Friday, 29 May 2009

Adam update - Summer

Right then. It's Friday evening. Tomorrow I have an exam at 1.30, then another on Monday at 3.15. After that, I will have completed a degree (wtf) and have 3 months to kill. The first week is - Monday night meal with poker lads, tuesday going on a boat with some mates, cash game on the water! then pub crawl + lcr, wednesday is gf's friends bbq then night out, thursday is optic party, friday prob bbq at my house with family, saturday is summer bash lcr. Ship!

Anyhow, here are my plans for the rest of the summer:

1) Poker. This month i've luckboxed my way to $450 prof, not playing that much at all cos of exams. I have Vegas paid for inc some money for food/petrol etc, so whatever I get now is paying for my Poker. I really want to have about $2k-$3k for the trip, enough for a few buyins at NL200 and some of the $100 tournaments too.

$11 hu sngs until $800, then move up to the $20s.
$4/$7/$12 180 mans for fun/ I know im +EV in them too lol.
Once I feel ready, start to commit more time to NL50 hu. About $150 of this months prof comes from there atm, I ran prob a tad over EV (will put them into PT and look at my bb/100 later) as a couple of big hands held, but in general I feel bumhunting table selection would see me a consistent winner on there. One buyin a day = enough for vegas with not much pressure.I've seen people have 20 bi days etc on weekends so I really think thats my best opportunity. If I get to $750 or so and think I can do well, I may sell a % of myself so I'm properly rolled + can have a proper grind at it. We shall see, I really want 1.5k ish but with good game selection I think 1k would be ok. Some of the play is so amazing I think I have to play!

2) Life

-Graduation in July
-Week in Sweden with Jeal, visiting Owe
-A few days away with the Mrs in a country hotel
-3 weeks in Vegas
-My 21st party, jeals 21st party, about 4-5 other close friends bdays
-Moving into new house, with full size poker table!
-Renewing rod licence and improving my Carp PB
-A couple of trips to DTD to play the 1/2 games
-Basically playing online to subsidise my life
-Making sure I read up on whatever industrial econ stuff happens over the summer.

All in all, life is good and I can't wait til Monday 5.15pm.


Thursday, 14 May 2009

Massive Downswing!


I feel like i have been bent over and received anal penetration by a black man for the last 10 Hours. Ouch! This session was definitely not one to remember! I felt and believe i played very good poker throughout the night but i just couldn't win a flip or a 60/40 all night. I was losing a lot of 70/30’s when we were three handed which doesn't help and even when i managed to get heads up, top set was never any good. Standard runner runner flush coming straight in. I saved one hand which pretty much summed up my session. It want allow me to upload it.

I had7c8c 3 handed, i made up from the SB, BB checked.

Flop came 6c 5c 2s

I bet 300 into 400 and he went all in for 1200. I obviously call 900 more with a straight flush draw. This leave me 110 chips behind and the other guy in the sitngo is pissing it. Turns out a 7 or an 8 is good too. The other guy and put me all in with 3h2h. Just bottom pair and a gut, when i have lead the flop for 1/4 of my stack in a un raised pot.

Turn Ah

River Qs

See ya! 70% favourite, Brick Brick. difference of $90 potentially. I haven't managed to see my sharkscope because i have ran out of searches but i know its a downswing or 24 buyin’s ($600) over about 100 sitngo’s. Min Val.

Anyways, That's Poker Folks. I enjoy what i do and these nights are standard. They are going to come around once in a while when you run bad like me :-) But i look forward to a heater. Hopefully its tomorrow. If not i will keep plugging away and grinding me some muns!

Adios Amigos! x

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Owe 12th of May

Hola !

So had a dip today and ended up just over 100 dollars, had few sick coolers today, so very happy to be up, won all the cruisal all ins and was very surprised my 65% favs were to hold up FAB!

Other than that, may month has been horrible, started off being down like 600ish, which considering i play sick good (jokes) is incredible, no seriously thou, lost soooo many hands i shudnt have and some absolute coolers, its more the way i lose, ppl calling all in on turn with no odds, and like gutshots and other crazy stuff...

Plans for the week are looking very nice,
2nite hitting gym, went the other day and ran 5.5km in 32 min, after the sweatyness that was that i hit the weights. Vallllll
2nite running for 30 min then some weights, also valllll :)

2mo hitting a place called cien montaditos, and they have a grea deal on wednesday where everything costs 1 euro, a pint is 1 euro, glass of wine, and this min baguette things that taste like heaven, going there with about 10 beautiful ladies and 2 of my buddies! gotta love my life :))

Thursday having ppl over at my piso (apartment) and it will most likely be sick as hell, then hitting a club...

friday hitting the gym again, last day then gym membershiop runs out, so not as much vallll...then will probably work on the tan that is non existant!

saturday starting my project,(about prostitution) LEGENDARY!
Sunday probs same!
hopeing to squeeze ina few hames here and there, wud be nice :)

Hope all is good

peace out!

Monday, 11 May 2009

Last night's MTT's


After crashing out of the FTOP's heads up shootout, i decided to play some MTT's. I played some the night before and only earnt $110 but i felt my play in both tournamets was really good.
Last night tourney's;

1) $20 + $2 heads up shootout. $2k gtd (64 paid)
There were 307 runners so 51 players got a walk (including myself) in the first round. That meant i only had to win 2 matchs to be in the money. I won 3 matches and ended up finshing 26th for $49. +$27

2)$25 + $2.5 NL holdem freezeout. $40k gtd (270 paid)
There were 1782 runners in this tourament and i just happened to have the only pro in the tourament directly to my left. VAL!
I was playing all four tourneys at one time so i was generally playing tight. In this tourament i got a few hands early doors.
Starting stack was 3k. Blinds were 15/30
utg limped, utf +2 makes it 150. Im in the cutoff with aces. I make an abnormal raise to 700 trying to rep AK and the original raiser goes all in, which was handy. Turn out he had kings. Kings are no good mate.
Ended up finshing 182nd for $46 = +$18.5

3)$10 + $1 Nl holdem freezeout. $10k gtd. (216 paid)
There were 1458 runners. I played this tourney last night and came 26th for $46. i was hoping for a double cash but a final table this time.
Ended up cashing but only in 50th place for $24. This tourament is a good tourament but there is only value in the final table. Winning getting $2.5k
= +$13

4)$10 Rebuy $70k gtd. (270 paid)
There wee 1791 runners in this touramnet last night. I cashed in this one last night. Came 56th i think for $110. I started double stacked and at the break i had 15k and was sitting around 30th. I had my add on so i was in for $31. My table was very loose and ppl were definately enjoying themselves. I didnt end up cashing this time. Finshed 655th.
I raised in late positon and the BB called me. I have Ac Jc
Flop Qc 6c Jd
I have middle pair and the nut flush draw. At this stage i didnt have loads of chips but i definately wanted a double up. So when i saw that flop i was away. Anyway BB checked check raised me on the flop. So i reshipped for a fair amount more. He tanked and called with AQos
Turn 4d
River Ad

So after playing for tables of touraments and cashing in three of them. I made $30 for around 5 hours work. min val. But a win is a win. Was abit of a shame that i cashed in three and didnt got deep in any of them but that is what touraments are like. BUT THAT'S POKER FOLKS!!!! Needed to run like panda to go deep! That guy is amazing! Never seen such a rack in one MTT in my life!!!

Ive got my standard home game tonight so i probably wont be playing much online.

Good luck if you are playing!
Jeal x

Event 9 Round 3


Round 3

Blinds 15/30 (2nd level)

Im playing a player called Mooknam, he seems to be a very aggressive poor player. We both have 3k at this time

Im in the BB with QQ and he makes it 90, i reraise pot to 270 and he flat calls.
Flop 3s Kc 7c
I check because if i bet and he ships i couldnt call, plus if i check he might try and get trick with a number of random hands. He insta bets pot 540 i flast call leaving myself 2135 behind.
Turn 10d
Which changes nothing....i check and he insta bets pot again. 1620. I go into the tank....i think if he has a king he wouldnt bet pot but he was quite the fruity player. I decided that i was good so i went all in for 2135. Leaving him 515 to call. He calls.
He shows Ac5c
River Qc
SEE YOU LATER!!!! that was for the money. $102 with only 256 left and winner getting $16.5k

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Event 9 Round 1 and 2

Round 1

You start with 3k stacks at 10/20 and blinds go up every 6minutes.

Blinds are now 25/50

Im on the button with Deuces...i make it 150 he calls. Flop comes 8 10 10, he checks, i bet 150 and he raises me to 400. So far in this heads up i have been very aggressive on the button and firing alot of continuation bets. So i think his range of raising me is wider. Hands like 9J, JQ, 9Q 97 etc come into the equation. I flat call and the Turn is a 3. He bets 520 into me and i flat call. The river was a 5 and he checks to me. I check behind because i dont think i am getting called by a worse hand. I think he has most probably got QJ but he isnt going to call me with that so i check behind. He shows 9Q.

Im now on 4k and he has 2k. I continue being aggressive and grind myself up to 4.8k. I then get AKos on the button and make it 150....he ships for 1.2k so i insta call and he has A10 and i held.

Round 2

Blinds are 10/20

I have raised the first 6 hands because i have had Q's, 8's and a few other hands. So this guy was planning on sitting there tight and rubbing his hands thinking he was playing some fish. Im on 3.2k and my connection goes. By the time i get back connected i have 2.4k. NO VAL!!!! I continue in being agressive. Making the odd reraise pre.

Blinds 20/40

I get queens in the BB, he makes it 120 so i make it 360 and he insta ships. I have 2k behind so i obviously call and he shows A4os!!!!! Flop came 36ACE!!!! FFS! I stand up and try giving the computer a backhander. Turn QUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNNNN! IS THAT MINEEEE!!!!!!!!!! is that my 4.9k. :-)

blinds 25/50

He makes it 150 on the button and i call with 10d8d! OBVIOUSLY! flop came 9c8c4s i check and he ships for 1k....thought about if for about 5 secs and decided he must have AK so i call. He had QJos. I shouted at my computer! DEUCE DEUCE! Turn 2 River 2! Is that my 3rd round! Win this and im gtd $102

:-) x

Event 8, Event 9 and Event 10


Event 8 is $24 +$2 Knockout 6max holdem. Im out :-( Rich is pissing it! Lucky C**T
He was all in on an 8 high board with jacks, the other guy had aces. He hit a Jack the on river.....Then he got it all in for a huge pot with Kings on a 7 high board and the other guy tanked and called with jacks. He hit a jack on the turn and then he called an all in with pocket 7's (STEAMING!!!) for third of his stack. Other guy had Queens. Flop was K66 turn 7 River 7! see ya!

Event 8 is $50 + $5 holdem heads up shootout. I am through the first round. 2nd round is about to start. My name is moonwatch79 and its on fulltilt if u want to rail and give some bant. I am hoping to draw Gavin Smith.

Event 9 is $30 + $3 holdem $300k gtd this will have arounf 12,000 runners and will be starting in 4 minutes.

Best get back to the tables. good luck x

Dips left right and centre!


Yesterday was such a SICK day. So much Valllll! Yesterday i was running good in all aspects of life!

Firstly, April had asked me to the theatre royal to go watch some hip-hop dance group from Barcelona...I got rich to get the tickets for me because he lives next door. The show was on at 5 so i went round his at 4 to go collect the tickets. The lazy B*****d was still sleeping. I was outside ringing his flat bell for half an hour, to realise i was ringing his next door neighbours bell. ooops! Theatre was awesome....then we went for dinner at la tasca! That went down a treat, got the works in, got it down our beaks and then we spoofed for the bill. So much val in bant with females.

After i lost spoof we went for a few drinks...that then led to meeting up with Tidey, Wakes and Chaz. To put brief: Tidey = Steaming(out of his brains) Wakes = Scars for life and Chaz = Sensible one. I got around 20 texts after April had dropped me home. Tidey txt me a number of times saying biology biology, economics economics, April April tremendous Val and one of his text just said plants!!!!! Then Tidey text me saying kisses from russia, Wakes said kisses from poland and chaz said kisses from latvia. Messy Household!

Later on after April had dropped me off, i decided to have a session online. I entered a few mtt's, $22 heads up shootout $2k gtd, $10 rebuy $70k gtd and $10 $10k gtd freezeout. I went out in the first round on the heads up after coming 7th the night before for $170. The $10 rebuy i started double stacked and didnt dip but i added on at the break so i was in for $30. I finshed 57th for $112 in that, out of around 1900 runners. Blinds were 4k/8k and i had 89k. I get pocket 9's in the cutoff so i obviously ship. BB insta calls with queens, no val. Winner in that tourney got $11k. $10 freezeout i finshed 26th out of 1500 runners. Blinds were 4k/8k and i had 99k. Its folded to me and i have AQos so i shipped and the button insta reshipped with AKos. We dont get lucky for 230k pots. Cashed for $47 in the end. Winner for $2.5k.

Ended up getting to bed at 10am and i got up at 1pm because man city were playing man united! No value in that. We played bad. We played with no heart and played as if Hughes wanted united to win!

Will post about the action i am doing 2nite in a sec! Some juicy FTOP's events!

Jeal x Peace x

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Ship it


The 9th of May is here! I am free to drink alcohol again and laze about as much as I like.
I must thank Joe for the rather crispy £20 note I am yet to collect, thats a $30 freeroll on 0 in Vegas! ha! straight in you knoww.
Not only that, but I haven't missed drinking at all, and I genuinely think the exercise has done me good, am pretty lively all the time, and feel a bit more toned. Will try and keep it up for the next two months so I can grind at the pool and not be tilted from my steamy tummy!


I played my last poker until next Fri on thursday, these were the tournaments (all holdem):

$ cost / # runners / placed / cash amount

$4 / 180 / 49 / $0
$3 / 90 / 46 / $0
$11 / 1791 / 861 / $0
$3.50 / 179 / 23 / $0
$4 / 180 / 180 (lol) / $0
$12 / 180 / 134 / $0
$7 / 180 / 2 / $252
$4 / 180 / 18 / $8
$12 / 180 / 17 / $24
$2r / 81 / 74 / $0
$6 / 18 / 1 / $43
$7 / 63 / 2 / $88 (no limit omaha)

So that was a handy currently up $250 for May. The plan is to get $2k by Vegas.

I have my final Mandarin exam on Monday lunchtime, then Industrial Economics on Friday @ 9am. I really want to do well in Mandarin to increase the chances of a First and well in Industrial to prove the scholarship people I'm good at it / myself that I'm definately headed in the right direction.

Then two week gap until Coroporate finance -30th May- then Topics of Economic Analysis (eurghhh) on 1st June. Then i'm done!

In the meantime, gl to all who may have read this....


Thursday, 7 May 2009

See You Later!

After the break i was on 12.5k then i won a few pots and got up to 16k. Then i lost a few pots and went down to 12k. I then lost a 16k pot when someone had raised on the button to 2.2k and i was in the BB for 400 and there were muitiple limpers. I dont want to explain it. He ended up flopinh 2nd set on the flop but it was bad play by me. I should of reraised pre....or folded. No val in playing big pots out of position...which i explained earlier and then got laggy out of position for the first time and got my Charlies fixed! No Val in treating yourself to laggy plays.

Back to the grind for me. My graph will have looked abit strange over the last 50/100 games because i have been trying a few things out. For example, pokerstars have a promotion called battle of the planets. If you play sitngo's, then you should look on there website. Its sick.

Once i have played 1000 games in 30 days i will be playing 4 at one time $25 buyin and grinding that way. Rather than experimenting with 6-12 tables at once and seeing down swings in my graph lol. I have currently played 742 after after 16 days :-) Ship me the $$$$$$$$$$$ Mr Owesph and Joesph

Peace out Brothers x x x

Second Break!

Boyle has gone. Went one hand before the break. He called i bet on the turn with a pair on Kings and the 2nd nut flush draw, on a 7 high board. The river gave him the second nut flush without pairing the board. He called when the guy put him allin and the guy had bet the turn with just a bare flush draw. He was short and up for a gamble. Unlucky Joe.

After the break i got down to 3.8k and the blinds are 40/80. Hijack makes it 200, i call in the cutoff with Ah5h4d3c and the button calls. Flop comes 2d2c5d. So here i have two pair which i know isnt infront but i have A 3 4 for a wrap. Anyway the hijack checks, i check and the button bets 400 and the hijack flat calls. Im pretty sure the button is very weak. He is just betting in position hoping the bet gets through but has bet small enough so he doesnt lose too many chips. It was a standard bad bet from a poor play. This spot is quite interesting because the hijack had flat called and not made a continuation bet with an over pair. But i decided to squeeze to try and take the pot plus if i do get a caller i know my wrap is live. My raise was to 2.2k leaving me 800 behind so they knew i wasnt folding. The button folds and the hijack puts me all in. So i obviously call and he has JxJx10x2x. So i need an Ace 3 4 5 6. Turn 6 River 7 is that my 8k. Won a few pots since and got up to 12.5k :-)

Now the blinds are 120/240, im going to pounce on any weakness and play my hands in position strongly. Lets hope i read souls :-)

First Break!

If Rich was here he would be currently making the tea's on 1.8k at the first break. Me and Boyle are both on 4.7k. Neither of us havent been in much action. Just been playing standard. Making sure i play big pots in position and small pots out of position. Managed to make a few bluffs by playing like this....Hoping to be a rack in the next level. I am having a serious issue with my connection!!!! Its soooo ANNOYING!!!! missed around 15mins of the first 55 because of it.

Anywayz lets hope the connection runs better so we can own souls and run like Boyle. Pbear is arriving in a minute for a steamy session no doubt.

Speaking of steamy session's....i recieved a text about an hour ago that made my day.

'Given up poker for a month, mess of a game' Tidey! Vallllll. Have a dip son x

The Rack!!!

Boyle is having a dip. Moneybags401 if you want to see how to win flips :-)

Event 2 $24 +$2 PL omaha knockout


I am playing in this evening event in the FTOP's, its 5k starting stack with blinds starting at 15/30. It will be a very enjoyable tourament. I will post through out the tourney with details explaining my thinking through hands because i know alot of you dont/havent played must omaha.

Its on Full Tilt, my username is moonwatch79 if you want to rail/ask questions. It starts at 5 past 7. Let hope we run good :-)

Jeal x x x

Revision, breaking even and the infamous gatsby award

Well, writing this is much more interesting than the mandarin characters I have to learn upstairs so figured I'd have a ramble. Ni meiguanxi! (near enough you cant worry about it in mandarin)

Poker wise I haven't played too much, since I have no time when I do its usually 4 tabling $6 sngs. As Joe and Jeal have seen, i run bad (standard) and so am breaking even. Fingers crossed it will turn in time for finishing exams...grind!

Secondly, UEA Poker won live poker performance of the month in the Gatsby awards! UKGatsby is a prolific member of the UK Poker community so is pretty cool to get some recog.

Of course, am still keeping up my no alcohol / lots of exercise prop bet. I prob should have weighed myself before we started, would have been more interesting for you. All I can say is that the gf has noticed a flatter tummy (a good thing) so cheers to joe for both your money and a few more brownie points. Holla.

I still run incredibly life good, what with the gf/academic/friend combination I have breaking even doesn't really matter :)

Yesterday i spent the day revising with dave. He got a bit stuck on EU trade stuff (tariffs etc) so i explained it all to him in poker. Voluntary Export Restraints = folding the SB in a tournament early in order to get respect later on. ha!

Anyhoo, am off to revise some more.

Zaijian (bye)


Wednesday, 6 May 2009


Im a gonna! Blinds are 120/240...i decided to get fruity with 3dkd utg and make it 550. utg+1 who has called me all night, calls. BB also calls. Flop comes 9d8d4s. I lead for 1389, utg+1 min raises me. Against most ppl i fold but this guy loves a min raise and had min raised me with one pair on a J 10 9 6 K board three hearts earlier and also min raised a guy with QsJs on a Jc8c7s. Other guy had 9c10c and he hit running spades to win. Any i reshipped for 5.5k more and this time he had a set of 4's. It came BRICK BRICK. stand!

Boyle made it to the 3rd break but only had 6k with blinds at 200/400. He lost a sick hand....He had AKos in the small blind at 200/400. It was folded to him sooo he raises to 1500, BB makes it 3.6k and boyle ships for 19k. The BB has 8.6k behind and calls with 4's!!!!!!!! SICKO!!!! Flop 7710 turn 3 river Q! No Val!

Very good tourney but unfortunately there was no running good for any of us. Im playing the $24 + $2 omaha knockout tourney 2moz which starts at 7pm. I shall let you know how that goes.

Peace out

Jeal x x x

Second Break!

Rich is a gonna!!!! Vallll in free tea's every hour. Rich is having a serious dip in the PG Tipsssss!!!!

I am currently on 10.5 k, Joe is on 6.1k and wakes was down to 3.3k but has just doubled to 6.6k. Kings's against A10.

I havent had many hands this hour....made a couple of bluffs to get me on to 14k then lost 3k bluffing.

The way rich went out was soooo gross...Rich was utg+1 with AJos...Blinds are 80/160. Rich makes it 440, cutoff flat calls and everyone else passes. Flop comes 2x7x9x....Rich bets 640, he calls. Turn checks and he bets rich pushes for 5k more and he insta calls with pocket 3's!!!!!!!! HOW SICK IS THAT?!?!?!

3rd hour is now starting....SHIP IT ONE TIMMMEEEEE :-)

First Break!

Get the Tea's in JOE! Valllll. Have a dip son.

We are all still in....Im on 10.7k, Rich is on 8.5k, Joe is making the tea's on 5.4k and wakes is on 5.3k.

I had won a few small pots and then i get 64os on the BB and everyone limps for 50 5 handed so i check. Flop comes 5d 7d 8c i check, cut off makes it 250......folded to me and i flat call. Turn came 10s, i check and he insta bets 750 leaving himself 1000 behind so i put him all in. He calls with 10dKd river Brick!

That put me on 8k then got 4d5d utg....blinds 30/60....i make it 150. cut off calls Sb call BB calls. Flop comes Kd8d7c, checked to me so i check, the guy behind me checks too. Turn comes Jd so i am obviosuly winning. I bet 540 into 600 and the cut off calls, river 3h. I check hoping he has Ad and has missed and can only win the pot by buying it. He bets 1200 into 1740 and i flat call because i dont think he is calling with a worst hand. He had 9s10s for a straight.

Joe has been a rack......Aces twice and queens twice, still makes the tea's. VALLLLLLLL

Rich was making the tea's before the last hand. Blinds 25/50....Button makes it 180. Rich makes it 430 from the small blind with Q5os and the button calls. Flop 10 J 2 rainbow.....Rich bets 220 hoping for a raise to reraise. The button flat calls...Turn makes it 555 and he calls. River 5. Pot is now 2410 and rich has 3030 behind. Rich goes all in and the guy tanks for ages and calls! He has 24os and rich wins a 8k pot with a pair of 5's LOL.

Back to the game.

Mini FTOP's first event $20 6max $200k gtd


We have just had a prop bet on the runners on ft for the mini FTOP's. Me and rich have had £2 each on there being more than 12,600 runners with joe and ive had a bet with rich that there will be less than 13,100 runners. So if there is less than 12,600 runners i lose £2 to joe but win £2 of rich and if there is more than 13,100 runners i win £2 off joe and lose £2 to rich. But if its between 12,600 and 13,100 i win £4. Vallll!!!! I shall hustle! :-)

We are all playing the first event which starts in 15 mins. Its a $20 6 max with starting stacks of 5,000...its going to be an awesome tournament. I plan on winning it :-) The 3 of us have an prop bet on the tourament too. At every break the person with the lowest chip stack has to make the teas and if you are first out you have to make the teas on every hour for the rest of the tourney! :-)

We shall enjoyself. I will post tomorrow to let you know how we all got on :-)

Ship me the win ONE TIIIIIIIMEEEEE!!!!

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Steaming Willy Beaming!!!!!

Friday Night,

April invited me out for dinner with her family, which i obviously accepted. She has a bf but he wasnt invited, Valllllll!!!!! We went to pizza express in the forum. We ordered our food, i had garlic dough balls to start which were pure! Then for main all 6 of us got a pizza, we all had been given our main's except april's dad. Everyone started eating because April's dad had been waiting a while.....his pizza turned up and it wasnt the right one. Is that your pizza im eating April's Dad? oh yes, i think it is. Cheers then, we run good.

Later on that night April dropped me off at Tidey's. We invited Boyle round and we all had a dip online. I couldnt win a hand and ended up losing $120 which wasnt too bad. Then around 4 in the morning i saw the funniest hand i have ever seen. Tidey was playing a sitngo, he reraised a player with Kings and the other guy called with Queens. Tidey punched the air with joy. The flop came 9 Q 4....'thats sooooo standard' Turn K........'Yessssss is that mine?!?!?!?!?!!!!!! Me and Tidey go mad........River Q.........HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA, we were dying. it was so funny. We were on the floor in stitches. After we had finshed our session, we went to bed. Tidey couldnt sleep....every 5 mins 'cant believe that queen came'.

Saurday Night,

Alex Wakeham........End of Story. lol.

Me, tidey, wakes, chaz and matt went to the unthank kitchen to have a serious dip on a full english, continuing the serious dip, we went to corals to have some footy bets. Pre match we were all drawing dead as per. No one had a draw. We then started on the juice......come 6 oclock Mr Wakeham, decided to treat himself to a bottle of vodka within half an hour. We were all Steaming come 7 and thats when i got facebooked raped!!!! Silly P***ks! They changed my status and my birthday! Reesy text me wishing me happy birthday. lol.

We left the southend household at half 7 and walked to the Uni. We were having a few drinks in the square, then all of a sudden old man decided he was Ricky Hatton. He started to attack chaz in a friendly way, it was hilarious. I go to the bar to treat myself to a strongbow, i come back into the square and old man is standing there with his pants down!!!! 'Dooooo i give a shit?!?!?' lol.

We get in the LCR and tidey is having muiltiple dips. First, Standard dip in Yaz.....then he grows a pair and has a dip with Shiv. Later on i am on the dancefloor with boyle and rivers and i see him holding hands with sophie (heading towards the exit), cheeky. Easy Treble came in. To pull the 3 off them it was evens. But Tidey had placed a 4 fold for extra value. The price went from evens to 100/1 (aka pimpdaddy). He managed to get the 4th leg into his bed but it was like a boring scoreless draw. There was no action. No Valll. Always one team that lets you down. :-)

I am hosting a home game tomorrow, so if you are interested txt me or something to let me know. Action will start around 9 o'clock!

Speak soon

Jeal x

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Sickest beat in a while

Hi, been running sooo horrifcly bad last few days, here is an example of what i have to put up with, the people i lose to are shockingly bad, their stats arent too bad but they suuuuuuuck sooo bad, this guy i just lost to, was like down 2k which isnt much and he was top 10 worst players ive played, before this suck out he had done it 3 times, 3 times major suck outs is ALOT in HU.

Check this hand out and ull see what im talking about....
Oh and the way i lost it was humorous! A93 flop he clls with 87o i bet 300 turn comes 7 and he checkraised me all in i had 600 back, cry called to see im miles infront, BAAAAMMM!!! 7 ....GG son...ridic!

gonna make some breakfast now lol

Friday, 1 May 2009

Monday's juicy home game!

Morning amigos,

This post is very late because i have been very busy but it is well worth the wait. On monday, as i said in my previous post, i hosted a home game. 10p/20p holdem cash £20 sit down. I was in seat 1, seat 2 richard jones, seat 3 james tidey, seat 4 dave the dip, seat 5 james tyler and seat 6 was lewi ralph.

Tidey is utg and folds, dave limps, tyler makes it £1.60, i called and dave calls. Flop came 2 3 3, i check dave checks tyler leads for 3.60, i thought and reshipped for 20, tyler intacalls. turn Jack, river 7, i show 99, tyler shows KQos for high card. lolaments. Tyler won £120 last week and was a rack, this week his soul was owned and he was scared to dip for more than 40 quid. HAVE A DIP SON!

tyler goes home after being owned,jason and josh both turn up and are sitting between dave and lewi.

josh had made it a pound blind, jason calls i re raised to 5.50 with JJ from the cutoff. jason was the only caller.Flop comes Q 9 4 rainbow. Jason checks and i check behind. The turn is a 4, jason checks and i bet 7. Jason insta calls, the river comes an 8. I dont put jason on J10 because he wouldnt of played the hand so passively. The way he insta called the turn i felt sure he was going to call me no matter what the river was. I bet £18, jason goes into the tank for ages and then reraises me £28. I then had to reconsider the hand, as this confused me. I felt sure if his hand had any showdown value he would of just called. He may have pocket 8's?!??!?! But why did he go into the tank for ages??(this is unlike jason) I felt sure i was winning and the way i have played the hand i felt sure jason, just thought i was weak. So i called and jason insta mucked. :-)

one hand rich raised from the big blind to 1.20 after everyone had limped, tidey, lewi and i called. flop came Ad 10d 9d rich leads for roughly 2.60, tidey called, lewi made it 6.20 more rich folded tidey called.
Turn 4d. tidey checked, lewi bet 10.50 tidey folded showing 7d5d for a busted flopped flush and lewi turns over Kd2d for the nuts but also a flopped flush. Lucky Old Tidey!!!! You Run Far too Far!!!!

There were alot more big hands but i cant remember them all well enough....Jason and Lewi were busted and went home. So we were left with me, rich, tidey, dave and josh.

So we are playing 5 handed and josh opened for 80p, i am in the cut off and make it £3, its folded to josh and he reraises to £11 and i call. The flop came J 10 4 rainbow. Josh bet £20 instantly and i flat called. The turn came a 2. Josh checked and i checked behind. The river came a 4 and josh instantly bet £45. The way the hand was played i felt sure josh had AK or AQ because i think if he had aces, kings or queens he would on bet the turn on a J 10 high flop. I was 99% sure he had AK or AQ so i called with 99 and he showed AK. SHIP ME THE $$$$$$$$$

Right......its late and im tired. Round Tideys atm. Got a big day on the juice tomorrow so will be updating you on the rivers steam and the sick session we all had round mine last night. Plus i will post about mine, tideys and joes session 2nite, which was very eventful. I think ive saw the sickest hand i have ever seen in my life. So much valll in it. Was literally on the floor with tidey laughing our heads off whilist waking up old man! Will post that this sunday.

Enjoy yourself. Lets get SHITFACED tomorrow :-)

Peace out brothers!

Owe 2nd of May

So last nights drunkaments post was very interesting indeed, no val in starting to drink at 7 in the evening then finishing at half past 7 in the morning.
Started of going to a friends house, had dinner with few beers then we headed to a gig, MY FIRST GIG in my life!!! pretty sick, i know. I loved it,m was a lot of fun, as borat wud have said I liiiiiiiike, great success!!:)

Today decided on 2 very important things in my life!

1. Need to meet woman that allows me to call my first born Wolverine

2. Naming my son Wolverine Karlsson! AWESOME i know!

Saw the new film today and i loved it, was awesome!

anyways now game time!