Friday, 9 October 2009

Day 5 am

OK, played a couple of games today so far, and think I am starting to see my way out of the flu.. ftw..

(I have gone against my first decision, and am now registering 2 SNGs at a time as the multitabling is working well)

First game came 3rd, pretty standard, nothing of particular note, final hand for me, I was short stack with around 8BB, got it in PF with A8s, vs. 10-10, flop brings 8, but nothing else..

Second game, was a first for me, in that I made a deal to chop up 1st-2nd (i had around a 2K chip lead so it was a win :D ) for $18.54.. I reckon we were fairly equal, and with my chip lead the chop was +EV for me I think.

One of the guys I got most of my stack from had this as his sharkscope:

Games Played: 26
Av. Profit: -$5
Av. Stake: $5
Av. ROI: -100%
Total Profit: -$143
Form: Supertilt

Max. Val. :D :D :D

These 2 bring the BR up to profits, +$1.04 :D :D Munns.. :D :D

Its a step in the right direction..

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