Saturday, 28 March 2009

treatin myself

went lcr tonight was messy.
saw wakes he looked like he was laccccckyyyyy.
not as lacccky as me bein 140 dollars up for the day. thought about my 6 max game and think i have improved it, after going off the raqils and tryin to play some mtts.
shout out to adam who came 100th in $2 8k rebuy for $16. proffffffffffffffffffffffff.
went to pedros playground at end of nite and killed housemate in swing off.
val in sittin at heads up tables and forcing people to take $20 flips and winning. k2 vs a9 and 67 vs aj = +$40 for moneybags.
played $10 sng 6 max and read souls, though hittin quad jacks vs aces helped for 2/3 of chips in play lol. don worry he minrASED pre and got it in on river so i outplayed him.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009


Hi everyone, I wont be posting for a little while.. Have cashed out all but the remnants of my BR, after a horrendous tilt session, costing me ~40% of BR.. very poor discipline obv. sealed the deal in $33 6 handed SNG.. am in 3rd, and in strong position in chips, chip leader only has about 0.2 BB more than me, and together we have 80% of chips.. I have pocket 7's and I call an AIPF against pocket 10s.. normally in that spot, I would normally fold, the likelyhood is I would have ended up with $90, or prob actually $210, if I fold but end up donking it off to the chip leader with that hand, and go busto.. Party BR, down to under $10.. I know that the best thing for me to do is to take a complete break from online poker.. so have cashed out, money will come in handy at the moment anyways.. Lesson has been learnt, and (hopefully) will not be repeated.. I am in profit for past couple of months over all anyways, but would have been much better off, if today had never happened..

tbh. tho, my play in that 6 handed SNG was really, good, I was dominating most of the field, and made chip lead, even though I was getting no decent hands.. Had been stealing a bit, had semi-loose agg. image, this guy had got very lucky throughout, knocking out a guy early on who was playing much better than him.

I think I may take Owes advice about increasing my BR. Maybe will leave internet poker alltogether until after exams, then fund with half a K or something, so that I can play a bit higher stakes, developing my game a bit more.. my ROI is better at higher stakes, so maybe that will work out..

So for me it is live poker only at the moment...

On we go.. we learn by our mistakes I guess...

(not)GG.. lol.. GN.. GL.. :D

Monday, 9 March 2009

Quad Q

I had pocket queens in this HU SNG.. Any thoughts on how I may go about getting some more money in pot? This guy was playing quite passive, but was often bluffing turn, so I think my line was probably the only one likely to get any more val.. but not sure.. River is not a good card even though it makes the quads, I think I would like a K or something there.. Next hand I tid. :D

I had been down to 160 in chips in that SNG.. :D lol.. he hit straights on 3 out of first 5 hands, I had been raising PF, and he calls with 37 sooted.. I have (A6s) and he makes straight when flop is 4 6 A, I bet a bit, he raises, I call, turn is blank, I bet he raises, I call, River is [5], I bet, he calls (wtf.)and shows the straight.. I'm like WTF.. :D LOL.. he is a donk, don't know how he manages to have such a small loss rate.. :S.

Any thoughts on the quads much appreciated!

Thanks. Markx

Sunday, 8 March 2009

This weeks play

Adam here.

This week:

Monday: 3 x $30 hu sngs vs big fish, 3/3. Basically he was a nutter and i held up in a 75:25, 80:20, and one where he was drawing dead. Ha!
Then played a 25p 50p cash game at jeals, up £55.

Tuesday: Charity poker night at uea. Won £15 in the 10/20 game palying like a spewfish, woot. £100 raised for nightline, hoorah.

Wednesday: Breakeven, played like 1 game as was tired. Stayed at home alone too, discipline ftw!

Thursday: No play, gf cooks me meal. Val!

Friday: Stuck £35 without playing after I get a parking ticket. Fml.
Stuck $60 on hu in the afternoon.
We held at £25 deepstack freezout at UEA thats running over 2 weeks. Only got 20 runners, i guess cos of cost. 8 left, am 3/8 with just above avg stack. Tidey Jeal still in, so will be tough, but I feel myself taking it down the way ive been playing recently.

Saturday: Mostly did Uni work, then stuck $80 hu playing terrible players on $20s and $30s. Pretty sick tbh, should have been in proff let alone break even. Varianceaments. Gf's in evening, restaurant + dvds. I love pecans.

Today: Did some important reading in afternoon for an essay im about to start on Monetary policy. Tbh i don't know really where to begin, but i think i'll get there.
Came 15th in the freeroll, button raised and i shipped, he called with A9 which is obv crushing 85o and it held. Meh.
Was stuck $60 in no time hu, but rallied back to $50 prof. Should be $60 more if one luckbox didnt win 3 30:70s to stay in, then a flip ftw, but there you go!

Account hovering around $1300....


And Again...

Played another 2.. 4th in one, which was a cooler.. And then won the second, so over the 4 a measly $2.20 profit, but it's profit, so thats the important thing, and with the other 2 coolers, I have hand equity making a lot bigger profit, just need to play enough, so that luck isn't so much of a factor.. :D



Went out in 3rd on both.. AIPF... AQ < A4 AKs < AJ


LOL.. RUN good on player selection

Opened up and was first in on a couple of 10 handed SNGs.. This was the sharkscope on the competition..

That said I am 20 hands in, and not hand a single decent one! no val.. Will report on the results soon.. :D

Saturday, 7 March 2009


so im just chillin, wasted as a fuckin brontosaurus right now, can recommend a fild called watchmen thou, was cool if ur in to the whole superheroes does kick the shit out of everyone bu STIGOWE thingy, railed ADAM today and he was shocking, haha not really just minraising then folding to minbets and genrally losing to fish, naaa im jsut being an ass!

however, we need to make sumthign clear, im the soulreader here and adam jeal and the rest of u UEA ppl shud be ahsamed of urslef if u dont win this UNI poker thing, TIDEY sort ur life out, read sum souls ffs! haha wakes tidey joes adam and probs sum other stoner shud OWN thso fishys. anyways need to treat myself to sum more nsleep, and got a drink ticket called stelle, was the only one that thought tht was funny, cud have been that censur ship trophy manwhore! lolfmgroflcopter!

Friday, 6 March 2009

Tilt, Player Selection and Grind

Hi guys..

Opened account on onGame network today, following the success that Rivers and Owe have on it, decided I would give it a blast.. Started great.. chose some fishy players in HU SNGs, ftw. (also purchased some sharkscope searches ftw.)

Then had a blast with a $5 HU SNG.. -$5.50 ftw. A visiter had come to see me, and I was mid game, and rushing..

I was happy with play up to that point, so decided (foolishly.. I will hit a $10 one, and win back the loss) obv. didnt work.. -$11 then.. once again the tilt drove me to another $10 turbo HU SNG.. and expectadly.. same result.. -$11.

With the money I initially was up, my $25 trial buy in is now at ~$1!! I have a dip for $25 more, and take a break..

Come back for a $5 full table SNG... lose. but happy with play. Anyway go for dinner.. Open up a couple of $5 full table SNGs.. end up 1s in one, and 2nd in other.. bringing BR to $51.20.. so thats 1.20 profit! LOL

Anyway.. I decide I am done for the night.. watch the rest of highstakes s5 ep1.. and get inspired to play again.. Its late, and I'm tired, so decide it will be $1 SNGs only.. Open up a couple, bust out of one, bad beat, but not especially so, and not worth analysing :) other table I am above average.. I open up another to sit along side (these are all 10 handed turbos)come 1st in both the others..

Anyway end result is that my balance stands at $61.60 I was down a fair bit, but once I got back in the right frame of mind, and back in a comfort zone with regards my BR.. I was playing at probably about 80% and tbh. you dont need any better than that at the microstakes, as the other players skill levels tend to mean, untill you are HU, you are down to basic strategy type play... with the odd bit of imagination ftw.. :D

So it's another $11.60 for the bankroll, and another day where I finish in profit.. which is good. And allthough I deviated from my BR's capacity, and showed little tilt discipline, I was able to come good again by reverting back to what I know deep down is when I play my best..

I missed, POKSOC tonight, as was intending to do EU Law Coursework.. as it turns out, I am up till after midnight, and so far today have not done a single piece of CWK.. still I have tomorrow free.. :D LOL


and one final thing... LMAO at Adam inviting Annette Oberstad to UEAPT, shame she declined the invite.. I am thinking about inviting Gus Hansen instead.. LOL



Thursday, 5 March 2009

Long session = no val

hey now
haven't posted for a while so thought would give update on my current poker life.
achieved task of doubling bankroll last friday at npc (me and adam had grind on the mind) and was now concentrating on playing 6max $20sng.
Decided to play earlier in week, which was not a good idea. i had had some work on at uni, and lack of sleep and just decided to play for the sake of it. this resulted in less than optimal play and me managing to lose about -$100 from my BR. I still do this from time to time, which annoys me as i wish i had some more discipline and knew when i am going to play my best and not.
Punished myself by going back down to $10 6msx sngs where i thought i would grind back the $100 i lost. Was actually 4 tabling for a while, which had some mixed success. i suppose i would have to save some hand historys to review how well i was playing in key spots. though managed to get back the $100 i had lost.
played 2 more $10 sngs and cashed in one and decided was time to get back to the $20s.
I don't know if its cause i lost $100 other day but felt i have been running pretty bad lately, mainly online and a litttle bit live.
Out of the 4 $22 sngs i played i cashed in one for 2nd, where i got 90% of chips in with top pair on turn agasint a bare flush draw that he hit no problem.
then was 3handed, and second in chips. chip leader was bb i was button with jjs blinds were 80/160. make it 400 from the button that i had been doing consitently short handed. chip leader shipped i called (as he had been shoving all in from the first level instead of raising) he had kq - flop q 10 10, turn k (got a lil bit exicted at his point) river k - cheers then.
Playing the third one was chip leader, then lost two 60, 40s agasint short stacks to put me short.
then lost a final one to knock me out on bubble. then full tilt decided to save best one till last which was as follows;

Again value of blog helping to see if i'm playing alright and steaming me off.
Going to call it a night now. playing tommorow at uni for poker soc where looking forward to good tourney adam has set up. £25 f/o- 10k starting stack blinds start at like 20 40 or something with 40min levels. And hoping to play the £10 rebuy at NPC in sat where there is minimum £1k for first prize. Heres hoping i run good over weekend.
now going to watch episode of the wire, what i spossibly the greatest show ever created.
laters. x

ROCKY Soundtrack FTW

Listen when they gooooo Oweeeeeee Karlsson!!! in end, and lol at Adam pretending he doesnt understand "no foto" meaning no photo in spanish :) sick clip and obv he had no idea it was already filing when i gave it to



Haven't posted for a bit, with EU cwk and seminars, and other stuff, plus actually playing poker, time has slipped away.. :D Anyways..

I haven't hand any hands that are particularly special, was playing a $22 HU SNG earlier. .out of my BR really, but having just reg'd on SharkScope, thought I would play this fish...

vitia86 399 -$2 $28 -2% -$832 Tilt

He is down, with -2% ROI, but the thing for me, is his bad run.. this guy is on one hell of a tilt streak it would seem..

Anyways.. I have about 2:1 chip lead for most of the game, make it into 3:1, and then with blinds at 50-100, he starts shipping all the time.. he gets down to 600 behind and ships, I think it is 60:40 that my J9 is good, and even if he doubles through I still have 2:1 chip lead on him, so, I am happy to call..

50/100 Tourney Texas Hold'em Game Table (NL) (STT Tournament 44619333) - Thu Mar 05 10:04:39 EST 2009
Table Table 127059 (Real Money) -- Seat 1 is the button
Total number of players : 2
Seat 1: UEAPokerStar (3260)
Seat 2: vitia86 (740)
UEAPokerStar posts small blind (50)
vitia86 posts big blind (100)
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to UEAPokerStar [ Jd, 9c ]
UEAPokerStar calls (50)
vitia86 raises (640) to 740
vitia86 is all-In.
UEAPokerStar calls (640)
** Dealing Flop ** : [ 5d, 6c, Jh ]
** Dealing Turn ** : [ 2d ]
** Dealing River ** : [ 7c ]
Creating Main Pot with 1480 with vitia86
** Summary **
Main Pot: 1480
Board: [ 5d 6c Jh 2d 7c ]
UEAPokerStar balance 4000, bet 740, collected 1480, net +740 [ Jd 9c ] [ a pair of Jacks -- Jd,Jh,9c,7c,6c ]
vitia86 balance 0, lost 740 [ Th 2c ] [ a pair of Twos -- Jh,Th,7c,2c,2d ]

He has T2 turning pair of deuces, so my J9, with flopped J, holds up, which is nice.. :D

Anyways.. havent had a chance to play a huge amount of online, played in the charity tournament at UEA on tuesday, -£8 in tournament, but cash tables... laaacckky ol' Mark.. turning £10 into ~£55..

Large chunk of which was getting in cheapish with 9-9 flopping set, and getting everything in against pocket Qs..

Nothing else remarkable really...

Anyways.. on we go... tomorrow is EU coursework, and so is weekend probably.... no val.. May get a chance to do some online, or a little live micro stakes SNG/ Cash, but prob not..


Wednesday, 4 March 2009


Hola what uuuuuuup!

Today only played 3 games won 2 and lost 1 the one i lost was when limping with AA vs spewy wild fish, who like i thought pushed, he had 22 flop was 1010J K then of course 2 on river, i had him covered slightly and doubled up once more beofre losing a 65-35%all in for decent stack and what prob lead to win, oh well... playing very well at the moment, and avoiding beats.

roll now over 8k with the rakeback that i treated myself to, so thats good :) wasnt long ago i did the little project with the 5k startover :)) Hopefully i can roll this up to 10k before end of month, but im happy with what a fish like me can get !!

Going to get my haircut, its ALMOST a symphaty haircut, my buddy here looks like a champinjon and really needs one and im gonna force him to cut that horrible thing off lol!

will play more tonight, and soon weekend so will treat myself to like min 100 games then :)

Peace out!

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

good day to die


Today has been good, only had time for a few games but so far so good:)
46$x5 so won all games today pretty handy :) 230$. was really lucky once J32 flop vs fish who pushed had him covered bit more than 2:1 chiplead hence the loose call with J8 off he had AJ and i spike 8 on river :) The other game i kinda got lucky too, i was being uberaggresive and reraised flop och 678 with J10 then 5 fell and he min bet and i bet 75% and he thinks then calls with Q10 and river brings abeautiful 9 and he insta shovs, obv i call and win!

other than that was just playing well and grinding them down, one guy kept calling my raises and folding oop which was welcome, didnt play a single profit player, which i obv always tend to avoid :)

Just won another game a 100 game, vs uber fish

zvigos 412 -$12 $27 -36% -$4,961 Tilt

happy days!

now gonna do some homework, maybe reg for a comp then sleep, probs just sleep tbh:)

Run well fellas!
its gonna be a good month*!


Monday, 2 March 2009

Hola phuckers!

Today, playe dlike 10 games so far, came home from school super knackered and just wanted to sleep for a while, played one game first which i won easy, then watched new High stakes poker which was real cool :) Durrr just seems like an uber arrogant idiot imo, looking forward to see Ilari start mixing it he is def one of my fav players.. hope he takes durr for a few big pots!

had a sick long siesta, was wonderful althou slept for too long, started playing awhile ago and had a crap start, Lost 3 in a row vs same dude he was horrible real easy to play but he kept getting lucky agasint me, then after goin of slightly in the chat offered him up to a 100 game, than ended up in 3 of them, non turbo of course, his luck ran out and i scoped all 3 :) so up for the day.

Talked to Jeal today and he reckosn he will play more games than me, good luck chuck is all i can say about that hehe, not that i play uberly much but no chance buddy!

was thinking of my game today and one thing i do much vs a little bit better players is i tend to 3 bet them more, never do that unless i have pretty solid hand vs fish cause they anyway call and its harder to play deep big pots when u cant put them on any hands...

hmmm i saw some HUSNG coaching vids the other day and must say they were horrilble, well tbh they werent bug players but still...awful, and the players had like 1% ROI and not that great stats, weird i wonder if anyone buys their service hehe..

anyway playing now will have to focus a tad


Sunday, 1 March 2009

*New month new ambitions

Hi as you know last month was terrible for me, but managed to recover from being about 1800 down to 270 down so atleast that was good :)
Somehow scraped enough games to get over 1k in rakeback and that is obviously welcome, so all in all up for the month.

This month have a goal of making 2k min, hopefully without including the rakeback but we will see.
Today will deposit a feww 100s on partypoker to try out those seas, will be playing very lowish, but u can always follow the progress or lack of at

Pretty much it, been playing good and running pretty gd lately, just need to get the games in :)

Going to gym at 5 today and now i will be doing some homework tonight be grinding and hopefully scooping the party stundetn thingy.

Peace out!