
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot $3.80 Rake $0.35
Board: [5c 2c 9c 3s Qc]
Seat 1: UEA PokerStar (small blind) showed [As Ad] and lost with a pair of Aces
Seat 2: thundermunky (big blind) showed [Qd Qh] and won ($3.45) with three of a kind, Queens
Seat 3: 5150lucky1 didn't bet (folded)
Seat 4: berthao didn't bet (folded)
Seat 5: leni37 didn't bet (folded)
Seat 6: fakerbibii (button) didn't bet (folded)

No value, still am up about $20 today on FTP from earlier cash games, and up about the same on PKR, so its been a good day on reflection. Glad this hand wasnt during normal game play, otherwise I would have been in for and lost a lot more than $1.90..

GL GG and GN..

Quick session of NL50 / a titled nl10 hu..

So after writing the poker soc newsletter I had whitebet open as wanted to post a few hh's on the forum. Anyhoo, i see a noted player playing nl50 who sure enough is donking off, and they leave the table 1 hand after i sit! Anyhoo, figured id play with the regs and see what was what, ended up 1 buyin. Some hands (on pokerhand to shorten the post!):

I think this was standard, was check raising the turn as I'm pretty sure he has a mid pair or AK, I don't think AQ calls pre or bets this board. Thin value bet on the river, for some reason hh doesn't show what he mucked so we'll never know.

This hand was WEIRD. I was pretty sure I was good when I raised the turn as another guy caught him three barrelling ootb earlier. I know timing tells online are laughed at by some but this guy was giving it a think when he was betting with a hand and smashing buttons when bluffing, so although they only form a small part of a read they were definately in use here. Of course the river is lucky for me as I have two pair, but I was shipping any card < Q and any club as I think my line here is definately an already made two pair or flush draw. Would appreciate feedback tho as when he flatted the turn i thought maybe it was a bit of a spew.

I kept 3-betting this guy and get him in a cooler situation...yet can't cooler him. Fml split pots.


Played some NL10 hu on ipoker aswell vs some complete donkament, ended even after losing a $30 pot aipf QQ vs AJo. GG.

This was the pot that got me back to even, is a sick line but I was sure it would work given previous hand textures....
(Ok, ipoker hh comes in a graphic format so i cant c+p into phand, so will do it from the graphics:)

papoucho raises to .30. iShip raises to .90. papoucho calls
board: Js 8d 3h. iShip bets .90, papoucho raises to 2.50, iShip calls.
turn: Kh. iShip checks, papoucho bets $4, iShip raises to $12.30 all in, papoucho folds.

I had Q9o for 4-out air, but thought it was a pretty standard spot to rep and he finds it pretty hard to call with middle pair given i'd only check raised in the match with the best hand (when it went to sd!)

So that was my session.

I was playing on ipoker network as I came 5th last night in the bet365 uni freeroll for £75, ship!

Current roll ~ $500.


Lesson learned!

Hola! Yesterday was a day of mixed feeling, i was still playing really well, very happy with my game at the moment, went from 5-1 to 14-3 and then in comes hmmm dont remember his name but something ending with 86, a terrible player, had 3 100dollar games vs him won all, and he was absolute rubbish, about 30 minutes later same guy sits down at a 200 table i play him and beat him again, went with my read and gambled and made a beautiful call third hand in, i hold 10 8 Clubs, he minraises flop comes 10 2 4 one club, he bets i smooth call, he pots the turn which is a K, river comes a bland 7 and he pushes all in, he has never done this before he laways valuebetted ealier with any kind of hand, and overbet with air, although never all in, i decided to look him up pretty certain i had him, and he showed AJ for AIRRRRR :)

Now to the bad news hehe, see same dude on 300 and thought, man ive been running so hot lately playing my a gam,e even thou im not rolled for the game i can play him once,

Third hand in im already a 250+ chiplead, and he is just as terrible as i knew, he open push and i hold AKhearts, (maybe i shudnt call here since i can easily outplay him) but sure i had ATLEAST a flip, oh dear, he shows the nice K5 off!???????? why is my question when the 346 falls and a 5 on turn to crush my dreams hehe, later after another flip i lose the game...

20 min later i see him again on the 300, decided *(well i was really unlucky) ONE MORE, second hand in he open push again( HERO!) i hold KK (standard) call he has a pair this time 33,. flop comes a disgusting 377 and im praying for a 7 or a KING, no help and i lost, took a rematch and this time it went to a long game and blinds were fairly high in the end, played really solid but didnt catch a break, finally the money goes in with 77 vs K6 and he spikes the K :( 900 down in like 45 min harsh and horrible. I regret it in the way that i lost, but still made the right moves and reads etc, however losing that kinda money in time i normally spend on the toilet :P never fun !
Over it now and learned my lesson, will keep playing my 100 dollar heads up from now on, hehe maybe with the occasional gamble vs these dudes.

Oh and a regular from the 500sng HU games sat down vs me in the morning, surprisngly bad, maybe he was just setting me up for the 500 games hehe but i Owned him, he had no idea what i was up to... always a good feeling.

Have a new project im gonna try later in february, will speak more about that later...peace and Run good!


Tuesday, 13 January 2009

HH Owe, what would u do?

Some hands and thoughts....

Seat 3: StigOwe ($1,105 in chips)
Seat 8: dwella32 ($1,895 in chips)

StigOwe bets $100,
dwella32 calls $75.

FLOP [board cards: 9S,3D,5C ]

dwella32 checks,
StigOwe bets $125,
dwella32 calls $125.

TURN [board cards: 9S,3D,5C,QC ]

dwella32 bets $1,645 and is all-in,

StigOwe calls $855 and is all-in

RIVER [board cards: 9S,3D,5C,QC,5S ]

Now what is ur calling range here on turn????

This hand is just to show how much of a fish i am:)
Or i had a sick read and he is fishdeclared on sharkscope, bought their service today, since i find it very useful :)


StigOwe bets $60,
dwella32 calls $45.

FLOP [board cards: 5D,4D,5H ]

dwella32 checks,
StigOwe bets $75,
dwella32 calls $75.

TURN [board cards: 5D,4D,5H,QD ]

dwella32 bets $90,
StigOwe calls $90.
RIVER [board cards: 5D,4D,5H,QD,QC ]

dwella32 bets $270,

StigOwe calls $270.


dwella32 shows [ 7D,3C ] for NADAAAAAA

StigOwe shows [ 2C,AH ] for NUTS StigOwe wins $1,020.

Feel free to leave ur thougts on first hand and what u call with etc, knowing the guy is LAG, and pretty bad, he cud have any 2...




Hallo, A friend of mine linked me to this page, pretty cool clip from new season of highstakes poker, it seems we get some new faces new action, and frankly i am very excited, its really fun/interesting whatchin this guys battle it out, elthou u learn lot i wudnt recommend to try some of the plays at ur own game unless u play really highstakes, not many people are capable of folding top pair, or middle for that.

Have u woken up after a loooong sleep, went to bed at 8.30 just having watched a film called RocknRolla, which i recommend, cool film really english, and about some gangsters in London. It is now 5 in the morning and will son encounter my father going for some breakfast before work hehe. Gonna start grind after that for 2 hours and then i will have a break for a few days till saturday, will be crazy busy for the next couple of days and dont like playing when i have loads of other things on my mind or that i have to do.

last played some more, won 5 out of 6 not even close on losing one of the ones i won, and the one i lost was standard coinflip loss 77 vs AK river K, maybe i shudnt have gotten it in, but blinds were huge and was pretty sure i was ahead.

over and out!

PKR cont.

Finished the night off with another 6 handed SNG on PKR.. ended up coming second, thorugh a bad read. Still.. thats $1.80 for $1.15.. adds to the PKR pot.. :)

3 Hands worth posting..

Hand 1 (Flop Set of Queens)
Table #13120046
Start time of hand: 13 Jan 2009 23:25:46
Game Type: HOLD'EM
Limit Type: NO LIMIT
Blinds are now $20/$40
Button is at seat 6
Seat 1: capoliveri - $1,080
Seat 3: MrFoxy - $1,910
Seat 4: UEAPokerStar - $1,640
Seat 5: SurferSoul - $1,390
Seat 6: nyrulo - $2,980
Moving Button to seat 1
MrFoxy posts small blind ($20)
UEAPokerStar posts big blind ($40)
Shuffling Deck
Dealing Cards
Dealing [Qh 9d] to UEAPokerStar
SurferSoul folds
nyrulo calls $40
capoliveri raises to $120
MrFoxy calls $120
UEAPokerStar calls $120 Flat call in order here, first player just busted, and these fish go crazy when that happens, raise with anything, and there are allways plenty of calling stations. capoliveri has also raised to about 3*BB in about 3 prev. hands.. (but flat called with 10-10 a couple of hands ago *got beaten by K on flop.. lol)
nyrulo calls $120
Dealing Flop [6h Qs Qc] orgasmic flop.. ;)
MrFoxy checks
UEAPokerStar checks These fish cannot understand slow play.. so it works all the better.
nyrulo checks
capoliveri bets $200 cont. bet maybe, I quess he prob doesn't have Q with better kicker.. after all odds.. 1/47 of queen, and 4/13 better kicker, if my memory serves me back to stats. thats probability of ~1/152. And experience tells me he doesnt raise PF with solid hands so AQ is prob ruled out aswell..
nyrulo chuckles.
MrFoxy folds
UEAPokerStar calls $200 Flat call.. he doesnt think.. what could he have hit (this call is 1/8of my stack near enough)
nyrulo folds
Dealing Turn [Jh]
UEAPokerStar checks What the hell, I'm sure he will re-fire...
capoliveri checks Allthough I didn't know it at the time, he appears to check/ call whenever he hits.. :D
Dealing River [5c]
UEAPokerStar bets $880 Pot size bet, am fairly sure I can extract a hero call from this guy, with my betting he probably thinks I am weak, maybe firing to take down missed Flush draw, other hands in my supposed range maybe A high I guess.. I assume he is unlikely to guess the Q set. I could have bet small/ checked to maybe induce an All in.. but I think I can slip it through anyway, he is quite committed.. In these turbo tournaments to be down to $760 approx 10BBs in 1 minute.. , is dangerous pos.
capoliveri calls $760 (all-in) He insta. calls all in..
Returning $120 to UEAPokerStar uncalled
capoliveri shows [Ks Jd] J (checked when hit on turn.. :D lol. ) Mid pair just not good enough.. :)
UEAPokerStar shows [Qh 9d]
UEAPokerStar has Three of a Kind: Queens
UEAPokerStar wins $2,400 with: Three of a Kind: Queens
Seat 1: capoliveri - $0
Seat 3: MrFoxy - $1,790
Seat 4: UEAPokerStar - $2,960
Seat 5: SurferSoul - $1,390
Seat 6: nyrulo - $2,860
End Of Hand #648023774

Table #13120046
Start time of hand: 13 Jan 2009 23:27:17
Game Type: HOLD'EM
Limit Type: NO LIMIT
Blinds are now $30/$60 Blinds up again.. :D
Button is at seat 1
Seat 3: MrFoxy - $1,790
Seat 4: UEAPokerStar - $2,960 Stacked following last hand.. :)
Seat 5: SurferSoul - $1,390
Seat 6: nyrulo - $2,860
Moving Button to seat 3
UEAPokerStar posts small blind ($30)
SurferSoul posts big blind ($60)
Shuffling Deck
Dealing Cards
Dealing [8d 8s] to UEAPokerStar
nyrulo folds
MrFoxy folds
UEAPokerStar calls $60 Flat call.. was considering a little raise, but decided 8s prob in range to flat call for me, 7s /6s on SB, may try a little raise. .either extract more money, chace off really weak BBs that may suckout, but mainly for info..
SurferSoul checks
Dealing Flop [8c 9d 4h] And another flop.. :D
UEAPokerStar checks Worked a treat last hand, check initially, but dont want to play quite so slow, as may be read..
SurferSoul bets $60
UEAPokerStar raises to $120 RR. . $120 (2BB) well. affordable
SurferSoul calls $120
Dealing Turn [5h]
UEAPokerStar bets $60 I think another check, i likely to produce check back, or at most a min bet, followed by fold.. so figure a little affordable continuation bet is probably best way to extract value..
SurferSoul calls $60 insta. call
Dealing River [3c] Sadly another low card, maybe a K or something would have hit him, and got me a bit more val. but n.mind..
UEAPokerStar bets $480 There are plenty of river hero calls out there, he may have even tried to cold bluff river (it happens alot in this aquarium), pot size bet. Change of direction from turn. maybe even interp. as a bluff from me.. :D
SurferSoul folds
UEAPokerStar doesn't show No seeing my 2 slow played sets.. :D
UEAPokerStar wins $480
Seat 3: MrFoxy - $1,790
Seat 4: UEAPokerStar - $3,200 Nice lead here..
Seat 5: SurferSoul - $1,150
Seat 6: nyrulo - $2,860
End Of Hand #648025820

No commentary here, will just let you see the pure fishiness of thinking deuces are good here.. :D
Table #13120046 - STT #8315116
Starting Hand #648031493
Start time of hand: 13 Jan 2009 23:31:31
Last Hand #648030821
Game Type: HOLD'EM
Limit Type: NO LIMIT
Blinds are now $50/$100
Button is at seat 6
Seat 3: MrFoxy - $1,540
Seat 4: UEAPokerStar - $3,400
Seat 5: SurferSoul - $1,470
Seat 6: nyrulo - $2,590
Moving Button to seat 3
UEAPokerStar posts small blind ($50)
SurferSoul posts big blind ($100)
Shuffling Deck
Dealing Cards
Dealing [Ks Qc] to UEAPokerStar
nyrulo folds
MrFoxy folds
UEAPokerStar calls $100
SurferSoul checks
Dealing Flop [2d Qd 5h]
UEAPokerStar bets $300
SurferSoul raises to $600
UEAPokerStar raises to $3,300 (all-in)
SurferSoul calls $1,370 (all-in)
Returning $1,930 to UEAPokerStar uncalled
UEAPokerStar shows [Ks Qc]
SurferSoul shows [2s Jh]
Dealing Turn [Kc]
Dealing River [6s]
UEAPokerStar has Two Pairs: Kings, Queens
UEAPokerStar wins $2,940 with: Two Pairs: Kings, Queens
Seat 3: MrFoxy - $1,540
Seat 4: UEAPokerStar - $4,870
Seat 5: SurferSoul - $0
Seat 6: nyrulo - $2,590
End Of Hand #648031493

Knocked out 1 more, and got up to about 5500 in chips, lost a few, ended on this..

Table #13120046 - STT #8315116
Starting Hand #648037196
Start time of hand: 13 Jan 2009 23:35:50
Last Hand #648035512
Game Type: HOLD'EM
Limit Type: NO LIMIT
Blinds are now $75/$150
Button is at seat 3
Seat 4: UEAPokerStar - $4,100
Seat 6: nyrulo - $4,900
Moving Button to seat 6
nyrulo posts small blind ($75)
UEAPokerStar posts big blind ($150)
Shuffling Deck
Dealing Cards
nyrulo says yes.
Dealing [5c Kc] to UEAPokerStar
nyrulo calls $150
UEAPokerStar checks
Dealing Flop [5h 6d 7c]
UEAPokerStar bets $300 Miss click, meant to raise to 1000
nyrulo raises to $600 Re raise, (I have been making a few steals on the Flop in the past few hands, I read that this guy is sick of me stealing... so...)
UEAPokerStar raises to $2,100 Re Raise..
nyrulo raises to $3,600
nyrulo chuckles.
UEAPokerStar calls $3,600 I'm sick, but I'm so committed, blinds about to go up again, I would be left with about 4 BBs, so call (meant to All In.. Another Missclick.. copying hand history into this blog is very distracting mid game.. ;) )
Dealing Turn [9h]
UEAPokerStar bets $350 (all-in) Ship it for about 4% of pot
nyrulo calls $350
UEAPokerStar shows [5c Kc]
nyrulo shows [9d 8s] Hit the straight on the flop.. poor read on my part, alltho in my defence it did coincide with a few steals on my part, which had got me about $1000 and put me back in contention for the win.. I read it as a rebluff, and My heroicism was itself almost fish like in nature. DONKAMENTS..
Dealing River [7d] Really wanted the 8 to come for split.. n.mind.. 3 outter 1 time! :)
UEAPokerStar has Two Pairs: 7s, 5s
nyrulo has Straight, 9 high
nyrulo wins $8,200 with: Straight, 9 high
UEAPokerStar acknowledges a nice hand.
Seat 4: UEAPokerStar - $0
Seat 6: nyrulo - $9,000
nyrulo says yes.
End Of Hand #648037196

Anyways.. need sleep.. maybe see you at soc mart tomorrow.. and after that it is prob. back to the PKR grind.. LOL

FTP Still Not Happening PKR still +EV

Hi Everyone,
Its that Monday morning feeling for me, with the first day back to uni after over a month off, nevermind.. :D It's Poker time..

For those that know me, know that Full Tilt Poker has been killing me recently, for some reason I'm just not playing at normal standard, and having bad run aswell.. Thought I would mix things up with some NLH HU (low stakes $2)..

First game.. 1 hand at I was +$2 up.. :) and it was a full house that got me it!

Full Tilt Poker Game #10020175989: $2 + $0.15 Heads Up Sit & Go (76105622), Table 1 - 10/20 - No Limit Hold'em - 14:22:00 ET - 2009/01/13
Seat 1: Permentier (1,500)
Seat 2: UEA PokerStar (1,500)
UEA PokerStar posts the small blind of 10
Permentier posts the big blind of 20
The button is in seat #2
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to UEA PokerStar [8s 9s]
UEA PokerStar has 15 seconds left to act
UEA PokerStar calls 10
Permentier raises to 40
UEA PokerStar calls 20
*** FLOP *** [Ts 9d Tc]
Permentier checks
UEA PokerStar has 15 seconds left to act
UEA PokerStar checks
*** TURN *** [Ts 9d Tc] [Ks]
Permentier checks
UEA PokerStar checks
*** RIVER *** [Ts 9d Tc Ks] [9c]
Permentier bets 40
UEA PokerStar raises to 80
Permentier raises to 120
UEA PokerStar raises to 1,460, and is all in
Permentier calls 1,340, and is all in
*** SHOW DOWN ***
UEA PokerStar shows [8s 9s] a full house, Nines full of Tens
Permentier mucks
UEA PokerStar wins the pot (3,000) with a full house, Nines full of Tens
Permentier stands up
UEA PokerStar stands up
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 3,000 Rake 0
Board: [Ts 9d Tc Ks 9c]
Seat 1: Permentier (big blind) mucked [5s Kc] - two pair, Kings and TensSeat 2: UEA PokerStar (small blind) showed [8s 9s] and won (3,000) with a full house, Nines full of Tens

But then things went wrong.. I'm not big on multi-tabling, but thought that I would run a few, so sitting there with 3 HU, and lost 4 in a row.. -$6 total..

Give up on multitabling ad concentrate on one fish, who beat my AKsuited with Q8 off in one of the previous HU.. (AIPF)

AK vs. Q8.. Standard

Full Tilt Poker Game #10020250642: $2 + $0.15 Heads Up Sit & Go (76106131), Table 1 - 10/20 - No Limit Hold'em - 14:26:57 ET - 2009/01/13
Seat 1: UEA PokerStar (1,500)
Seat 2: simoxd (1,500)
simoxd posts the small blind of 10
UEA PokerStar posts the big blind of 20
The button is in seat #2
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to UEA PokerStar [Kd Ad]
simoxd calls 10
UEA PokerStar raises to 520
simoxd raises to 1,500, and is all in
UEA PokerStar calls 980, and is all in
simoxd shows [8h Qs]
UEA PokerStar shows [Kd Ad]
*** FLOP *** [5d Js Qc]
*** TURN *** [5d Js Qc] [5c]
*** RIVER *** [5d Js Qc 5c] [4s]
simoxd shows two pair, Queens and Fives
UEA PokerStar shows a pair of Fives
simoxd wins the pot (3,000) with two pair, Queens and Fives
UEA PokerStar stands up
simoxd stands up
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 3,000 Rake 0
Board: [5d Js Qc 5c 4s]
Seat 1: UEA PokerStar (big blind) showed [Kd Ad] and lost with a pair of Fives
Seat 2: simoxd (small blind) showed [8h Qs] and won (3,000) with two pair, Queens and Fives

First game I win.. now I'm at -$4 Maybe I'll be OK now I'm not screwing up the current play with M.tabling!

He declines rematch.. :(

Head back to lobby, and sit at another HU $2 NLH table..

Get into battle royale with "akjaybone" We play about 6 HU in a row, and sad to say after a mixture of bad luck, and poor Hero play I end up losing 4 of them.. (winning 2).. Although..

2 hands in one match I sneak KK and K[K] by and get paid:

Full Tilt Poker Game #10020427315: $2 + $0.15 Heads Up Sit & Go (76106834), Table 1 - 20/40 - No Limit Hold'em - 14:38:17 ET - 2009/01/13
Seat 1: UEA PokerStar (562)
Seat 2: akjaybone (2,438)
akjaybone posts the small blind of 20
UEA PokerStar posts the big blind of 40
The button is in seat #2
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to UEA PokerStar [Ks 5c]
akjaybone raises to 80
UEA PokerStar calls 40
*** FLOP *** [Kc 9d 8s]
UEA PokerStar checks
akjaybone bets 2,358, and is all in
UEA PokerStar calls 482, and is all in
akjaybone shows [Js Ah]
UEA PokerStar shows [Ks 5c]
Uncalled bet of 1,876 returned to akjaybone
*** TURN *** [Kc 9d 8s] [6d]
*** RIVER *** [Kc 9d 8s 6d] [Jd]
akjaybone shows a pair of Jacks
UEA PokerStar shows a pair of Kings
UEA PokerStar wins the pot (1,124) with a pair of Kings
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 1,124 Rake 0
Board: [Kc 9d 8s 6d Jd]
Seat 1: UEA PokerStar (big blind) showed [Ks 5c] and won (1,124) with a pair of Kings
Seat 2: akjaybone (small blind) showed [Js Ah] and lost with a pair of Jacks

Full Tilt Poker Game #10020437319: $2 + $0.15 Heads Up Sit & Go (76106834), Table 1 - 25/50 - No Limit Hold'em - 14:38:55 ET - 2009/01/13
Seat 1: UEA PokerStar (1,104)
Seat 2: akjaybone (1,896)
akjaybone posts the small blind of 25
UEA PokerStar posts the big blind of 50
The button is in seat #2
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to UEA PokerStar [Kd Ks]
akjaybone raises to 100
UEA PokerStar calls 50
*** FLOP *** [Ts 6s Jc]
UEA PokerStar checks
akjaybone has 15 seconds left to act
akjaybone bets 222
UEA PokerStar calls 222
*** TURN *** [Ts 6s Jc] [4h]
UEA PokerStar checks
akjaybone bets 666
UEA PokerStar raises to 782, and is all in
akjaybone calls 116
UEA PokerStar shows [Kd Ks]
akjaybone shows [Qh Tc]
*** RIVER *** [Ts 6s Jc 4h] [4d]
UEA PokerStar shows two pair, Kings and Fours
akjaybone shows two pair, Tens and Fours
UEA PokerStar wins the pot (2,208) with two pair, Kings and Fours
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 2,208 Rake 0
Board: [Ts 6s Jc 4h 4d]
Seat 1: UEA PokerStar (big blind) showed [Kd Ks] and won (2,208) with two pair, Kings and FoursSeat 2: akjaybone (small blind) showed [Qh Tc] and lost with two pair, Tens and Fours

So now I am -$8 and not happy... I've made some bad play, and run into some poor luck.. So need a change (I here PKR 'a calling.. :D )

First game Turbo SNG $1 10 Handed.. 2nd $3 (+$2) So I now am at -$6 De ja vu???

Then on to HU $1.. (Its a format I like, and when I am not so tilted actually thrive in..)

5 Games with 1 player.. Win 4, Lose 1 +$3

6 Handed $1 SNG.. 1st.. $4.20 (+3.20)

Wheyy.. that makes me +$.20

Then bust out on 10 handed SNG (10th) 3 man All In Pre.. (A10 Suited late pos.) i am button -1, 80% have flat called blinds, so raise 300, button folds, as does SB, BB raises to 600, BB+4 Flat Calls, I RR All In, called BB folds... BB+4 calls AQ off.. Flop [3Q7] Rainbow.. Turn and river blanks.. :(

Thats back to -$0.80

1 more Turbo SNGs 6 handed gives me $1.80 for 3rd.. (+$.80)..
Total +/-$0.00

But take into account rakes, and I calculate that I'm down.. $2.45..

Still I can live with that. My BR can sustain it LOL

For the near future I am sticking with the fish fest that is PKR low stakes NLH turbos.. HU and SNGs are both good.. :)

Monday, 12 January 2009

For you guys that dont know me, this is what i look like, i look young but i am 26 years young!


Todays HU session ended at 28-15, so that roughly 1200 dollar profit, and i won 270 or so on cash so about 1500! nice day!:)

Last three days i have played have been immense, friday i won 1200$, sunday i won that comp for 1500$ and today 1500$ and been running good before that too, dont think i have had more than one bad day this year:) So far so good! fingers crossed:)

I run good and deserve sleep, have played sick much today probs 8 hours total, although good pay :)

God natt fiskarna!

Owe small cash session

Hi i dont noramlly play a lot of cash but thought id play for a while since HU games were dry, played 6max NL200 sat down at two tables, had some success ended up about 270 today after about 40 minutes of play... saved som HH to check where in one of them this dude does an absolute hero check behind, in my opinion it awful play but he was right, beautiful check and he saved himself loads of moniesssssss :(

here we go:

FatalErrorX bets $7,
sh4dowplay folds,
rcorsa calls $7,
UARENEXT calls $6,
StigOwe calls $5.

FLOP [board cards: 3D,7S,7C ]
UARENEXT checks,
StigOwe checks,
FatalErrorX bets $17,
rcorsa folds, UARENEXT folds,
StigOwe bets $48, FatalErrorX calls $31.

TURN [board cards: 3D,7S,7C,5H ]

StigOwe checks, FatalErrorX checks.

RIVER [board cards: 3D,7S,7C,5H,KH ]
StigOwe bets $40,
FatalErrorX calls $40.

SHOWDOWNStigOwe shows [ 7H,QH ]
FatalErrorX mucks cards [ JD,JH ]StigOwe wins $201.

Maybe it was a weird bad check on turn, but that guy was silly tight and i was like huh? think river bet is standard for value if he has AK floating...

Hand numero 2

PRE-FLOPKarhu86 folds,
StigOwe bets $7,
jannikilkis folds,
betpatrol folds,
champibox calls $5.

FLOP [board cards: KH,KC,7C ]

champibox checks, StigOwe bets $12,
champibox calls $12.

TURN [board cards: KH,KC,7C,4S ]

champibox bets $16,
StigOwe bets $40,
champibox calls $24.

RIVER [board cards: KH,KC,7C,4S,8H ]

champibox checks, StigOwe bets $89, champibox folds.SHOWDOWNStigOwe wins $205.

Too much on river, he was superdonk and prob check called with the 7 he cud have had clubs i guess. he later paid me off twice :)


PRE-FLOPbetpatrol folds,
champibox folds,
Karhu86 folds,
StigOwe calls $1, jannikilkis checks.

FLOP [board cards: 6D,9S,6C ]
StigOwe checks,
jannikilkis checks.

TURN [board cards: 6D,9S,6C,9C ]
StigOwe bets $5, jannikilkis calls $5.

RIVER [board cards: 6D,9S,6C,9C,KS ]
StigOwe bets $20, jannikilkis calls $20.

SHOWDOWNStigOwe shows [ 9H,6H ]jannikilkis mucks cards [ KD,2C ]StigOwe wins $51.30.

small pot but notice how he calls overbets on both streets,,, halloooooo value! he unfortunatly donked away loads to the others.

Now to the biggest hero in poker history lol, very dissapointed as u might understand ;)

sh4dowplay bets $7
Gibbalay folds,
StigOwe calls $6,
FatalErrorX folds.

FLOP [board cards: 7C,4D,2H ]

StigOwe checks, sh4dowplay bets $12,
StigOwe calls $12.

TURN [board cards: 7C,4D,2H,4S ]

StigOwe checks, sh4dowplay bets $30,
StigOwe calls $30.

RIVER [board cards: 7C,4D,2H,4S,JS ]

StigOwe checks,

sh4dowplay checks.

SHOWDOWNStigOwe shows [ JC,JD ]

sh4dowplay mucks cards [ KH,KS ]StigOwe wins $98.

I feel so owned after that check since this guy wasnt very good :( Oh well still won some monies to pay for Adams drinks when he comes to see me in MADRID its gonna be legendary!:)

Peace / StigOwe

Owes Hu

Today has been mixed feelings started of with 3-3 after some harsh coolers, had AK lose to 62 sooooted on a K39flop donno what he was up to. and another was higher pair vs lower pair AI pre. then it started going real well, ended up 10-4 in games, and im currently on 15-6 which makes me about 800 bux up, like Borat would have said, veeeery niiiiiice I liiiiiike :)

Played this one guy about 5 times he won once and that was just silly, he called a repop all in as he had done so many times with K6 suited, my A10 was rivered even though i flopped a flushdraw and had him down to 3 outs with the sixes pointless (higher pairs on board). However he decided to donate a lot nevertheless........

StigOwe posts small blind ($25), SvarogCZ posts big blind ($50)
.PRE-FLOPStigOwe calls $25,
SvarogCZ bets $615 and is all-in,
StigOwe calls $615.

FLOP [board cards: JH,JD,9S ]

TURN [board cards: JH,JD,9S,5H ]

RIVER [board cards: JH,JD,9S,5H,QC ]

SHOWDOWNSvarogCZ shows [ 3D,4H ]

StigOwe shows [ AS,AH ]StigOwe wins $1,330.

Thats the type of people that can afford to play 100 dollar games over and over, dont know why u would ever push there since my calling range is everything from K high to Q10 QJ etc...a limp by me should atleast worry him :)

Not complaining thou:)

more updates and hands later.

Hi, I will start by introducing myself.. Names Mark, most people reading this will know me, as well as poker I also do alot of IT and webdesign stuff. :) Mostly play .10/.25 or .05/.10 NL Holdem ring games, or atm. can be found on the super turbo SNGs (cos they are deffo good val.!)

Then.. before I get on to hand discussion.. Let's wish adam gl. in getting the scholarships. :D

Now... on to poker..

Hand of the day (its a low stakes 5c/10c NLH cash game, I am sitting on table min. have been watching "Tonzn" donk off a load of chips on a called bluff, and then steal 4/6 prev. hands p/flop.. so... heres the position..

I'm on BB, and tonzn is in seat [BB+3].. Makes a raise to 5.5 x BB, and I (very uncharecteristically) find myself in the BB with QQ, I guess at best he prob has K10 or maybe Arag, alltho, with his recent play, I expect there to be nothing there at all playable..
I RR to $1 guy to my left in between flat calls (~65% of his stack so I guess he isnt that weak, but unlikely he is beating QQ maybe middle of the road pair). Tonzn then ships it for $4.15total.. theres allready $3.80 in the middle, so I instacall all in.. standard.. turns over KK.. guy sitting in [BB+2] has 77. obv. QQ doesnt improve, [J-A-4][4][2] And thats $4 down.. n.mind on we go.. :D

See Hand:

PKR - My new home - Even though I hated it a couple of weeks before!

Have found some really good val. games on PKR for those who want to play low stakes, and stand a good return... Sign up on PKR (use links on as I am now an affiliate... :D

Go to SNGs and then select speed.. join either a 6 handed or 10 handed table, and wait for it to fill.. Play.. I am currently winning 50% 2nd. 10% 3rd. 20% no cash 20% on the 10 handed.. and similar on 6 (alltho no 3rd place obv. ) payout is 70-30% for 6h. and 50-30-20% on 10h..

It is the biggest aquarium known, and it is a good break from the grind.. :D

Well thats me done for now.. hope to see some of you at soc. mart! gl. 2 all.

First and last session of the day

Firstly, congrats to owe, played a solid donkament last night (i came 100th ish after a hero called my squeeze with K9o (i had J10s), gg. $10 into ~$1500 is always nice.

Ok so i have a few hours before lectures and see a few decent nl100 5max tables going on whitebet, sit with my standard 50 as am underrolled for the games.

3 hands in make it 3 from button with Qd 10c, sb calls. Board comes Ad Kd 3d, he checks i bet 4 he flats. Turn brick, he leads for 6, am like wtf line is this. Flat behind. River 7d, he checks, i bet $18 and he snaps, hh shows he had A10o. Weird, on $80.

Precisely next hand, I haven't got the HH as insta shut the client and whitebets hh thing has serious issues.

Dealt 22 on CO. UTG who i have down as standard in notes makes it $3.50, i flat, blinds fold. Board comes 562 rainbow (yay, sets). he bets 6 into 8. I figure i can flat here as it looks like a float, and raising gets him off his missed hands etc. Turn is a 7 bringing two hearts and he insta bets 15. Now I figure he must have an overpair or a SC two pair/pair and o/ended and want to build up the pot, so CiB (click it back, min raise to 30 leaving 35 behind) and he insta reships. I o/c call, he has 89hh. River doesn't pair (standard), and im like fml. Was a standard hand I think, am never ever folding but I think flatting the flop is +EV against his range itlr. Thoughts?

A couple of people have asked me my p/l for 2008. I know at end of aug it was ~+£1.5k online but have pretty much broken even since then. I have different databases across PO and PT, PO is up and PT is down. PT is just my full tilt account where am stuck $400, and am running -600 in EV. So in "theory" i should be up $200, not stuck 400. Variance :( . Admittedly haven't played as much in past year as i did in 2007, but in my short career haven't had this long break even stretch so it kinda sucks.

On the upside poker soc is going really well, alongside everything else i do. Economics society are in the student paper this fortnight which will be good as its another thing i can put in my masters appy. Got the postgrad day @ uea coming up in a week or so, am gunning for the full scholarship for either the exp. econ or industrial econ courses, gl me.
No poker til weds now, have lecs 1-5 then out in norwich tonight with friends and gf, then running/lecs tomo and will prob just read tomo night. Wed is the bet365 freeroll so will play that with wakes/tidey/joe/dave alongside a couple of cash tables, probably best to go back down to nl50. grind ftl.

BR at start of holiday: $400.
BR peak: $720
Current BR: 450.


Sunday, 11 January 2009

Owes gaming!

Hola! Names is Owe and i thought i would join the trend and blog about my game progress(hopefully) and thoughts about the game we love and hate at times, POKER!
I play Heads up sitngos in the range of 50-200, however currently i play 100$ games mostly, when running bad i go down to 50s, just decrease my losses:P. I also play multitable tourneys.
I play on the Ongame network and i do fairly well, have completly chaged my game plan lately since normally i would play30-50 games a day like 3-6days a week, but noticed playing 3 games at once my win rate went down loads. Im not one of those freaks that check my ROI and amount of games every 2 seconds, but its sometimes handy to see. I now play less games at the time and changed my game a bit, tihgtened up a lot, and trying to find spots. I write very involved notes on people i play, and sometimes its like a small essay, but i found it really helps to see when its says "fishy cunt, moans in chat, overbets 440 in 350 pot with air, lim pushes with big monsters etc" :).

I will try and update as much as possible with daily results, some hands i played, some "advice" and things that went good/bad.

Today is a perfect day to start, cause i was sitting here in bed exhausted from a day of Table tennis hohoho fishy i know, and my good friend Adam writes on msn "fish, 5k guar in 6 min gogogog" I thougth it sounded like a splendid idea and so did about 600 players, but they were not yet aware of the greatness that is StigOwe ;) Started well, played tight had a few small pots, one interesting pot was when i limped from SB to BB, flop comes A84 both check, i hold K4 turn comes another A i bet to take it down, he calls, river comes a harmless 2, i know this guy would bet a pair or reraise me since earlier and he then bets out a typical overbet, i decide to look him up since i had a fair bit of chips and thought i had best hand, i was correst he had J3o, it surprises me in tourneys how many ppl get involved when they dont need to. anyway i have about 4k a few hands later, i raise to 400 with QQ flop falls AK10 with one caller(very loose aggresive but seems to know what he is up to, he bets right into me, I decide to call for 2 reasons, i think he is capable to fold if i flat then put in value bet on a checked turn, and i cud very likely be ahead. turn falls a harmless 2 and he insta checks, i put in about a half pot bet and he folds. nice stack of 6kish now.
Had tol fold AK to a mug that monster betted pot into me on a 562 board, he cud be bluffing but then i will just congratulate him for the bluff and take his chips when ive got him :p.
Folded 33 to a raise in early pos, i showed to be great instinct since a guy behind repopped, in this comps it tends to be a lot of wild players and aggresive play, so u wanna start of with a gd starting hand and 33 just isnt gd enough in that position(also i avoid getting tempted when som fish push and i tell mesylf its a coinflip, do it for stack Owe) hehe.
Then lost a pot to a another deepstacked dude, had 77 flop comes 892 he bets i call, he then check turn which is a 4
im sure im ahead now, and did a very bad move here and checked behind, river comes a 5 which i though to be a great card. he thinks for a brief moment and then he checks, i put in 350 into a 1400 pot he thinks for ages and it looked like he hit that 5 or was tempted, he then reraises to 1200, didnt unnderstand his play and cry called. he had 55:( still in the game thou.

Wona massive pot when i had AA some dude bluffed into me, when he check called a 1072 flop i got the feeling he was drawing the way he played the hand, turn fell a dirty 10 and that was def a scare card, i checked behind and river fell a 3 which cudnt help him, i bet for value hoping he can call wiv 8899 or even A high he repops here which i thought was a bit wasnt enough to get me off the hand he shows A8 for nada! big pot to me.... i ran good and didnt really resteal a lot, had few spots when i went wiv my read but tbh its no value trying to make hero moves on fish, most people arent gd enough to be able to spell to what u r attempting. So i do not reccommend it.

Adam is with me all the way and im very grateful for the support, always more fun when someone is on the rail writing FML hehe.
A big shout out to wiz "cant miss the jizz" some dude tat kept outdrawing ppl when it was 20 left,, very thankful cause i got a lot of chips of him later, he doubled me when i had AA with his A9 and i actually had AA again on finaltable and repopped him all in, he called the hand(since he didnt have a hand himself) and folded. had a tricky spot wiv 66 to 2 semistacked ppls all in but decided to fold they had K10 and KQ and they 66s wud have held, but still gd solid fold, hand after i pick up AJdiamonds, call a smallstacks all in and wina flip vs 99 a beautiful J on the turn sealed the deal for StigOwe...:)

commando now and things were looking bright for the young scando(me)

took it down, killed the dude heads up, and he made bad play imo, he raised and i pushed several times, i decided to flatcall his raise with Q9 flop comes Q72 and i check, he bets 140k he has about 360k i obv insta push and he almsot snap calls me with good old K10, and the win was a fact. :)

Have been running good on the 100 hu games too, so hopefully this should be a juicy month.

Over and Out.

Bet365 Student Poker Championsihp

Hold up one time.