Saturday, 28 February 2009

Playing live, taking shots, and having grind on the mind...

Hola Amigos

What a weekend it has been so far....

Live: Played the £10 double at npc last night with the poker society, + Nick (chalfont) was around this way so played too. I was out in the mid stages 3-barrelling a tight guy with J9hh on a A65 A 9 board when i was sure he had KK or QQ and could fold, alas i was wrong as he reallllly cry called the river with KK. Oh well. Chal came 10th i think with 8 paid :( running KQ into bigstacks AA 5 handed, wp gg ul!
Then played the .50 1 game, dropped 2 buyins. Got two outered for a 160 pot, then 4 outered for a 130 pot, ofc bricked a double gutshot when getting about 8:1 implied + 2:1 straight up potodds and then got it in with AJs on a J108 one spade board in a raised pot pre when i had 20 behind against 79. Turn was the Qs giving me a shit ton of outs, alas we brick. Boo.

Me and Joe then played online til about 7am, I played a fair bit of HU and ended up $60 or so, putting the account on $1001 - finally broken the 1k barrier! Was a good feeling.

Today I didnt get up till late then did some PhD research stuff for a thesis. I'm looking into doing something around competitiveness of online gambling, or another vulnerable consumer group topic.

I then played a $10 husng and promptly lost, so registered for a $10 6max mtt which started in 10 mins. I went back to the HU SNG lobby and for a reason that i don't know looked who was waiting in the $100 non turbo games. I Sharkscoped the guy there - his stats were -30% ROI and down 5k over 80 games. I had a $100 token from last weeks sunday thought sod it. After 22 mins, 118 hands (only 5 of which got to showdown) I had him down to 3.5k:500, he made it 125 from button, i shipped with 66 and he snapped with K10...the 6 on the turn left him dead and i shouted good things at Poppy (my dog), much to her shock/horror.

I have played 14 sngs today winning 9 and netting $260 profit + raking $30 or so. Lost $20 on MTTs (JJ vs 88 aipf :( )

Bankroll: $1239

Tomorrow am doing group presentation stuff on the banking sector (yawn) then will prob play the partypoker freeroll...maybe at J10's house, maybe here. Got a super busy week, will play the odd game here and there but need to finish of MSc/PhD stuff as well as draft some essay plans for stuff due in in a couple of weeks, so meh.

Gl all


Wednesday, 25 February 2009


Pescado as i am didnt win at some random 4k comp last night, standard coming in as 3rd on FT loosing with AKspades to 107 All in pre, he pushed on my BB, bad play by him but i cant complain, just shsame, then with 30k i push with 88 UTG and utgplus 1 CALLS with 66, fucking horrible 6 on flop and bye bye StigOwe..sooo annoying he was uber tight too, and given that it was an awful call, i push UTG he has 4 ppl behind him and he only had 66 oh well ran so bad there and got something like 300 bux, not great am dissapinted, will have my revenge though, at school now.

Going home at 2.30 sleeping for 2 hours then gym and after tyhat dinner with a girl friend and home and probs play a comp again and some HU, and adam and jeal u gonna have to wait til March 1st, they LOLLED me and wont let me send again this month, didnt even know i had sent dinero this month, oh well run like shit per ususal hehe,,,naaa been running better, take care ppl! x x x x x

Monday, 23 February 2009

A good weekend. (Long post inc some tournament hands)


Figured i'd update with recent poker events.

UEA donkament on friday got 30 runners, again I run like tanni gray. Couldnt win a flip or a 70:30 to save my life. Meh, wwjd. (lol?) Played the 10-10 game and won £40, 4 buyins is always good. Played an interesting hand actually...
4 handed nlh. Am on the bb. to my left is a spewy lag who randomly bluffs, button is a decent thinking player and sb is tight weak. utg limps, thinking button makes it 3x. He knows utg has limped his usual pf raise is 3-4x anyway, so this was a little odd. sb calls, i have AJ and call, utg folds (lol). Board comes A 9 4 rainbow, sb checks. I donk out 70% of pot which is now 17bbs. button flats and sb folds. Turn is a 10, not a great card tbh as various 2-pairs get there, but meh. I check, and he bets 22bbs into 24. I don't really want to raise as I know he's capable of floating the flop and folding here, and think flatting to see what he does on the river is best. I flat, pot now ~60bbs. River is a Q. I check, and he quickly bets 56x. Now he knows I'm quite willing to call down lightish, but this is a biiig bet for a hand trying to extract value. I can rule out AK i thiiink as he raises more pre / prob raises the flop. This goes for big pairs too. So his range is kinda limited to 44 99 A10, sometimes AQ although again i think this opponent raises flop. 44 99 A10 probably dont bet that much either as he knows my range here is pretty wide, hence his hand looks much more like a bluff. I also don't think he's quite good enough to know this and overbet with nut hands thinking I can figure his line to be a bluff too. So after talking out loud for a fair while I call, and he mucks saying he should stop floating. Lol.

So after this I was really up for NPC and the .50 1 game, as was making all the right decisions. Sat with 50. Stack is ~40, JB raises to 3, turk calls and i call behind with position and Jd 10d. Blinds call too, pot ~15 and i have ~35 behind. Board comes 8d 7c 3d. So gutty, fdraw and 2 possible overs. blinds check, jb leads for 7, turk flats. Turks range is 23+ here lol, and jb can have two paint cards through to AA here, so is definately a good spot to ship, so i ship 35 into ~30. jb snaps and turk folds, jb has QQ and i brick out.
Reload for 50 and instantly get a semi-cooler. jb raises the c/o to 3.50, turk calls on button. I should probably make it 12 here with AK but decide to get tricky and flat hoping turk will stack off. pot is 10ish. Board comes K J 5 rainbow, i check, jb bets 7, turk folds. This is an interesting spot as jb loves to bet hard with annny pair including 88 etc here against me oop, and will also fire 3 barrells. I flat. Turn is a Q, not exactly a great card. I check call 16 given his range, leaving 25 or so behind to check call most rivers. Maybe i should ship here as he probabyl calls with J10 Q10 AJ AQ 1010 etc though. River is a brick, i check and he checks behind with JJ. Hero read me for a gutshot it seems ;) we'll lose the minimum lol.
Get the 25 up to 90 by shipping with top pair and someone missing their straight draw ( J 4 5 board, they had 23o!) then bluff catching against a guy who loves to draw...cheers for the extra £15.
Joe and Jeal walk over, and I look down at 8s 10s in late posish. Chris limps in ep, and dannii makes it 3.50. Her range is AQ+ here, and only has 12 behind. However, i know the blinds are calling / cb is deffo calling and has me covered, so dont mind a call. low and behold, both blinds call and so does chris. pot is 16. the blinds both check DARK, as does chris. dannii then ships 12 all in blind, am im first to act. We'll take a shitload of equity for free, tyvm.
Board comes 7c Jh 9c...i appear to have the current nuts. I think like i have a draw and smooth the 12. The blinds fold, then chris makes it 30 more. He always has J10 / 79 and maybe a hand like QJcc here, so i ship for 40 on top, and he calls with J9. Dannii is already drawing dead, so me and chris run it once for the 210ish pot. Hello Jc river, goodbye big pot. Standard.

This sends me to the rail and thus onto HU online where i got slaughtered. Joe was railing me, I think he wants to learn a bit more hu, it would help the endgame in sngs obv. I made a semi-hero call with 64 on a K 9 2 4 two hearts board when i was pretty sure he had a draw (he check called then shipped the turn, indicative) and he had 102hh for a pair and draw. I was only a 70% fav, and again fail to hold. Then played a sick pot with Q10dd where we got in 15% of stacks on the flop Q 8 2 one diamond flop, then the rest on the Jd turn. I checked the turn -pot 400 ish- and he bet 400, i shipped for 1.1k saying to joe he'll call with any Q here and he snaps with Q7 no diamond. Hello 7s on the river for him to scoop. Then had standard AQ vs kk aipf with 10bbs (couldnt suck out). Then 1010 vs A7 which i lose. Then AQ vs AA on a Q high flop in a sng when i was admittedly a bit tilted. Then dropped 10 on cash before Joe (hero) noticed my suboptimal play, and we stopped -$80. Variance I know, but sick nonetheless as in the poker soc email i said how much will i win/lose friday night - monday morning online, lol.

Saturday didnt play, did MSc application stuff, wathed ipswich on the tv (great performance, sick 3rd goal) and then headed to gfs for wine + films. Watched a beautiful mind, john nash ftw. She met my parents late last week too, went really well so at least im running good there!

Me and J10 (luke) did mandarin stuff on sunday daytime, with a view of eating dinner then playing the partypoker student freeroll together / i'd grind HU. Went out of the freeroll super early bluffing, so got on the grind. Won 7/9hu, but played some tournaments + rake to only be up $10. Then started to go deep in the 11pm midnight oil (midnight EU time, 266 runners, $20 buyin) on ongame, has 900 added in tournament tickets so is good val. 1500 at 12 min levels + standard is pretty bad, you can easily locate players to avoid.
Ended up 4th for ~$350 + a $100 tournament ticket. Played pretty well tbh, will list some key hands:

1) Haven't played a hand the whole tournament and get dealt KK on button. utg limps, late position limps (he's pretty laggy but not picking his opponents too well from what ive seen). I make it 155, blinds fold and they both call. Board come Q 7 3 two spades. Checked to me, i think and bet 310 into 500. Utg flats, bb takes a small amount of time and ships. Hello semi bluff squeeze imo given the player type, utg was loose passive and has AQ best here i think so its an easy call. utg folds and lag has Q8clubs. He doesnt hit his 5 outs and am up o 3.6k

2) 25-50, 3.5k stack. Raise to 150 utg+1 with KJo. I know this is an obvious fold, but my image was super rocky and the play at my table was so bad i thought it could be +EV to play a few more pots, even if oop. c/o and button call, blinds fold. Board comes K 8 7 two clubs. This is an interesting spot..was listening to joe seebok/gav smith/court harrington on prr the other day where joe had KQ in a similarish spot, so decided to play it like court suggested instead of stacking off like Joe did when the guy had flatted with AK. So i checked, and they both checked behind. C/o was a pretty active player ftr. Turn comes a brick, and i lead for 295 into 500. c/o makes it 750 to go with 1.1.k behind, button folds. I speak to jon who's playing with me alongside j10, and reason behind shipping here. Am pretty sure he's bluffing most of the time, or semi bluffing with random 7/8/draw hands. If he has 22 gl to him, but you cant worry about it! So i ship, and he tanks (we know at this point he's folding :) ) 750 extra chips my way thanks to checking the flop.

3) Moved table directly after, a guy 3 to my left is the definition of dead money. No idea of position, limping atc, randomly betting, terrible. I have a tad over 5k. Blinds 25 50, i raise lp with him in the sb with As 4c. He calls, as does another. Pot 500. Board comes K 7 4 all spades. He leads for 200. His range is basically a bare 4/ flushdraw + here, so i flat. Pot 900. Turn is the 2d, and he bets 500. I dont want to raise as he can have atc here and dont want to fold hands i beat, plus pot control etc, so flat. River is the 10h and he bets 900. If i call I've lost a fair chunk of my stack with a pair of fours, but he was so random that i think its a call itlr getting a big price. I call, he had 8c 2s for a 2 high flush draw that ran into a mate lol.

Every hand after that was standard, putting me on 12k or so. I think all were without showdown actually, or at least I was never calling thinking I could be behind.

This is where I started to run standard Adam. With blinds at 300-600 people would ship for 3k in lp, i'd call with AJ in the bb and their KQ would hit. Or, they'd ship for 2.2k and i'd be forced to call with KQ...and their A7 would hold. I kept grinding back to 10k w/o showdown, then got past the bubble (40). Payoffs between 40-20 are the same (breakeven) and before you know it we're down to 23. I now have 11k at 500-1k. One ok player at my table keeps raising just over min to take down blinds, understandable. He does it to my BB, amking it 2.4k with 16k behind. I ship for about 9k more cos of my bb being in, giving him about 1.3:1 to call. He thinks then calls with AQ. A slight hiccup since I have 82 offsuit. So am 67:33 dog, destined to lose given how I had been running the whole tournament. Board and jon start shouting...A on turn, i shout FUCK OFFFFFFF, prolly waking up J10s house, sorry. 20:1 shot 2-ball rolls off on the rivvvv, me and jon celebrate by more shouting. Good times.

Two hands later i make it 2.5k with A6spades in lp. big stacked BB calls. Flop Q J 9 one spade, which i think is basically his range in this spot and im geting checkraised a ton here, so when he checks i check behind. Turn is another Q, but the Qs giving me a nut draw, and he checks again. I bet 3k thinking im now taking it down, and he oddly flats. River is a beautiful 8s, so now his bare-10's all get there. But he checks again. Pot is 10k, i have a tad over 15k behind. I say to john that he must be check calling with a hand like pocket 7's here as i think a 10 leads/ a Q raises the turn...weird. So instead of betting 7-8k i bet 5.6k...he tanks and calls with 77! ship it perfect bet size!

Down to 14 handed and im on 30k at 1k-2k, about 2-3rd in chips. I get onto the final table with 60k without showdown. We'll exploit the bubble for fun, i think Owe will agree i played the FT bubble reaaaaaally well. K4s utg raising, the lot.

Then a sick hand happens. Blinds on FT are 2k 4k, 10 handed. But $100 tournament entry added prizes only start at 9th, and the people with 12k are just folidng out to these cos 10th pays 60...9th the equiv of 190! Given this, the hijack raises to 8k and the really loose-passive c/o flats. Im on the button with 99. I love/hate this spot, as raising the 22k and taking it down puts me on 85k and a decent CL. Hijack has 40k total, so if he reships i have to call getting 4:1. I eventually make it 23k and he does indeed ship, and thus i call leaving myself 16k. He has KK and of course holds, and i am pretty hacked off. I say to jon we're folding to 9th, then get 1010 utg and ship our 16k in. Really tight mp player reships for 35k, then the short small blind who has me just covered so would get 9th if we both go out calls ffs! The tight mp player has 55, shocked the crap out of me, and the other player has AK. the board comes 10 high and me and john wake up the house again, lol. Back up to 45k. Lose KQ vs AJ for 30k standard pot when i was in the bb, keeping in the guy who eventually won it. Get down to 5 handed and am on 60k w/o showdown, then knock out the 10k shortstack when his Qd10d doesn't improve against my AA..even though he flops a flushdraw nd turns a gutshot, will i ever not get a sick sweat ffs?!
On 80k, the sb makes up and i check QJo in the bb. Flop J 7 3 two clubs, he bets 8k and i flat. (We had one hand like this previously where he bet the turn too and i folded.) Turn is the 8c, and he bets 16k. Again, its an easy card to bluff at, and I call - Owe agrees. River is a brick and he now bets 24k. If i call i have 20k left. Again, based on history its a call, and he has 78 for a turned 5-outer. Standard I guess, I dont think many people play it much different, just a shame to get in-a-way coolered when 4 handed. Then shipped K7d on the button for 17k a hand later, bb is committed with Q8 and it runs K Q 3 Q x, see you later. If the HU pot goes differenly I should really come 2nd/win, so was a 300-700$ turn card, but there you go.

Also found some random RB in the cashier window thingy, so roll now on $930 + $100 ticket.

Wd Mark for your solid example of BRM.
Wd Owe for not being too much of a pescado at the Casino.

This week: Tonight will play for a bit, tomo busy all day, wed seeing an old friend then seeing gf pm, thurs is J10's 21st bday shindig so meal + club, then friday playing the tournament at NPC + meeting up with Chal for a pint beforehand, should be good!

Tc / run good all


Edit: GOGOGO lol!

Also, looking to play events 8, 9, 10 and 22 in the starts SCOOP series. (low buyin section obv)...may look to do a couple of 10% swaps with people if interested.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

BR Report

It's about 3 weeks since I started to look at concentrating on steady BR growth, and concentrating on my stronger rooms (those full of donks obv.)

After playing around on some sites I found of the major sites for micro stakes the weakest competition is on PKR and Party Poker..

I have mainly been playing the following over the period:
2c/4c and 5c/10c NLH
5c/10c PLH

Turbo HU NLH buyin $1,2,3,6
Turbo SNG $1, $2
SNG $3

Below is my Bankroll for the period on the 2 main sites I have been concentrating on.. Party is in blue, and PKR is the red line.

Party is constant to begin with, as I didnt actually start it till about 10 days ago, total gain across 2 is $42.33

Which whilst not huge is not bad for the stakes and frequency I have been playing.. It is definately performing better than my savings account.. :D LOL

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Casino night!

Yo, just got back from Casino, was a cool night, but still a bit disspaointing, was counting on taking it down after a great start and some sick reads and great plays! :)

Ran really good, and hit som monster and value betted their fishy bums off,

Hand number one was 1010 raise 3 callers K93 i bet some dude reraise, i re raise again and he mucks A9(loose fish) i show tens and goes well i dotn want to flip LOL?
next han after that i flop a set with 1010 on 1073 i bet out, 2 callers, turn comes Q i bet like halfpot one caller and river i bet 90'% of his stack and he flats, thought about it afterwards he was comitted and lost out on a bounty there, bit dumb of me....

Chinese woman uber donk that just wanted to hit the blackjack tables i guess raised it up 2 callers infront of me and i decide to see a flop in pos... flop comes 1024 pretty good i thought but still not great vs 3 ppl, then i bet out she calls and anoteher man calls,,,,turn comes another ten im thinking this is a dream card... chinese woman now bets all in!?!??! ive already worked up to about 9k so i decide to go with my read and felt she wasnt strong and call, she shows J8 for aboslute air and river comes K....Booom...

repopped some young gun 3 times with air on low flops, he seemed really aggresive and best way to fight fire is with lava.. 4th pot vs him (he got up to 21k reeeeal fast) ive got 14k he has 21k...i raise he calls, i hold AQ clubs....flop Q44 i check he bets ofc, i make ita like 2.5k more and he makes it min more again... not sure if i did the right play here for making him bluff another barrel on turn since there is only one scare card really and thats K but i reshipped and he instamucked...

hmmm then some new dude with big stack come to my table later, sunglasses cap and the good old cheering air boxing every pot he won, real annoying... i raise utg+1 with 77 get the standard 2 callers flop comes 7102 this time happy days flopping a set again :) i bet out fairly dude reraises me a fair bit we are both deep on 18kish stack and he had like 10k more than me....i go in tank for about 2 min making it look like ive got Q10 or 99 88 or so then push all in "reluctantly, he snap calls with A10, which imo is an awful call, ive been very tight or atleast they havent seen anything else than nuts from me when ive showed so poor play, blank on turn and double up, now chipleader :)

get moved 2 a table with a dude that actually seems really good and i was right, apparantly he was spanish champion few years and a real gd player, he got involved in2 pots with me but my swedish balls were too heavy for him reraised him pre and flop came K92 all clubs ive got AQ not club, he bets into me and i reraise him pretty hard, cause thought he wud have bet a K harder with 3 clubs and was gd enuff to fold Club A or Q, he looked deep into my blue sueco eyes and said "vhere are yuu from?"
"Yo soy el sueco" and he folded , boooom...small pots taken down and got some sick respect from that gd player when this happened...

sb raises on my BB had a fairly gd read on the dude, kinda bad imo, i call with A2hearts...flop KJ2 he grabs for chips then changes his mind and checks, i bet and he thinks thinks and calls....he llooked soooo nervous so i was like wtf!?!?! turn come 7 and he checks and i check behind,,,,river comes 6 and there was clubdraw too, he now bets out about 70% pot and looks like he is about to die of nervousity lol... i spk to him abit and ask him if he is nervous and he just felt sooo weak,,,and i decided to call and he is real embarrased and says u win, and i say show me and he shows A9... pretty happy witht that one now chipleader again with 15 left...

basically we come down to finaltable...ive got 42k or so and im in 3rd place blins being 1k-2k
Pick up QQ and raise get reraised from shortstack he has QQ which was suuuuuch a bad beat really, splitpot but still.... 2 ppl go out pretty standard....
i then made a bad play from button with Ak spades, open shoved and BB which was loose aggresive shows A and im like wtf limp or and minraise and he is all in, really dissapointed there, just didnt wanna get flatcalled and see like 549flopp and feel like a mong with half my stack in...

then had to fold 99 with 55k vs raise of 12k then all in of 35k and 3 ppl behind me....great fold Owe NOOOOOOOOOOOT, guy behind me goes all in original raiser gd spanish champ dude folds and all in dude has 77 other guy shows AK hearts...and he wa sbehind me, flop brings K910 turn comes 10 river Q ffs...wud have had 50% of chips on FT then i think, then another shortstack of 19k moves in on my BB from button with A7 i called ith KQ hearts, flopp comes 759 2 hearts...turn blank river blank.....sick hand after, 1010 vs AJ vs QQ and QQ scoops it all, even thou my A9 wud have taken all if i wud have been a donk hehe :)

basically i get it in with AJ when senor spanish champ raises and i ship all in he was def comitted and called with A8

comes 456
standard 6th place for 250 euros and 3 bountys of 20 each so 310 not too bad, bery happy with the way a i played, few mistakes but u live and learn!

Spanish champ won and he seemed like a nice enough man, cool!

2moro onlining!



Friday, 20 February 2009

We.ll take

StigOwe 247 $17 $100 16% $4,274 Hot Ongame

This is my stats from Non turbo sngos 100s as u can see, after looking at this, it kinda makes me think, hmmmm why the hell dont i just play non turbos and less games and just try to be the sickOwe i really am :) That is real silly stats according to one of my friends!

my stats at 50s are nearly as good, obv with a lot more games and same profit, so from now on, a big effort trying to just play these, won some back at non turbo 100s tonight so down like 50 bux, and i reckon im probs up few games since i lost 250 in cash, so we will take as fishy Rivers wud have said...

Saw some sick hands that _hannes sent me and that guy runs like jesus, he has JJ flopp AJJ and other guy obv has AA how sick is that!

2moro live donkament in madrid, casino aranjuez! wheeeey, got to get up soon to take the free bus lol, hopefully i wont miss it hehe.

what else, of yeah watch the boxing game vs gus and Theo as it is 2moro, and check out the EPT Copenhagen, Denmark country of fairytales 2moro aswell....

gonna rail a film now, gg gn

todays result

run bad


Was running pretty ok, well running bad but somehow managed to win some moneys, was up like 200, but not down like 300 played a fish omaha HU 100 sng, he didnt know the rules, and another reason for me not liking this game, well atleast not in sng, is that they can get lucky so much more of the time, i flopped set with redraw open end str8 draw he calls with top pair on flop get redraw to flush on turn, i have same draw but J high, he obv ships with top pair and fl draw hits no probs... then played some cash, called a reraise in pos vs laggy player, i held AK flop K24 he fires i flat, turn he bets halfpot it came 7 i reraised him all in, and he obv snap calls with AA no help. then about 5 min later on another cash table i get dealt KK and some donk raises to 7 times bb, i smoothcall, and another dude ships all in, he calls and so does I, cards tunrns over, and they hold AJ and AJsuited when there is 2 cards that are very bad for me, remember that that is all they need flop brings A22 turn 7 and river BLANK,,,, YES GG so in about 10 min i lost 350 $ and im now down 300 yay!

will try again later, goin to cinema now and for sum food!

gl gg


Thursday, 19 February 2009


Yes!!! up just over 400 dollars today, didnt really stick to my 50 plan obv, played few 100 non turbo heads up vs some great value and from good play wont 3 out 4 of them.

Pretty standard day, not really any major suck outs and not too many harsh beats was 2 thou where flop came in limped pot 3 left in 5 max sng, 974 2 spades, i have 95 of spades and open ship, he goes in tank and calls with 85!!!! of course he has plenty of outs 3 of them and hits it str8 away for gutshot,,,,,,then another hu in 5 max where i got it in 3 times, with best hand finally lost with QQ to A6 even stacked...harsh...

still very pleased!!

satuday going casino here i madrid, 50+20+5 freezeout with 20euro bounty, shud be great value since all spaniards wiill only think of the bountys hehe :) update of that then...

good night gg gl


Stiggy grinding for soup!

Today is gonna be the day, i can feel it, gonna grind loads up to sunday, so hoping my luck will turn, will also play basically all tourneys with value, last time i played a comp online i won (lol at me now wanna play since) Oh and might head to casino one of these days if they have agd tourney :)

Was gonna head to Cadiz this weekend for this thing called CARNIVAL, which is supposed to be awesome, however, all the ppl i know here are broke and super tight people, not even broke just very careful with money, they have no problem spending 40 euros on buying drinks in a bar, but paying 12 euros to get into awesome nightclubs with 2 drinks YEAH thats expensive, imo they are just retarded with bad math skillz! My ideology, buy liter of vodka for 4 euros, get smashed, pay 12 euros and get 2 drinks and get in, thats 16 euros plus 5 euro for taxi home cause ur too drunk to walk, then OWN the souls of the ppl in club :) then u save urself 19 euros and have an awesome night hehe.

Had a pretty rotten day yesterday, had KK 2nd hand in HU sng vs AA obv it goes in, next game lost QQ to KK, then played 3 5max sngs came second in two, one of them was soooo harsh he minraised i got him covered just, flop K42 ivve got K4 he instashovs sick overbet, i call obv he has Qj and comes 9 then 10, ADAM FML not urs :) sent Jeal some HH over msn yesterday and the ones i sent were all soooo sick beats and it was 18 of them and thats not even all cause half of the time i cant even be bothered to get them up cause im throwing up of sickness! counted that last too days ive lost about 1500$ ATLEAST in pots and games i should have won, oh and im down 450 since only so pretty proud of myself :)

Been talking to some other grinders on ongame and they are all having sick downswings, one of them have now changed, and he is prob the best 100, and 200 husng grinder on ongame (resultwize)

Oh and an interesting fact i noticed is that the players that run the best on the site, have been checking their results and stats etc and them as ME have all lost most money to the biggest fish on site, all ppl ive lost most money too is SUPERFISH, we are talking ppl wiv -15% ROI and like doesnt have a clue how to play, was discussing this with a dude, he doesnt think there is a chance that internet poker is fixed in any way, i kinda agree, with the arguement that what would a site gain from rigging, hmmm WELL, if they let these fish win by some "rushes" then they will stay around rake more, money goes around and money stays....

donno what i believe about internetpoker being rigged or not, but more and more superuser accounts and scandals are appearing so hmmm.... anyways gonna grind now for a few hours

GL me,

Rung good ppl and stay classy!

Tuesday, 17 February 2009


4 hours, -$8.

$20 freeze 5kgtd 340 runners - 1.9k for 1st, i come 23rd for $55 after AQ < AJ, JJ < 910, 99 runs into AA. Won KK vs QJ though, so thats a consolation. Went KQ vs 1010, door card K, 3rd flop card 10...ggl. Should have come at least in top 20 for 80, alas nowt you can do but keep getting it in good. Had to fold QQ with 30 left when i raised pre, got a called from the bb, board came 568, he bet, i raised, he called (got half my 22k stack in now) and turn came a 7...he open shipped, i had to muck, and he showed 910 like a true hero. lol.

$20 midnight oil 2kgtd - 1k ish for 1st, 220 runners. Came 55thish. Am super dry, some guy calls my bet of 2k on the turn leaving me with 1k behind with one over and a gutshot, and of course hits. GG. Mine and owes convo on msn (he was railing) = wtf. Have raised 3x pre and he' called oop with K8o. I had 99 ftr.

6 sngs. 1 HU sng, won. 5 5 handed sngs, didnt cash in any. 5 outered, lost 3 flips, then got it in AQ vs KK 3 handed with 10bb stacks. fml.

+10 on cash i think, lol.

On the upside, life is good. Taught my gf and her friends how to play Poker on Sunday with Wakes, was the most fun 5 handed poker ive had in a fair old while. She cleared up obviously, 85o > 99, K7cc > AA...both times vs me! Sick. At least one of us in the relationship runs good...

Gl all

Chip and a Chair

Proof of the old sentiment.. Fighting back from 40 chips (when still 10 handed), to win a TURBO SNG with help of lady luck.. :D

My HandVsBetResultEnd Balance
Ts, JhMucked5BB PFWin2360
4c, 4h3d 3cAIPFLoss40
Ah, AsAc, QcAIPFWin160
Tc, 2sMuckedFolded PF--160
4c, 9hMuckedFolded PF--160
9s, 8d4s, 3s / 2h, QhAIPFWin480
7d, 2sAh, 3sAIPFWin1360
7c, 5d3s, 3dAI on Q76 flopWin2920

Ac, Qs8c, 5sCalled AIPFWinWin (20K)

There were a few other interesting hands in there, but due to the measly stakes I feel it is probably not worth going into.. :D// Aside from the 2-7 AIPF I was getting money in good.. 2-7 soul read.. ;D

You can imagine how sick I was to pick up AA (the first time in about a month on all sites!) with just 40 chips... sickening, but it was the first step on the road to the win, so will take that.. :D The 4-4 was a bit of a poor move tbh. and I would like to say i soul read the 3-3, but actually I was just basically trying to steam roller the table, to get a concerning table image for a bit; and figure that with 4-4 with the inherent benfits of making some early power steals, and with the fact that I am only continuing to stay in if I hit a set, I also have in the back of mind, I am actually only likely to draw profit with the steal..


I'm off, seminar prep work to do.. no val. lol.. anyways.. see you all on Friday!




PKR is deathly slow, and no multi-tabling, but.. plenty of fish out there. I would never use as main site, but it is good for a change.. I don't know what sorta RBs are out there for PKR, but I think I can offer a bit, or a nice signup bonus.. let me know if you are interested, I doubt I could offer anything like what you're getting on WhiteBet, but dunno.. If you let me know what you are getting on WBet, I could speak to the affiliates manager at PKR, see if she could offer me a special deal for you..

Let me know..

Party is also good, and works with PokerOffice etc. which is another downside of PKR, but am not a huge fan of the Party lobby software, it is not allways very clear on payouts, and rake etc.. But the in game is fairly good, quite quick. .Turbo SNGs are quite nice on there..

GL. amigo..


Sunday, 15 February 2009

First winning day in 10 days!

Hola, cheers mark, was actually considering changing, not to sure about PKR thought isnce its a fairly slow software (am i right) I have a pretty good deal on whitebet so hard to move around, was although considering to deposit another 5k elsewhere, maybe partypoker, plenty of fish there, but we will see.

Tha day has gone well, up 160, not played much but started awful with sum real coolers but then it turned around :) well won my gd spots and made great decisions...

Played the 2.5mill guar and no luck whatsoever, had to fold 2 some sick draws and the one time i saw a river i blanked so bad :(

after having slowsly gona down after 2 hours or so, i get AQ make it 1200 from button, and BB shovs, we are both shortish...i decide i beat a lot in that shoving range and it was a flip...88 and it held for him, oh well, need to run well probs need to win 20-30 flips to have achance in that comp. just wasnt my day :p

wham bam thank you m am!

UPC Freeroll

Hi guys.. short message this time..

Congrats to the guys from UEA following a gallant effort on the Freeroll tonight..

We had 4 UEA'ers in top 5, 2 of which scooped a place in the final.. (one of which was me.. ftw.. :D )

Final standings (names in bold are UEA)

1.Saddler09 - Jan
2. Suitdconnec
3. UEAPokerStar - Mark Brown
4. Moosolini - Chris Joyce
5. Casinoboyale - David Ball

Hope you all had a good weekend/ valentines!!

GG. GL. GN. Cya. Markx

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Party Turbo SNG.. Run Bad

After Yesterdays FH vs. FH and losing in 4th.. I cashed in this one coming 3rd.. but this is just sick hand to knock out..

#Game No : 7802642371
***** Hand History for Game 7802642371 *****
NL Texas Hold'em $1 USD Buy-in Trny: 44351038 Level: 5 Blinds(200/400) - Sunday, February 15, 02:53:38 EST 2009
Table Turbo #1379202 (Real Money)
Seat 5 is the button
Total number of players : 3
Seat 5: FRITZ400 ( 3,539 )
Seat 2: UEAPokerStar ( 2,755 )

Seat 10: carafe888 ( 13,706 )
Trny: 44351038 Level: 5
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to UEAPokerStar [ Th Td ]
FRITZ400 calls [400]
carafe888 folds
UEAPokerStar raises [1,200]
FRITZ400 calls [1,200]

** Dealing Flop ** [ 6s, Tc, Jh ]
UEAPokerStar checks
FRITZ400 is all-In [1,939]
UEAPokerStar is all-In [1,155]
** Dealing Turn ** [ 2d ]
** Dealing River ** [ 4d ]
UEAPokerStar shows [ Th, Td ]three of a kind, Tens.
FRITZ400 shows [ Jc, Jd ]three of a kind, Jacks.

FRITZ400 wins 784 chips from the side pot 1 with three of a kind, Jacks.
FRITZ400 wins 5,710 chips from the main pot with three of a kind, Jacks.
UEAPokerStar finished in 3 place and won $1.60 USD.

---- 2 out of 2 SNGs I have just had absolute coolers.. N.mind.. on we go..

>>> Owe, maybe you could try mixing things up to give you a bit of a break from the grind.. play on a different site, and a different game to normal.. brink the stakes down a bit for a while, and when you feel refreshed get back to the usual grind? >>>

Try PKR (not that i have a vested interest being an affiliate or anything.. LOL.. I would never play on it as my only site.. toooo slow, but for a change It is great :) If you want it, contact me for a signup link, and I will sort you out with a bonus/ RB.. :D

Also.. I don't know if you have any stats. software, I am guessing so, but just look over hand ratings on there, providing you are getting it in good, then a bit of bad luck will come to the end, and if your BR can sustain it, push on through.. obv. if it begins to effect play the only real option is to take a break.. :D

Mixing things up tends to work for me when I am stuck in a bad pattern of luck/ play.. may be worth a dip.. :D

ALl the best Owe, GL

Right I'm off... Hope everyone had a great Valentines day, and got everything they wanted ;)

Have fun for the rest of the weekend!

A little photo from my village.. Artistic like.. :D lol.. loving the snow this month!

Still running bad, Owe

Played few games today, down 450 in 1 hours play, had 3 high pocket lost to lower ones all in pre, then i had one where i hade 2.1 chiplead and lost 77 to 99 and then hand after his A3 beat my AK....

then had AK vs 66 lost and had one set vs set and then lost few 4 70-30% AI on flop , oooh and one 1 outer aswell :(

Not running good at the moment at all...

Never really had this much bad luck before, so not quite sure what to do tbh...

Any advice, stop playing is one option and cant think of anything else....


Wondering whats going on, and now i know what!!!

Been running really cold, like reeeeeeally cooooooooooold....freeeeezzzzzzeing, and my Friend tuisku has been railing me and can confirm im not a fish telling semi bad beat stories, almost every heads up game i play, i end up having to win 4-5 all ins to have a chance of winning the game, i get them own to 399 chips and they double with 23o 49o or any two vs much better hands.,,, and i keep getting set ups agasint me, set vs sets, which i hardly ever had agaisnt me b4... i had evey big hand outdrawn, vs loose fishy players its a bad move folding QQon drawy boards and therefore i dont, flop comes 489 2 hearts they have 89 or A9 hearts every time vs QQ and im basically drawing dead cuz i know they hit,, very frustrating indeed,,,, so been going badly, down 3 days ina row now, and going to see if the dude above has switched off doomswitch, really hope so :)))
anyways gonna try and donka bit...:)
see ya

Turbo SNG


Down to final four, and am good in chips, turbo structure means that action is necessary, players are starting to drop like flies, and the players at the table are basically fish, they are calling AI's with bottom pair and generally weak as F.

There is no value in squeezes at the time, with 800 blinds, the short stacks I would look to attack, are so committed if they are in, that they arent folding to anything really, so decide, I will play premiums, try and let them kill each other, getting involved where necessary.. Should only be a couple of mins left of play anyway at this rate.

I loose my 800 BB and then next hand on small blind make up with T& hearts, for 400 more.. The rest is below.....

#Game No : 7800039090
***** Hand History for Game 7800039090 *****
NL Texas Hold'em $1 USD Buy-in Trny:44337905 Level:7 Blinds-Antes(400/800 -25) - Saturday, February 14, 06:54:57 EST 2009
Table Turbo #1385753 (Real Money)
Seat 6 is the button
Total number of players : 4
Seat 6: Excelsior112 ( 2,700 )
Seat 4: SLASHER5111 ( 6,340 )
Seat 10: UEAPokerStar ( 3,630 )
Seat 5: acesquick ( 7,330 )
Trny:44337905 Level:7
Blinds-Antes(400/800 -25)
SLASHER5111 posts ante [25]
acesquick posts ante [25]
Excelsior112 posts ante [25]
UEAPokerStar posts ante [25]
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to UEAPokerStar [ 7h Th ]
acesquick folds
Excelsior112 folds
UEAPokerStar calls [400]
SLASHER5111 checks
** Dealing Flop ** [ 7c, Jd, 7s ]
UEAPokerStar checks
SLASHER5111 checks
I'm checking here, seems best thing, ATM I can basically rule out JJ, due to play, and so I am only afraid of J7, Q7, K7, A7 and four hands I can live with, so try to induce the bet..
** Dealing Turn ** [ Ad ]
UEAPokerStar checks
SLASHER5111 bets [800] At this point I put him squarely on Ace-rag, so raise a bit, don't want to scare off, but want to extract some value at this point..
UEAPokerStar raises [1,600]
SLASHER5111 raises [1,600]
UEAPokerStar is all-In [1,205]
SLASHER5111 calls [405] Plan works sweet as.. and now have him complete banged up.. even without seeing his cards I put him down to 2 outs.. :D I'm happy
** Dealing River ** [ As ]
SLASHER5111 shows [ 3s, Ah ]a full house, Aces full of Sevens.
UEAPokerStar shows [ 7h, Th ]a full house, Sevens full of Aces.

SLASHER5111 wins 7,310 chips from the main pot with a full house, Aces full of Sevens.
UEAPokerStar finished in 4 place.

So standard.. lol..

Friday, 13 February 2009

Congrats to the UEA Bet365 Team


Just read the bottom of Adam's email, and noticed the info about the BET365 tournament....

Well played to all of you, and good luck in the final, hopefully we will get the venue information etc. soon! Maybe you guys will have a few rail-ers..

Also congrats. to Mike Brown who scooped up a $700 tournament prize on Party Poker this week!

and on to my stuff...

Been playing on Party Poker a bit lately due to the recent change in sponsor, and have been running good, following a momentary lapse in the quality of my play. Have also been continuing on PKR. This morning have been cash tabling on Party and SNGs and HU on PKR.. in total am up just under $20 for the day,which I'm content with.

Through being short on sleep I can't make it tonight to UEA, but will be next week I'm sure....

GL to all and have fun!

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Shameless Self Promotion / Poker / Life

Hola Amigos!

Firstly, promotion. The society is taking part in the UK Student Poker Championships online, originally sponsored by Full Tilt, but now sponsored by Partypoker. The first 50 players who sign up through the link below

get either a hat / cards or t-shirt when they next see me (first come first served on tees). Not only that, but if I am the first out of all the Uni reps to sign up 50 people, I will get a bonus. Ergo, you get a tournament with free stuff. REGISTER NOWWWW!!!


Went to Madrid and played a bit over the weekend with Owe and Jeal. Got stuck on dealers choice (Owe hit a gutshot on 7th in superstud for 25 euro pot, gg) for 20 euro on the first night, so things didnt look good.
Went to the casino on the first friday, played two 20 euro sit and go's. OH MY LORD. It was like playing at the zoo. The dealers couldnt deal, no-one knew the rules, and everyone we played was like umm poker is fun. Was awesome. Scenario: Blinds 50 100, utg limps and sb makes up, bb checks, pot 300. Board J 8 5. Sb ships in 650. BB folds, utg tanks. Am like oops, who's flatted with 99 and is now confused?! I was wrong, as he eventually called with K3o and my head exploded on the table.

Came 5th in the 1st when I lost two flips, and won the second for 100 euro. The old man i played HU was awesome. When we started I had 2.5k to his 12.5k, blinds 500 1000. I kept shipping atc, he kept folding, i was on 4k. Blinds got to 750 1500, and he was about to fold. Then he min raised to 3k! I was like LOL, and have Owe in my ear saying "he's so weak!" I have J5o, and am prob actually good here, and ship for 4k total. But i move all my 25 chips and 100 chips slowly forward. He asks the dealer how much, who replies (owe translating at this point) as: "All of it." LOL! and he folds getting ~7:1. haha! this put us at even stacks. I then got him down to 3.5k, and we got it in with my A7 against his KK (gg life), flop K high and river K for his quads. He shouted : HOLA! POKERRRR! to which im woo! Turns out Poker = Quads in spanish. haha! Ended up getting it in Q10 vs K4 ftw (he called saying he was tired, i was like ffs) and i rivered my gutty ftw. Hola, pokerrrr!

Played a 100 euro freeze the next day, 50:50 with Owe. Played some weird hands, fired two barrells once to get over starting stack against a guy who kept showing tight weak play, my read must have been good cos he folded top pair according to the bloke on my right who he showed his cards to, lol. WTF SPANISH PEOPLE.
Then lost a big pot with QQ vs AK, standard 4 flush for him, putting me down to 3k from my 5k starting. After the break (and the sick expensive buffet we had inc caviar) I had 7 BB's and shipped on the cutoff with 33. The button calls off 1/3rd of his stack with A10, hero, and i lose the flip. Meh.

Online has been going ok. Haven't played lots since Spain, only a couple of HU sngs, of which im 3/3. Have been a bit ill / super busy, so it cant be helped. Playing a mix of $10 and $20, but this time non-turbo, and wow can you see a difference in the play. There is a much bigger edge to be exploited in the normal structure, so playing those from now on. Will hopefully actually rake enough for RB this month, hehe! Rolls about 600. Am going to try and go to a talk about the game theory behind momentum in 1on1 sports, as I think alot of it can be applied to hu, but have been told its for mostly PhD students and lecturers. Will see though, as i think it could be interesting.

The UEA Poker Team (Me, Joe, Tidey, Wakes and Dave) are through to the final of the PokerPlayer/Bet365 student poker championships! SICK! It means an expenses paid trip to play 3 other finalist uni teams HU (I think LSE, Leeds and Reading) for cash monies. Either way we get a freetrip, $100 each, a chipset each and a big table to share, so i'm pretty stoked. Over 4 freerolls we came 2nd on the team points leaderboard, so wp wp team. Definately need to get some polo shirts made!


Life is good. Mandarin is too hard and may cost me my first, but at least I took up a challenge. Hopefully people will see that. Have got two important meetings with people on Monday, then I can get underway with applying for MSc and PhD stuff. Got plans sorted for the 14th which should be good, hopefully my gf will think so! Run good.

Will update this as and when I play, prob not for another week. Hopefully by then i'll have some good news about venues etc for the bet365 thing!

Gl all and ty for reading,


Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Project tightOwe

Gonna start with 5k 2moro and try and grind it to 10k in about 1-2 months.

The plan is to play 50 dollar games non turbo mostly, and try and make around 100 to 250 prof each day then stop, if im down 4 buy ins one day i will stop playing and go on next day.

This is to get some value for money back and its a good plan to rebuild roll, been playing way to many 200 300 and 500 games when im running bad and know im basically not gonna win.

So starting roll will be 5000$

have kind of cheated since ive already raked a little bit this month but will count that in anyways.

Wish me luck and i will try and keep a daily record with updates :)

peace out


Tuesday, 10 February 2009


Since my last last post I have had less time than anticipated to play poker, the time has been there, but I like to be in the right frame of mind aswell. Anyways.. I havehad a few sessions, and the last 3 have been:

+$11.42 +$8.25 +$7.20

Which is good enough to boost the bankroll..

I have been grinding the micro stakes TURBO SNGs on PKR ($1 6max - $4.20 top prize) and have one every one in past 5 which is a good run even for those aquariums (I almost got second in one but hit lucky Queen on river, after deciding that it was a close call, and through bad play, I ended the session for the night. :D

Didnt cash in a $1 10max one tho.. AQ < Q5 AIPF.. standard. LOL..

I have also played in a bit of micro stake CapNLH on Full Tilt, which was + Val. was actually only on it to demonstrate PokerOffice to a mate, and ended up almost doubling the table min. ($3 - took $2.80 profit.. :D) in 3rd hand!

Also tonight, played some on PokerStars, to try and grind a profit accross the 3 main sites I frequent.. ended up busting in a $5 double or nothing 10handed SNG, and winning a $10 HU NLH... ( It is out of my normal range, but had played this guy in past, and had fair amount of history recorded for him in Poker Office, so seemed good val.. and it paid! :D

PKR is still my main stay on the profit front, and the $1 6-handed Turbo SNGs seem to be as close to a dead cert as exists in Poker. It is such small stakes, that is sometimes hard to get motivation to play, but as long as there are fish on there I will grind it! :D

I am netting approx $3 per game which is steady but useful, and I think that I will stick with the current plan for the next few months!

GL. GN. Mark

Monday, 9 February 2009

Madrid Casino

Hello people,

Just had a tremendous weekend with Adam and Jeal, cheers boys for coming down was great fun! :)

Played some casino and the value was unreal, never seen so bad players in my life, make npc look like a shark farm!(whatever that is)

cashed in the 100 freezeout, was 120ish runners i think came 7th and picked up 600 euros, pretty handy if u ask me :p

will go through som key hands:

bluffed away half my stack with Q10clubs early vs uber donk, had 1.7k left out of 5k starting,,, then picekd up some blinds with a steal vs tight player who seemed to be able to fold and knew a bit of poker, he raised button i shipped after i saw one ace and sb called i was BB....took it down then on 2.3k or so....
Pick up Aj suit and fish limps utg which he did A LOT, same dude that check called me down with top pair no kicker before when i went down loads in chips,...i put him all in on river when board was J92 5 A he called me down with J8 (trust me NO read from his point of view, hadnt played many hands)

get it in vs him wiv AJ hearts he holds 33 and flop comes Q 10 5 2 hearts, 7 turn, and good old K on river, and not too my surprise he shouts YES on river ,,,,me likey fishy spaniards :)

now had 5ish K then this happens, Key pot number one.....

Jeal walks over, to rail... utg raises pretty big, utg+1 reraises to 2k!!! utg+2 goes in tank for real.....i have looked at cards winks at jeal and thinks for a while.... hmmmm what to do with these big beautiful ACES.... i after 1 min ship it all in, my rival behind calls and so does reraiser....rival has 88(awful call given the action before) and reraiser holds AKo...dont see how he calls either but fair play.... i triple up plus a bit more....then later i repop an old man wiv Kj hearts flop comes 628 he check i fire 75% potbet....he calls after looked at his cards...2 clubs down...turn comes J (bingo) he check and i fire almost pot he calls ....river comes A and he now bets out but only about 40% of pot so i have to call even thou i wasnt happy, he shows K6 happy days.... now got 20k and had biggest stack in tourney...played tight for a while since they were callingstation and got noithing playable....

picked up AA in BB and semi decent player raises again,,, i make it 2.5x more...he thinks for 10 seconds then ships...CALLLLLLL,...he shows 55 to my surprise and i hold once again, and all spaniards start mumbling about me being lucky, i replied in spanish " I only play Aces" whereas u noticed who had humor and who just hated the swede :P

later on after a limp utg wiv JJ and "mrPokerstars" as we clled him, with raises early pos, chinese man ships...and i reship he shows AKo and i hold...sick chipstack now...then after few callingstatiosn sucking out wnet down a bit still had gd stack thou,,,,

then again get AA and played them nicely i thought,, old man limps, i raise 2 callers....flop K82 i wait a bit and bet weaker than normal,,, he then insta reships on flop,,, i INSTA CALL and flip over AA knowing they are good, he laughs and shows AJ hearts, turn comes a heart and penishead "mrpokerstars" goes YES,,,,corazon corazon (heart heart) and im slightly tilted with the dick but river blanks and i ship...

then repopped pokerstars after i raised button wiv J9 he reraised me from BB and i reraised again he folds A10 face up.... had a pretty gd read on him and he cud fold vs me wudnt never make this play vs anyone else at the table...then i say i had JJ and wud have folded if he push... (set up for later)
bit later i rase wiv 77 ...pokerstars reship ALL IN which is massive over thinking ill call him down... then some random dude that hasnt said anything for ages reships...i obv fold and pokerstars show 44 and other guy KK
4 on flop OFC...and he screams justice...LOL? fish....

after some nice play we go down to 2tables and this happens....i get J9 diamonds..being silly not noticing that someon raised i announce raise someont hen tells me he raised u wanna raise or call...ooooh call then i say lol...lucky old me that they dont know the flop comes Q107 and he bets out almost pot....was 60% reship...he was fairly deep and probs dont wanna get involved vs me....20% flat call and 20% fold....he stares me down and i ask how much he has behind...and basically i came to the conclusiion that he doesnt fold AKAJ Q A10 K10 probably cause he was a let it go, although after that he swallows a big gulp and looks so reliefed so donno.... very hard spot....

finatable i folded A9 of to shortstacks all in which i shusdnt have,....was also marginal fold/call..... finally ship with 86 diamonds mr pokerstars calls and hits stright, and im out...but was sick set up...

eye of the tiger and speaker FTW....real cool, unlucky that ADAM the fish cudnt film it cause he had a spasm in his face the BURROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,

Oh and it is now official that spaniards hate JEAL LEWIS! :)


Friday, 6 February 2009

New Thinking


Nothing that spectacular has been happening with my game as of late, my BR took a hit this week due to a few losses on Full Tilt Poker, I have looked back at the hands, and looked at my stats etc. and tbh. I'm not really dissatisfied with how I played (my private rebuy excluded ftl. obv.) but my cash game was fairly solid, and got a couple of bad runs. Trouble is I was playing 10-25 cash on FTP, which is out of my safe BR range taking into account swings. I spent some time grinding it out on some SNGs, and made most of the loss back, and with early profits, since start of 2009 my current total BR is looking to be up by a small margin of about $20, however taking into account some of the bonuses (Poker Office license $75 which I got free through my Poker Stars grind) I am actually pretty satisfied.

That said, I have decided that for the time being I am keeping away from cash tables except for the occasional 5-10c one, which will be no more than 1 table min. buy-in per day. SNGs are going to be my grind, and once again my best results are on PKR. My BR has grown steadily on that and is the main reason that I have sustained the FTP losses.

My plan for the next month....

10 6 handed SNGs per week ($1/2/3/5)
10 HU SNGs per week ($2/5)

Poker Stars
Some tourneys and freerolls

Full Tilt Poker
2/3 table min 5c/10c PLH Cash (pot limit is the one thing working for me on there, where as NLH is the only thing I can consistently beat)

That way I hope to grind out maybe $50-100 per month on SNGs, with fairly low risk... atm. I can afford the time more than the swings so to me, and considering my total cross-platform BR I think that this is probably the best way forward..

Will post some HHs later..

PKR - win $1+10c SNG ($3.10 profit), second $1+10c SNG (.70 profit), No losses.
FulTilt - Cash PLH 5c-10c, +$8.32

Total for night $12.12, if my mental arithmetic serves me well.. :D

Anyways.. I'm off..


Wednesday, 4 February 2009


Hello people!

Just having returned to Madrid, Spain, it feels very strange to be back but should be lots of fun times to look forward too, I like madrid and spain its very interesting and to be honest, the only thing i dont like a bout the place is that everyone here is SOOOO disorganised, i mean everything takes forever.

Havent been playing an awful lot, bad connection here, have to sit in lounge to play and isnt ideal when we have a gato negro (black cat) running around in my business :)

Have withdrawn X amount of dollars and saved myself 5k, looking good already got rakeback of 2.6k and been winning a little bit too so got a roll on 8.5k again.

Had a bad day the other day cudnt win anything, got it in pretty gd, perhaps a few too many coinflips but sincerely thought i was very good vs these ppls ranges.

Learned a valuebale lesson and stopped when noticed the cards were agaisnt me and "saved" myselt fosm dough!

today up about $500ish which is pretty good, another thing i have noticed, im eating much healthier and excersising and tat has (i think affected my game) im able to think clearer and better, its probablt psychological, but still good :)

Heard a very interesting idea on going to Vegas grinding ina house wic sum buddies, sounds awesome and would be great fun, and in my opinion its better and more fun when u can discuss poker whilst playing and each others plays etc. And i wud most likely head to the casinos and play comps like 500 freeze and some comps like that.

gonna try and qual for WSOP this year later too so that shud be fun/interesting.

Got 2 friedns coming up 2moro, shud be great fun, we are hitting the clubs on thur, and saturday and friday we are going to the Casino in madrid, shud be legendary:) Ive heard the games there are sick soft and there is plenty of value, My friend Tuisku also told me that the PLO games are beyond fishyness!:P

hopefully we will be playing thr 50euro buy in plus add on or rebuy(only one) so basically a 100 freezeout 5k start stack 30 min leveels all the way through.

Heres some hands id like to share:

Oh and check this out pretty cool, boxing fight between some poker players :) Gus hansen is one fo them :)

Blinds: 10/20

Pre-flop: (30) hero dealt AK

guismo1 x calls $10,
StigOwe bets $60,
guismo1 x bets $220,
StigOwe bets $2,530 and is all-in,
guismo1 x calls $1,150 and is all-in

Flop: T 7 Q
Turn: 4
River: 8

StigOwe shows K A
guismo1 x shows 3 6

StigOwe wins $1,220
StigOwe wins $2,780

Dealer: guismo1 x
Pot: $4,000
StigOwe, bets $2,610, collects $4,000, net $1,390
guismo1 x, loses $1,390

JESUS what a call he makes have no idea how these ppl afford 200 bux but they do...

good old suckout by some absolute fish!

put him on AK after his little value bet on river, so decided was value in raising since he was fairly weak player.

StigOwe 2645
stopDOit 1355

Blinds: 25/50
Pre-flop: (75)
stopDOit bets $75, StigOwe calls $50
Flop: (200) 4 3 6 (2 players)
StigOwe checks, stopDOit bets $150, StigOwe bets $875, stopDOit calls $725

Turn: K

River: 7

StigOwe shows 6 5

stopDOit shows 9 A

StigOwe wins $330
StigOwe wins $2,710

Dealer: stopDOit
Pot: $3,040
StigOwe, bets $1,685, collects $3,040, net $1,355
stopDOit, loses $1,355

??? if he is lucky i show A5...

more updates after our casino visit!

take care byeeeee

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

January Review / Next Steps / fml edit

Well. January was interesting. Started on ~400 and ended ~650. Am currently on 590 with $20 of tournaments registered for, so 610 in real terms. (Just came back from 6.1k : 1.4k at 100-200 hu to win a sng, ship)

Jauary was a weird month. After looking at OPR, Sharkscope and PO its clear I need to have a bit of a think. Spring/Summer last year I was a 6max cash hero, 6 tabling at NL50 at around 6ptbb/100 + rb. However, am stuck 6 buyins over 3k hands on ongame! I know this is a tiny sample, and my equity is way different to my actual balance, but I think I need to stick to sngs and tournaments whilst I only have 10-12 buyins. In cash I play pretty laggy and this means high variance. It also means people have started to call down pretty light, and 12 buyins playing this style just isnt enough!
After talking with Joe last week and in general reviewing previous results, have decided to turn back to SnGs. The variance is still super high, especially in the turbos, but im pretty confident I can grind out a ~15% ROI + rb in the $10 ones. Given I 4 table, and a turbo takes ~ 15 mins, i can probably do 10-12 an hour, so an hourly of around $16. I know this isn't much, but it beats £6/hour bar work.

Ironically, these haven't been going great. The $5 ones I killed over the weekend at 20% roi, but couldn't for the life of me hold in any of the $10 games! Some standard adam runningg good hands:
-Click Next at the top. Lol 3/4 hands.

I know the above are all beats. And no-one likes to hear someone moan. But seriously? Hopefully i'll start running ok/good soon.

Misclick pre. But lol nonetheless. This is a £15 deepstack tournament, good to see there's still some value.

So what now?

I guess i'll just keep plugging away at the sngs. In every game there is at least one or two complete spewers, and out of 50-60 games ive played in past week have only come across two players who i have "pretty solid" notes on.

Off to Spain on Thursday, maybe Owe will lend me his luckbox!


Just played 7 sngs. Didnt cash in any. Balance 510. Got to 3 handed in 6 of them, all with between 7-10 bbs. A10 with 5 bbs ran into QQ. A9 vs A3 and he hit. 1010 vs AJ. KJ ship 7bbs button, bb snaps with A9 and holds. One was comical 3 handed...lost 3 60:40s in 5 hands as CL doubling shorties then a 65:35 when we all had even stacks. I win one of them..i cash. Standard 16:1 shot. Lol.

Edit: Won final one of eve, balance 546.

Monday, 2 February 2009

"Standard i flop the nuts- I don't know where i am. Probably in the monkey pen at the zoo"

Hey peeps,
In all honesty i thought i would be posting today to let you know how my aim to double my bankroll in a week was succesful and i was about to step up in buyins, though it may look like it may take me a bit longer from the way i've been running today.
Played about 20 sng's sunday and was running pretty standard winning some, 2nd in others and bubbling in a few, but overall was in profit for the session. Then at the end of the session came to a nice little heater where i cashed 4 in a row winnin 3 of them. This leaving my bankroll looking healthy and was about 70% completing the goal i had set. Here are some hands from the session;
i was short in chips here and usually try to avoid all ins in first couple of levles without big pairs, though watched this guy play a6 horribly earlier and decided to read his soul.

interesting hand. both biggest stacks at the table, once he called my turn bet i was suspicious of a set of sevens. Decided to call his bet on river as feel im beating/splitting the pot with alot of his range here.

Don't know why i pushed the turn as i'm never getting called by a worse hand in that spot. Or as least thats what i thought!

Went to bed feeling good, and expected to get up next day and reach my $600 dollar mark.
This is where i was wrong. Have just played 4 SNG's and not cashed in any, all in what i felt i was good position to at least cash in.
Had one spot where i was chip leader limped with 55 on button, bb checked. board came 9 6 5 two diamonds. he check i bet he called. turn was a 10spades and he open pushed all in. was about half my stack but i called thinking he wouldn't play 78 this way. this is where i was wrong lol. terrible push by him in that spot really as any other hand i have i fold and hes gettin no real value from his hand. obv read my soul. this crippled me then my button push get called by a4 and hold so im out.
Next hand that crippled me to shortstack when i was chipleader again was a 4 way all in pre flop.
Don't know why the guy wit ak thinks hes good here. terrible call for all chips in tht spot. But i am playin $10 so cant moan that much. Proceeded to go out of that when i pushed short stack and lost my 40/60.
Fired up another two and thought i was guranteed to win both of them. As deck was hittin me in the face. Over two tables had easily 20 pocket pairs (queens about 6times) and a big variety of broadway combinations. Though got no real action with any hands. Not going to showdown once did nothing for my image as they obv thought i was an agro manaic. Proceeded to play back at me in later stages. Raised on the button wit ak similar stack 3 betted from sb i smooth, flop was all rags and he bet half his stack so folded. I was now short pushed on button with aq and got insta called in sb with aces (was 3 handed-gg). Relativelty steamed busted out of other SNG pushed when i was short with AcJc got called by big stack in bb wit JdQd and he managed to turn a flush to give me another loss.
Now decided to write this to try and steam off and it has helped, also just about to play heads up agasint my housemate on fulltilt as it allows you to play on same IP for hu only.
Hopefully next time i post i would've of doubled my roll and well be playing the dizzy heights of $20 6max!
Peace out.