Friday, 23 October 2009

Update on Progress

Hello to All..

So far after 3 out of 4 weeks I have played 38 out of 150 SNGs.. My ROI is around 0, with variance sometimes peaking it above and sometimes below. The conclusions I have drawn from my game:

1. I am not kept interested in the game when I am playing like this, it takes out the excitement, and in the words of Matt Damon in Rounders "Your whole life becomes a f'ing grind". I have always preferred live play and this "challenge" has furthered this. After the past 10 days or so I have found it hard to find the motivation to play, which is obviously not helpful.

2. The lack of motivation has impacted on my ROI - my performance was much better when I was enthusiastic about the challenge, 4 tabling 1 game a couple of times a week is -EV and I believe is responsible for the ROI position.

3. I have room for improvement at this level, however am better than average at this level, and when playing enthusiastically would definately be in a profitable position.

4. I need to work on heads up play more and pay attention to the blind levels when I go heads up.

5. Defensive play was getting me a reasonable cash ratio, but the benefits of getting 2nd/ 1st over 3rd meant that the way I was playing was definately sub optimum, with alot of my 3rds involving being on <5BBs!

Going Forward....

I am going to have a dip in a wider variety of games over the next months and play some MTTs which up till now I have done very little of online.

I am going to be playing on 2 sites: Full Tilt Poker and PKR. PKR has always provided a useful distraction from the grind, and was good val. for me.

I will still continue with the challenge on FTP, but will be playing other games on there aswell. Using PokerOffice I can still track my stats and info for the $5 SNGs so will be able to report on them, obviously the target of 150 games has gone out of the window as I have completed less than a 3rd of them so faw, but n.mind..


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