Thursday, 24 September 2009

Start of Year :D

Hello everyone.. Blog has gone a bit quiet recently, so thought I would chuck in a little post.

Online Poker: haven't played much recently as had been working long hours but just started up again, hopefully will post some interesting hands soon..

Live Poker: played a couple of times at the new poker club in my home town, really nice setup they have. low point: donked off £25 on a hopeless bluff, high point: read my way to a £50 win on pair of 10s on a board with A and K..

Have a nice little chip set all ready for a Premier league style tournament, which will hopefully happen soon..

Home games have not really happened for a while for similar reasons to why I haven't been playing online......

Poker Soc: Completed the new website ( ) and set up the new facebook page ( ). Have set up affiliate schemes with Best Poker ( ) which will be the home of the Poker Soc's online tourneys for the year; and also with Poker Office ( ) which will earn the soc. some munns to go towards some great prizes etc....

Soc mart was a huge sucess with approx 190 sign-ups and more are expected.

Non Poker: Spent the first part of the summer working, and in the past few weeks have been volunteering with Norfolk Music Works in their summer projects.. Met some awesome musicians, and it has reignited my interest in music feels great to go and make some music :D :D Have sorted out my home studio completely so have real nice recording set-up... :D

Now going into final year of Law degree, have chosen: employment law, company law, medical law and Human Rights in the UK as my four subjects, so looking forward to that.. Not sure what the plan is for this time next year yet though would like to take some time to travel a bit, but who knows, Vegas is definately on the cards for next year though!

Thats me done, not to much poker stuff, but will be soon, check out website for more info on the poker soc!