Saturday, 27 June 2009

27th of june! Owe


Just a lil update on the gaming and life :)

Sweden is incredibly hot, +25 without a cloud on the sky at the moment been like this for 5 days and gonna stay for another week ! Im currently pretty sunburnt hehe, no val in playing Tennis without a t shirt 2 days ina row! however we shall ship the tan soon :)

Poker is going much better :) The comp the other day was rigged in my favour however only made 4th :( had a spot with 5 left when i have 180k, 2 stacks ship all in (65k and 55k) and i look at AA in BB obv it doesnt hold vs JJ and KK guess what hand one? of course it was the worst one!

Won about 450 yesterday at ongame playing 50$ HU and was very pleased with my game and all good hand (almost) held up, still not playing enough games thou, being "lazy" keep watching TV or doing other shizzle.

Today is looking very good, started an hour ago play 2-3 HU at the time and won 8 in a row, and now taking break, gonna treat myself to some excersice.


(maybe not shipping big comp like wsop ept WPT but still :p

Will update tonight with more results :)



Recent Results* (I got a first!)


Lots of stuff to get through, it's been a while.

Firstly, props to fenix35 who is on a sicko run atm, both live and online. It must be nice!


Tbh haven't played as much as i really should have. Have done a couple of meh day jobs (got another on monday) that bring in a few pounds but generally have no motivation atm. If im not seeing friends, gf, family or generally out then im asleep, so havent had much time for poker. I've won about $160 playing 10 hu sngs, 5% roi, meh, rb is another 60-80 tho so its not too bad. However I am stuck like 200 on tournaments, 100 on cash. I don't think ive cashed in 10-15 tournaments or so. Most have been sattellites where top 2-3 go through, i keep going really deep but losing crucial flips or some shortstack on bubble gets it in 3 times behind, wins all 3, then i lose a 60:40 to go out without a cash. meh.
Played a couple of tourneys on ipoker too, $15 4k gtd last night, get 1500 up to 4k, blinds get to 50 100, bb has just lost a big pot and is down to 4k, folded to be in sb with KK, i make it 275 he ships with 33....loyal 3's obviously flop a set and i lose an 8k pot. murrr. Then this morning played a $10 freeze, 120 runners, 80 or so left and ive got 3k, blinds 30 60, utg limps, i limp mp with 88, button makes it 3x, sb calls utg calls so i call. board K 10 8, sb ships 900 into 500 or w/e, utg min raises to 1800, i ship for 1k more, button with 2.5k behind thinks and calls, and utg calls. Pot is like 11k when avg is 2.4, sb has 44 (wtf) utg has k5o (wtf) and button has JJ (WTF.) Q turn, J river, see you later.

So, to conclude, im a bit fed up with poker atm!


Off to Sweden next saturday to visit StigOwe with jeal, there for a week. Only costing £20 return with ryanair (ship) so is keeping the vegas fund safe. Hopefully we can have some good sessions together and i'll refind some run good and actually make some more spending money!

As mentioned in the title, I got my results this week...and got a First! I genuinely had ruled it out, thinking a 2.1 was my destiny. On Thursday I got a call from my mate luke saying results were on the internet, was driving with my gf so when we got back in my family and her nearby as I squeezed out my results on the laptop. Last year when I was .6% short I went a bit pissed off so had warned hannah that I might swear a bit if I bubble one again! It reads attained: I Class I...I had to recheck a few times before I could believe it. My family + gfs family were all really pleased etc so that was nice, all of my friends have been really congratulatory too, it's been an awesome few days. Unfortunately two of my close friends were less than 1% away, which has taken a bit away as it would have been nice for us all, but there you go.
I should hear for definite about the scholarship on Tuesday, it is essentially mine but until its in writing i'm still not going to properly celebrate. Will be pretty sick opening up an email potentially worth 90-100k though. :/

Vegas stuff is sorted, we will be riding around in one of these:

Oh, and I got stung by a wasp yesterday. It hurt like hell, and I can still feel it this morning! beware.

Thats all for now, I am going to be playing a few more mtts this week as I really feel I am playing well, just need to learn how to hold in the later stages!

Gl all,


(this isn't written very well but atm im in a rush!)

Thursday, 25 June 2009

26th of june!

Yo, long time no update, havent played for ten days, missed out on a lot of rakeback there which kinda sucks but still doing ok on the front...
ATM finaltabling in a comp atm, chipleader with 5 left, small one on b2b on the good old rigged StigOwe account, been winning a lil bit on the HU there too :)

today i won around 320ish on ongame, which has changed their software and it is sooo bad now! :) so slow, and lags a lot! boooooo!
anyways gotta focus, not happy with anything below 1st ;)



Saturday, 13 June 2009

Owe 14th of june up homeslices!

Today went to some bars with friends, and established that swedish girls are truly the best, pretty F***ing insane if u ask me :) Everyone probably knew this thou, not are they just very pretty they are also really nice girls too, great combo hehe.

After a shipment of a phone number to a lovely blonde, we went back to mine(me and my buddies Tanner and Tim) not the blonde lol i made some spaghetti and meatballs and we treated ourselves whilst watching friday the 13th part 38 or something i played a few games, and ended up again :)

todays result : +131$

Also added a song that i think is great val :)

Mwah mwah love u and life!


Thursday, 11 June 2009

Owe 11th of june

So dont know how to put this, but.... im kind of a big deal :) Been running well now for good few days, still not winning the coinflips, today 1-6 but been really really avoiding them, only taken them when ive kinda had to, like playing a big fish and he repops (4bet) i have to push vs them well atleast i think its plus EV...and everytime ive been "right" so far, so lost QQ to AK and AK to 77 and JJ and 1010...however still happy, maybe shud wait the fish out but i know they come to me again then :) hehe....
I am sooo sooo pleased with my game at the moment and if i can just avoid running really bad ill be winning a lot!! very very sick :)
Nothing that interesting really to tell, will go out clubbing 2mo, shud be great val, last week lost girls number no val in writing down numbers on beer coasters:((( She was beautiful, plenty more FISH in the sea thou, still sucks to be me, FML!!

Todays result, out of about 25 games more or less is : +502

Check my results lately on sharkscope, very very sick, truly am playing very good atm, and hoping to improve still as i have looooads to learn...

Hope you are all well and soon countdwon for vegas !!!! Oh yes!!!x x x

Wednesday, 10 June 2009


StigOweeeeeeee yet another day with small success i guess :) have played about 16-18 games today only 4 losses :D

Played a few 5 max games aswell with 2 places only giving me 25 dollar profit each one, but also had one which was the sickest one ive ver played, it was over in 10-15 min, i kept getting sick hits the hands i played and bascially took everyone out super quick! 66 set vs top par, then 96 in BB getting run run quads vs top boat, he checked flop.... then another set and finished off with 4x more than the other dude HU by outdrawing his 88 with my 44 :)))

Then won most HU, didnt play extremely well or anything, i just played standard and played loads of FISH yumm yumm :) funny result in my HU matches is that todays session i ended up 0-9 in coinflips :) still winning is a great result then :)

Todays result is : +404$

Also saw that the other "StigOwe" treated himself to 4 10 euro HU wins in a row :) WPNHGGFISK

Tuesday, 9 June 2009


Yooo, so todays session started real good, but then a bad finnish... had some coolers amongst them was AK vs AQ preflop ai, KK vs QJ ai pf, and QQ on Q74 board vs 85 all in was filthy and had to throw up when 6 came... he made a move and got paid off...laaaaakkky old cow!

todays result + 272

so not bad, probs played 30 games, so shud hace raked about 140 ish or so... going up atleast. looking to win atleast 1k more this month then im "happy" with the start off, really looking to win 2-3k more but we will see, havent been running good, so any prof will do :)

The grind has begun!

Hey all, finally my summer holiday has begun, and life is truly great! :)

Firstly id like to congratulate Rich Jones for his shipment in 50k guar, i believe they chopped it 3 way and he did well the young lad :p Railed him for a good 3-4 hours and he even had a cooler wiv about 30 left his AK vs AQ for a 130kish pot that wud have put him on 200k which was FT material. and there was some AQ vs A8 rich holding AQ on like raggy board the other dude pushed and rich called with 2 blanks leaving him as the winner :)

My game has been so so, started off losing like 8 days ina row, had some horrific beats and been running real real bad, 2 days ago was the turning point where i started winning 15oish then last night i eneded up 600ish and today already up 150$. there is a rake race and im currently 5th and shud be shipping the top 5 i thin and hope, giving my roll a nice lil extra booost :) aiming to get around 2-3k in rakeback this month which is more than possible, and am now finally up in my game as well :)

will update this blog as daily as i can, will have a weeks break soon but that shudnt affect my rb cause i will still squeeze in 10 games minimum thos days :)

will uppdate with todays result later