Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Adam update (probably long.)


Haven't posted in a long time, this is mainly due to the work from my MSc taking over my life! However I have decided I deserve 1/2 hour break today and so am going to spew some thoughts here.


Poker has been going suprisingly well given the little time I have. The b2b account where Owe staked me for a bit ended with around $900 prof from $20 hu sngs which was cool. However, since I have the scholarship and the profit doesn't matter so much, we decdied to switch it to stars and take some shots at $30-$50 tournaments, inc sats to the PCA, and see what happens.
Before this I deposited $100 on stars one saturday and two saturdays later cashed out $600 which was handy, although I did have one sick tournament hand when deep in a 1500 runner $10r:



That put me 12th for $360, i think first was around 7-8k. Top 7 paid $1k+.

Another deep run was the 10k gtd $30 freeze on saturday morning, gets around 700-800 runners and is a decent structure. Have gone deep in it a couple of times, this time made the final table but came in 9/9.

Had 75k at 3k/6k/600 and had J6o in the bb...utg and utg+1 (800k stack) limp, co limps and sb makes up, i check.
Flop Jc 8x 6c. Checked to co who leads for 20k, sb fold, i ship, utg fold, utg+1 CALL, co tank folds. Utg has 88 and hits quads on the river. 8th for $500, winner gets 4.1k. sigh.

Well, at least I keep going deep i guess, one day will hit a decent score.

As for my housemates, we played the $500 GSOP event on ongame on sunday. Jeal played, I think Owe had around 40% then 60% was split between 6-7 of us (I had 10%)

Got deep, i think 160 cashed, we were short with 60 left, blinds 1k 2k + 200a, mp makes it 5k, we have 22k and AQo in the cutoff. Villain has raised to 5k hand before and folded to a lp ship. We shipped, i still think its the right ship although in this case he had AA obv and we bust 55th for $2.2k. GG.

Owe has been playing 90% $100 hu sngs, with the occasional $50 and the occasional $200. Has been doing pretty good, playing solid. Recently have seen him take some sick beats tho, lots of 2 and 3 outers, but thats just the nature of the beast.

Jeal gets sucked out on for fun it seems, I swear his account is cursed! The amount of worstcardinthedeck rivers he got yesterday was insane!

As for random poker soc members, from memory:

Wakes goes semi deep in the stars 100k ($10 buyin) for $150. Over summer shipped a $5r on ipoker for $3k and 2 wks ago shipped a 2 DOLLAR FREEZE with 7,000 runners on stars for $3k!
Tidey 8th/7000 in an $8r for 1.5k, consistent 7% roi over a ton of games playing $20-$30 hu sngs

Poker soc graduate and fan favourite joe boyle has also been crushing low stakes sngs on his days off, his results from the last month are impressive:

Moneybags401 155 $4 $11 20% $587


Gl to mark in his challenge!

Non committee members:

Seb fairhurt posted a sick screen shot of him having 14 buyins on a .02 .05 table on stars, pretty crazy!

I think thats all...

As far as non-poker goes, my MSc is tough. I have a gruelling reading/working schedule, so in between that, lectures, sleeping and seeing hannah i have little free time. However i do take saturday afternoons off. :)

Finally did something I like today in economic theory (game theory) and it made me realise how much of it could be used by people who don't know it in poker. In my next post i might focus on an introduction to game theory and its relation to heads up nl instead of posting about myself! The correlation between some experimental economic evidence i was reading in a paper yesterday and cognitive thought/ timing tells online was pretty sick too. But thats for another time.

This week i have stuff all day today, wednesday, thursday and friday so probably won't be playing until poker soc on friday night. Maybe friday afternoon if I'm on top of all my work...

Gl all, ty for reading!


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